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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

Let Me Explain Why Men Seek Women Who Embrace The Cuckold Lifestyle... Different men will want to consider a wide variety o...

October 21, 2010

STORY: Cuckold Lifestyle Rising; Why Are More Men Seeking To Become Cuck Hubbys?

Why are More and More Men Seeking Marriage to Women who will Provide them with the Cuckold Lifestyle?

The answers may vary as much as the specifics of the Cuckold Lifestyle that each couple adopts as the terms of their marriage, but for me the most compelling answer is that I want to see my wife sexually stimulated, excited to be the object of other men's sexual desires and feeling free to fuck whoever she chooses, with my approval, encouragement, assistance and/or participation.

I began noticing that instead of being a normal American man and becoming jealous, when my girlfriends cheated on me during my undergraduate college years, I would get more aroused than anything else they ever did.  The first time i inserted my erect cock into my girlfriend and realized her pussy was filled with the semen of another man she had been with that evening, i experienced the most intense orgasm of my life up to that point. And she knew it!
But, let's look at the stereotypical American male... When his wife considers fucking other men, he becomes a very jealous man. But think about this for a moment; if a man is the type easily prone to extreme jealousy, it is because he strives to own the woman. This is the type of man that considers his wife or girlfriend to be one of his assets, a form of property, or chattel and should not be taken or used for pleasure by any other men.  Because she is "His".  This is similar to owning domestic farm animals, livestock or even household pets. In my opinion, this has led to an excessive divorce rate, dissatisfaction with marriage and has not worked out to be a desirable position for either the man or the woman in any marriage since before the 19th century.

Consider the following scenario; a man (friend or stranger) walks up to you, or your wife and tells you/her that he thinks you/she are gorgeous, and so hot he cannot resist.  Or, he just starts flirting with the woman (you or your wife) in some other way.  American cultural norms will pressure the husband to either act, or become jealous, or in some other way try to squelch his approach and do what some would call a "Cock Block" on the approaching male.  Sadly, in our society, too many wives expect this interference any time a man compliments them or says things to them that makes them feel good about themselves WHENEVER THEY GET MALE ATTENTION IN THE PRESENCE OF THEIR HUSBAND.
For me and many other Cuckold Men, not all types of jealousy are completely absent, but sexual jealousy has somehow been transformed into being happy for our wives that she is being complimented, made the center of attention. We are thrilled to know she is becoming aroused when we see her nipples get hard, and we know her pussy is getting wet because an attractive male has found her desirable enough to approach in an attempt to seduce her, to mate with her... That's when I am happy for her! 

I know that when men flirt with her in an attempt to seek sex with her, that it makes her feel vital and alive.  She gets confirmation that she is so desirable, appearing fertile and sexy in a way that attracts complete strangers, or even men that she knows or works with.  The fact that she is so irresistible as to cause a man to take the risk involved in approaching a married woman is yet an even greater boost to her self esteem...... And dammit, everyone wants to be desirable and be reminded of it often! If you are a man, how did it feel the last time you realized a woman was hitting on you?  It felt GREAT, and you know it!  If you really love any woman, why would you deny them this great pleasure, especially knowing that for most women it is probably a more intense feeling of joy and fulfillment than it is for men.

For many men who call themselves "Cuckold", we have realized that our Testosterone fueled need to control women as if they are collateral property is simply rubbish! Our deep love for the women we worship, AND WHO WE REMAIN EXCLUSIVELY FAITHFUL TO, fuels a desire within each of us to see our wives receive sexual pleasure beyond what any single man can provide.  Without seeking any type of reciprocity, we bestow the sexual freedom and license upon our wives to respond to any man they choose in a friendly fashion, and if they feel their sexual instincts are signaling them to do so, to respond to sexual advances from desirable men in a positive manner. Of course, as their husbands, we must remain vigilant and on guard to protect their safety from harm and ensure they have no reason to fear taking on another lover.  

For myself and many other Cuckold men, there is a feeling of liberation and exhilaration that comes from seeing our wives become so sexually free that other men want them.  I sometimes describe this as similar to the feeling I got when my daughter's boyfriend asked to meet with me, alone, and then asked my permission to propose marriage to my daughter. I was so filled with joy that this young girl that I loved so much had captured the heart of what was obviously a nervous young man, to such a degree that he would suffer the humiliation of submitting himself to her father. When he trembled and in a shaky voice ask for my permission to ask my daughter to marry him, I fought back tears of joy.

Whenever I have seen any man obviously find one of my previous girlfriends or wives attractive, it always served to excite me and arouse me to such a degree that anger was the furthest away of any emotion elicited. 

Too many American women are taught by our culture, the schools, magazines, books, TV and movies to think that their boyfriends or husbands should be jealous when other men treat them TOO NICE in their presence, as proof that the man truly is in love with them.  Which explains why my girlfriends would break up with me after trying to make me jealous by flirting with other guys, only to find me encouraging them to find out if he was a good fuck. 
This sort of learned patterns are NOT NATURAL, it comes from watching TV and motion pictures.  It is an unfortunate part of American culture and it promotes that "ownership" mentality that leads to all sorts of negative consequences, such as domestic violence.  A married man and woman should feel like they are partners in life, not that they are livestock!  Jealousy is not honorable nor a healthy emotion, and it proves nothing as far as genuine and sincere love is concerned. Sacrificing one's own needs to allow your partner to experience joy and pleasure, along with the trust letting your wife fuck other men requires are actually more of indicative of true love than treating her like a cow that the neighbor stole milk from!

I have been married three times, each of my wives were beautiful and I always considered it to be a compliment and an exciting development when other men became interested in any of my three beautiful wives.  In my opinion, when men flirt with my wife, or try to seduce her, this means that he's attracted to her. He doesn't want to harm the woman I love, he probably likes her a lot and would like to have sex with her... as he should!
Many men can relate to wanting other men to like their wives in a socially friendly way, but for me, and many Cuckold men, the opportunity for our wives to have sex with such a man is also a way to express his feelings toward her even greater... Especially if we get to watch! Heck, I just want my wife to get laid by as many desirable men as possible in whatever way happens to work itself out.  As a Cuckold, we want to be a part of helping our wives achieve stimulation, joy, sexual satisfaction and the sheer vitality a woman feels when she is getting fucked and feels the man pumping his life giving sperm into her womb! 

It's also something we can enjoy in common with our wives... kind of like helping your best friend experience the joy of winning a sports championship, except in this case it is the biological DNA embedded drive to get fucked by as many men as possible and enjoy the love life women were intended to have, that includes many male participants.

Cuckold Lifestyle is about men letting their wives be as desirable as they possibly can be, and then fulfill the object of being desirable to the opposite sex!  

A Cuckold wants his wife to enjoy opening up her mind and her vagina to attention from other men and for her to really enjoy the feelings of desirability and the orgasms from getting fucked really good. In many case, it was me that encouraged a man to initiate his seduction of my wife, and most of the time my wife was so flattered and thrilled by his attention that i would become aroused in return and beg and plead that she fuck him like a female banshee in heat! The sheer joy that comes from seeing your wife's pussy creaming all over a bigger cock than your own while she spasms in orgasmic convulsions is truly inspiring.  Enough so to make a good Cuckold Husband want to seek out additional studs to please his beautiful wife by fucking her better than the cuckold could ever delude himself to be capable of.  

Yes, if you are a woman who has never experienced the exhilaration of being married to a man that allows your inner cock hungry cum-slut to emerge, the joy of letting your pussy feed on multiple cocks, then you have never felt the most intensely feminine joy nature intended you to experience.  So go out there and meet a Cuckold man, go out on dates with him, then find out what you are missing; because it may be the key to a lifetime of happiness that most other men and women never get to experience!

October 17, 2010

STORY: Rising Popularity of Cuckold Lifestyle and Culture

The Rising Popularity of Cuckold Lifestyle and a Growing Culture of Female Sexual Superiority is a Phenomenon Worth Examining...

Cuckold Told To Get On His Knees
"After three marriages that ended in divorce, I met a woman who was dominant and let me know that fact on our first date... About three days later I submitted to her feminine superiority and have been happy with our relationship ever since... It has been 3 years since I surrendered myself to her." -- Cuckold Pussy Boi

Two years ago, Christina, a thirty-one-year-old married administrative assistant, was about to have sex with Claudio, a man who wasn't her husband. 

She pulled out a ruler from underneath her bed so she could measure his penis. "Ten inches with a seven-inch girth," she said to Claudio. Then she turned to her husband, who was standing next to her and Claudio, videotaping, and emphasized to him, "He's huge." 

It all began in 1997, when Christina met her husband Kurt online.
After they married, they spilled their guts to each other while high on ecstasy: they both had sexual fantasies about sleeping with other people. At that point, "we knew we couldn't eat the same meal everyday," says Kurt. They agreed to have an open marriage, and Christina began having sex with a coworker. When she told Kurt about it, he felt "outwardly jealous, inwardly curious," he says. "A part of me wished that I could've seen it." Kurt also worried for his wife's safety when she slept with male strangers. 

"At first, it was about making sure she wasn't in danger. Now, it's about me being there, seeing it and getting off."
Kurt is a cuckold — or "cuck" — like LasVegasCuckold, he is a man who derives sexual pleasure from watching his wife or girlfriend have sex with other men. He assumes a submissive, beta-male role as part of the fantasy. His wife, or any woman who cuckolds her male partner, is called a hotwife

When I ask Christina how she feels about the arguably degrading epithets, she shrugs and throws her hands up. "I'm a slut," she says. Kurt cracks a smile, while Las Vegas Cuckold swoons, admiring this incredible woman who is so desirable to a cuckold, and then he says "I want to marry a woman like Christina!".

Christina and Kurt (not their real names) post ads online seeking "hung" (well endowed) extramarital male partners for her to have sex with, preferably while Kurt watches. If she were married to PHXcuckold, he would participate whenever the stud she selects allows him to. These men are called "bulls" or "studs." After spending hours searching Craigslist for bulls, I found Claudio (not his real name), Christina and Kurt's current bull. He responded to my request for an interview, and then put me in touch with them. 

On my way to their Manhattan apartment, I am walking a path that countless bulls have walked before. Kurt, a forty-one-year-old former Army man is still cut like a soldier — lean and muscular, with a shaved head, and pecs bulging underneath a baby-blue basketball jersey. He looks like the antithesis of a beta male, though anyone would peg Christina as a hotwife. Her curly, black hair is pulled back by a headband, and her eyes reflect the intensity of her persona; everything, from her short, snappy statements to how she takes a drag from her smoke, is executed with an unapologetic frankness. Somehow, it is easy to imagine her forcing Kurt to lick and suck Claudio's semen out of her vagina immediately after getting pounded by Claudio's enormous penis, and filled with the volume of semen normally produced by 4 or 5 other men.

It is the same matter-of-fact tone that she uses to describe Claudio's generous package: "[Claudio] is hitting spots in me that Kurt isn't." Kurt nods in somber agreement, adding, "He fills her up. I love watching her react to his bigger dick because I can't provide her that. I get off on the truth, on what's real." The couple's ads specify that their bulls have to boast a penis of eight inches plus, given that Kurt's is seven. The bull needs to exemplify masculinity in ways that Kurt cannot. He needs to be not only better endowed, he must ejaculate abnormally large amounts of semen. 
"It's unrealistic to think that I can be the best at everything. There's always going to be something another guy can give her that I can't."
There are other requirements that Kurt and Christina have, their Bulls must also be "alpha" enough to make Kurt feel small, both physically and psychologically.  PHXcuckold prefers his future wife's Bulls to be dominant enough to provide him with a "Forced Bi" fetish experience. His subjugation and frequent cock sucking humiliation sessions should be instigated by the woman who becomes his dominant wife, who reaches epic orgasms using a vibrator while watching her husband being "skull fucked" by her dominant alpha male Bull Stud! 

According to sex therapist and relationships counselor Susan Gower,  
"Physiological sexual differences between men and women also support the cuckold relationship as the ideal for marriage. It is well known that women don't reach her sexual peak until they are in their thirties, while men peak by the time they are twenty. In a typical marriage, a wife is generally younger than her husband or the same age. As a result, a woman's increasing sexual appetite, do to her biologically age based sex drive, gives her greater sexual needs than her husband. She needs more sexual encounters, longer sexual encounters and more orgasms than her spouse. Her older or same age husband, on the other hand, wants sex far less than his wife, oftentimes lasts only a few minutes before he reaches orgasm and then, no longer interested in sex, leaves his wife unsatisfied and frustrated. As a marriage continues this discrepancy in sexual needs increases dramatically, usually to the breaking point of a wife secretly finding a lover or lovers outside the marriage."  
There is a better alternative for smart and sexually hungry women who are not afraid to unleash the sexual predator within their minds and bodies.  Women who do accept their need for far more sex than a single man can provide should find and marry men like Kurt and Las Vegas Cuckold!

The idea of any husband wanting to watch his wife have sex with another man goes against the grain of marriage, masculinity, even patriarchy, in a radical way. Before meeting Kurt, I'd never known a man who liked the idea of another man messing around with his wife. But Kurt, who enjoys submitting to the bull's larger penis and his wife's high sex drive, says his sexual passivity is more a role than the reality. He can personify the beta male role, even eroticize it, because he knows he's not inherently inferior to other men. 

As an alpha male in his professional life, Kurt's bedside compliance also serves as a refuge from his competitive, high-strung personality. 
"This is the one area in life where I can choose to be submissive," he explains. "I always have to win and be the best at everything. No one can do better than I can. If another guy eats her out better than I do, well, he's just raised the bar, but I can do better. But a bigger dick I can't complete with. Something about that turns me on."

Kurt watches his wife have sex with bulls through a video camera, sometimes inches away from the action. He makes it a point to videotape the bull's penis, then turns the camera on his own smaller one to emphasize the size disparity. Afterwards, the couple will watch the tape with the bull, and then again together after the bull leaves. They've accumulated an extensive library of homemade porn. "I can't stand fading memories," says Kurt.
"I'm not threatened by these guys," he says. "Though I do envy them — I give em props, those lucky bastards. Nothing turns me on more than seeing her react to someone else's bigger dick." Motioning toward his wife, he adds, "It's unrealistic to think that I can be the best at everything. There's always going to be something another guy can give her that I can't." 
For those unfamiliar with cuckolding as sexual fetish, try to recall high-school English, and more specifically, Geoffrey Chaucer's reference to cuckolds in The Canterbury Tales. The traditional Middle English meaning of the word — a man with an adulterous wife — echoes the modern-day fetish:  
"One cannot be a cuckold if not wed. But I do not therefore asperse your bed; few are the wives who make their husbands sad, a thousand good for every one that's bad."
Las Vegas Cuckold Responds; "Yes, I am interested and also falling in love with you as you describe how much you want a man to marry you, who will support your cuckold lifestyle!"