March 10, 2018

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Hotwife Hires Shemale to Turn Out Her Cuckold Husband

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FemDom Principles and Glossary of Lifestyle Terms

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The Ten Principles of FemDom:

  1. Honoring and Respecting Women

  2. Female Body Worship

  3. Submission to Female Authority

  4. Obedience Training

  5. Corporal Discipline

  6. Enforced Male Chastity and Strict Orgasm Control

  7. Tease, Denial, and Humiliation

  8. Feminization

  9. Strap-On Training

  10. Open and Frequent Cuckolding

Additions to Glossary of Lifestyle Terms

  • FemDom: A confident, assertive woman who enjoys sexually dominating her husband or boyfriend. Female dominants often engage various BDSM activities and fetishes, such as bondage, ball-busting, corporal discipline, humiliation, face sitting and extended oral sex sessions, forced feminization, enforced chastity, male orgasm restriction, forced anal penetration of her male partner with a strap-on, and frequent and open cuckolding.
  • Hotwife: A married, sexually uninhibited woman who has sexual relations with other men, with her husband’s knowledge and approval; often while her husband watches or joins in. A woman who actively pursues sexual relationships with other men. A woman who makes herself sexually available to other men. A married woman with a boyfriend or two on the side.
  • Cuckold: A man whose wife or girlfriend has sex with other men, often with his knowledge, but sometimes without. He is typically a submissive beta male with a sexually insatiable wife who takes on alpha-male lovers; he often experiences vicarious sexual pleasure from his wife’s sexual adventures with other men.
  • PussyBoy: A sexually inadequate man, often with a small penis and/or a premature ejaculation problem, who accepts that he has to share his wife with more virile men. In some relationships, the cuckold is required to lick out the spent ejaculate of his wife’s lovers from his wife's pussy, and occasionally perform oral sex on her lovers in advance of the sexual act.
  • Interracial Sex: Sex between people of different races and skin colors. The most common combination is submissive white women having sex with dominant black men.
  • Bull: A sexually dominant male who sexually services married women, and often enjoys humiliating her husband in the process.
  • Queen of Spades: A single or married white woman who prefers sex with well-hung, dominant black men. A woman who only dates black men.
  • Jungle Fever: A white woman who is intensely, sexually attracted to black men; the addiction is often acquired at a very young age.
  • Mud Shark: A white woman who, due to certain peculiarities in her psyche, only dates and has sex with black men. There are two distinct types:
  • Type I... fat, unattractive girls with low self-esteem, and little or no education who, rather than date a white guy from the bottom of the heap, goes for a mid-range black man.
  • Type II... very attractive girls, often blonde, who are making a social statement by dating black men, often to get back at daddy.


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March 3, 2018

My Lover is Going to Fill Me...

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She Wants To Attract BBC Studs

My wife takes incredible selfies that she posts online, and which attract dozens of well hung bulls who want to fuck her. When she has several come over, I perform fluffing duty to get and keep them hard as they take turns fucking my wife.

 When they are done fucking my wife and her stretched and gaped pussy is over-flowing with semen, she squats down onto my face to feed me the cum I have grown addicted to.

February 5, 2018

Cuckold Performs So Well He Gets A Promotion


“It is amazing how fast you get into our bedroom immediately after my BBC Bull zips up and walks out. And, I love the way you get so passionate while performing your cuckold duties. 


It has been so much better since we decided to have my well hung BBC Bulls fuck me in our master bedroom… Ever since we brought it home, so to speak, you have been such a Good Cuckold Pussy Boi…

You never miss the opportunity to Lick, and suck out all the BBC Semen, then swallow all of that jizz my lovers pump into my stretched out cum-slut nympho-hotwife cunt... In fact, you should be rewarded for adjusting so well to the changes in our marriage...

Because you are such a good cum dumpster, would you like to swallow BBC cum pumped into you direct from the source? Oh my, that idea seems to get you very excited...

We better start looking for the right BBC stud to turn you out and help me transform you into a full blown cuckold faggot!

I will start scheduling interviews tomorrow, and I want you to help select the BBC stud that is going to take your faggot virginity...

We will need the right supplies to go with this new experience... Enema kits, Special Anal desensitizing lubes, harness and strap-on dildos, 4 different sizes of butt plugs, rubber gloves, etc.”

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