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September 11, 2011

ALBUM: Cuckold Captions that Reflect what I am Seeking

Cuckold Captioned Images That Reflect What I Am Seeking For A Hotwife...

He definitely shoots the biggest loads your wife has ever had inside her, which is good for you cuck. You like making sure she’s nice and clean and burying your tongue as deep into her pussy as you can, don’t you? You like licking semen off of her.

It’s so thick and you know it’s going to be delicious cuckold. You know you’re going to love the taste on your tongue and the way it coats your throat as it slides down. When you’re done, another man’s semen is going to be in your stomach. Isn’t that the most delicious thought?

“Just lie there honey and I’ll feed you his cum. Let it drip from my pussy into your mouth and make sure you swallow it like a good boy.” --Cuckold Cumslut Bride

“My bull is coming over, cuckold, which means it’s time for you to be locked up. Come over here so I can put your little dick in this chastity device and make sure you don’t wank while I’m getting fucked. You’ll watch from the corner, and if either of us needs anything you won’t hesitate to retrieve it.”

There are times, like tonight, where the jealousy gets a little overwhelming. As always, I get to watch as she does her makeup before her date and I can’t help but look at her beautiful ass and think about the things he’ll do to her. She says her boyfriend likes to fuck her doggystyle so he can look at that beautiful booty and give her a little spanking. I want to do that too.

“Take your time when you’re cleaning him out of me, baby. I really want you to enjoy my boyfriend’s cum.” --Cuckold Cumslut Bride

When people ask your wife about the key around her wrist she always tells them the truth. Her husband is a small-dicked cuckold that doesn’t deserve to orgasm so she locks him in a chastity device and strictly controls his release.

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