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August 21, 2011

ALBUM: Images of Oral Cuckold Servitude to the Wife

After she returns from her date, it is the cuckold husband's duty to lick and suck the wife's pussy clean while pleasuring her to additional orgasms.  

The husband performs his duties as she describes in vivid detail the date and the sex she has experienced with the man who pumped her vagina full of semen.  In many cases, a properly trained cuckold will experience his own orgasm without anything touching his cock from the sheer eroticism of sucking semen out of his wife's vagina as she describes the huge cock(s) that stretched her and pumped so much semen into her.

“I love when you lick his cum off my asshole, cucky. It makes it feel so much naughtier! Make sure you don’t miss any of it and swallow every drop.” --Cuckoldress Hotwife

Her lips are swollen from the fantastic fuck he just gave your wife and he shot a huge load. He made a complete mess of her pussy, but it’s okay because she has her loyal cuckold husband to clean it up. This is what your tongue was made for, so don’t forget your duty.

From just a few inches away you can see how thick and creamy his cum looks. He pulled out so he could mark your wife with his seed and leave you a tasty treat to lick off of her body. Just a few hours ago you were shaving her pussy to make it look good for him, and now he’s a few feet away as you’re going to eat his cum from her body. This is the moment of truth, cuckold.

Sometimes we rent a hotel room so she can entertain a lover all night long. I join her while she gets ready and watch as she does everything possible to look stunningly hot for him. Then she kisses me on the cheek and guides me to the door, telling me that she’ll be busy with another man’s cock inside her all night so I shouldn’t wait up.

“He left you a treat honey, and when you’re done cleaning my pussy of his cum I want you to thank him for filling your wife. Now be a good cucky boy and eat me out.” --Cuckoldress Hotwife

Once again, her bull’s cock has left your wife totally satisfied and she’s given him the joy of an incredible orgasm. Some of his cum is deep inside her and some is all over her cunt lips. It doesn’t matter where it is, because you’re going to clean it all up.

My favorite moment of her preparation for a date is when she slides her soft black stockings up her legs. She does it slowly and sensually because she knows I love the tease. It’s sexy and made so much hotter because I can’t stop thinking about how his hands are going to be all over her legs before long.

“Before I’ll let you clean my pussy, I need you to admit that you’re a cum cleaning cuckold, honey. Just say it. Say that you’re a cum cleaning cuckold and I’ll let you eat him out of my pussy.” --Cuckoldress Hotwife