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May 10, 2018

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May 5, 2018

Cuckold Slut Wife Marriage Ceremony and Reception

Cuckold-Hotwife FemDom Marriages have become More and More Popular in Recent Years, Let's Take a Look at: 


Alternative Lifestyle Wedding Ceremony...


The Wife decides that She would like to celebrate and make official Her status as a cuckolding slut wife (Hotwife). Based upon the manner in which She lives the cuckold lifestyle there are several options open to Her. The cuckolding ceremony should parallel a standard marriage ritual with some important and obvious differences.

The cuckold ceremony should only be used by couples actively in the lifestyle. The event should be held as a celebration of the Wife's sexual freedom and the husband's submission and devotion to his Wife's pleasure.


It is important that the Cuckolding Affirmation follow many of the traditions of a standard marriage or vow renewal ceremony. The Wife should carefully consider and plan all of the details ahead of time so She can relax and enjoy the happy event. The cuckold husband should play a major role in the planning and preparation of a ceremony in accordance with his Wife's wishes.
If the ceremony is very detailed it might be advisable to have a rehearsal shortly before the actual ceremony.


The best and most convenient place to hold the ceremony would generally be in the couple's home.


As part of the celebration a small number of guests should be included. These guests should be either cuckolding wives or couples for obvious reasons. They would be present to witness the ceremony, support the Wife and help Her celebrate.

Some guests may want to hide their identity from the cuckold husband or the Wife's studs because of their job or standing in the community. These guests would wear a stylish mask of some kind over their faces.


The ceremony should be lead by a Woman that is knowledgeable of cuckold related issues. This Woman could also help the Wife and Her husband plan the ceremony details.

Cuckold Party:
The ceremony would obviously include the Wife and Her cuckold husband. Based on the Wife's preference the following scenarios could be used;

-           The Wife and husband are joined by several of Her regular studs.
-           The Wife and husband are joined only by Her primary (only) stud. The primary stud would also be considered the "Best Man".
-           The Wife and husband stand together, none of Her studs are present.
-           There can be a maid or maiden of honor if the Wife chooses. This Woman could hold some things used in the ceremony.
-            Another cuckold husband could serve as the "Ring Bearer" if desired or the "rings" could just be kept on a small table until they are needed.

Ceremony Dress:

The Wife could wear Her original wedding gown if She so desires. She could also elect to just wear Her bridal veil and wear a short tight fitting dress instead. If the Wife wants to flaunt Her sexuality She can wear something very sheer and revealing. The Wife should also wear one old fashion slip-on garter for possible use later on.

The husband and Wife's studs can be dressed or undress as She chooses. If the husband is a cuckold due small penis size the Wife could have him and Her studs naked or in thongs that would make it clear to everyone why the husband is a cuckold and what the Wife gets to enjoy outside their marriage.
Start of the Ceremony:
The Woman leading would call for everyone's attention and announce that the gathering is being held as a celebration of official status as a cuckolding Wife. She would then ask the couple if they are ready to proceed. The Wife would affirm their intent to proceed with the ceremony.

The Woman would ask the couple: "...and are you ready to assert and demonstrate your deep love and commitment to one another here to today?"
The couple each answers "Yes"
The Woman would say "...please kiss your husband." The Wife would give Her husband a deep kiss. This would signify their bond together as a couple.

Cuckold Vows:

The Wife and husband should write the "vows" to be used at the ceremony. Here possible the Wife's primary stud may assist in writing part of the vows. The vows should affirm the Wife's right at having sex outside the marriage and the husband's pledge to remain faithful to Her. Each vow should reflect the Wife's interests and cuckolding style.

Woman (leading): "Do you declare your rights and freedoms as a cuckolding Wife here today?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: "Do you take [husband] as your cuckold husband to cherish and control?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: "To drain his semen, make him fluff your lovers, strip his manhood from him and transform him from a cuckold husband to your faggot cum slut whore as he should be?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: "Do you promise to pursue and maintain a stable of bulls and make your cuckold husband service them at your wish, while using these men as bull studs to enjoy yourself with them and anyone else you desire and are successful seducing?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: Do you promise to let your cuckold watch you with your studs, or tell him every detail of how they pleased you... While you stroke his cock... So you can make him cum while getting ass-fucked at the times when a gay man would?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: "Do you promise to be a good cum slut to your bull studs, and take their loads of semen in every orifice?"
Wife: "I do"

Woman: "Husband to be, do you promise to accept being a faithful cuckold in body, mind and spirit freely and without hesitation?"
Husband: "I do"

Woman: "Do you accept the position of cuckold husband with the understanding that your wife has complete freedom to have sex with whoever she wants while you must remain completely faithful to Her?"
Husband: "I do"

Woman: "As her cuckold husband, do you promise to love and support her extra-marital affairs be they long-term, short-term or one-night stands?
Husband: "I do"

Woman: "Husband to be, do you acknowledge the fact that sexually you are incapable of providing your bride with all of the sexual pleasures She deserves?"
Husband: "I do"

Woman: "Husband to be, do you promise to help your wife find sexually competent studs to fuck your Wife... That will provide Her with the sexual pleasure she is addicted to, which you cannot do for her, because of her highly oversexed nature and nymphomania.
Husband: "I do"

Woman: "Bull Stud, do you as bride's primary bull and stud promise to please Her sexually."
Stud: "I do"

Woman: "Bull, do you understand that you are used for her sexual pleasure and can make no claims to this Woman as your own?
Stud: "I do"

The vows should be tailored to suit the couple's  mutual commitments, goals and objectives... Primarily, the Wife's specific interests must be included in the vows sworn by bride and groom.  For example, if controlling Her husband's orgasms were important to Her then one or more vows on this topic should be included.

Source: cuckold-chastity-belt-stories.com/slut-wife-stories-3/page_slut_wife_marriage_ceremony

May 4, 2018

We See More CUCKOLD MEN in FEMDOM MARRIAGES Every Day... Is It A Growing Trend?

Cuckold Wedding Day


Femdom Led Marriages Work Well for both the Cuckold Husband and the Dominant Wife...

In a cuckold marriage, the wife is transformed by her marriage to a cuckold into a liberated woman who can experience as many men and as much sex as she desires. She can be confident in the knowledge that her husband is waiting faithfully for her at home and eagerly anticipating her arrival from her dates. She also knows that he no longer expects sexual pleasure from her even though he may desire it very much. He is still completely satisfied by her experiences and sexual growth as she learns more about how to please herself freely.

Another trait of the cuckold marriage is that the male partner agrees that he will not pursue any extramarital sex at all. This is strictly a freedom granted to the wife. This is why many people tend to associate female dominated marriages with the cuckold lifestyle and there is, indeed, crossover. However, in many instances the husband is simply more aroused by his wife's own experiences and transformation into the ideal "slut" than he is in his own pursuits.

Some cuckold marriages go even farther by adding the concept of pregnancy by the wife's lover to the experience. Some couples plan on the wife becoming pregnant by her lover from the very start. Others gradually grow to this level over time as both partners discover that the idea is very exciting to them and in many ways practical. This is the strongest and deepest expression of the cuckold marriage possible.
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