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October 26, 2011

GLOSSARY A: Cuckold Lifestyle Terminology

Cuckold Terms
For those new to cuckolding or wondering what its about. Here are a few common terms that are used by the many men and women living the cuckold lifestyle and in many of the blogs about cuckold lifestyle.

Cuckold (from wikipedia) ~ A cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife. Due to the word’s original meaning, a man who is unwittingly raising another man’s child, it refers to a man who is unaware of the infidelity. Because of this association, it is one of the few masculine specific words in the English language without a feminine counterpart. In current usage it sometimes refers to non-married couples in committed relationships, although this is not the traditional meaning. A man who knows and acquiesced in his wife’s taking of another lover was called a wittol, itself a derivation from the Middle English for “witting (as in knowing) cuckold.” Variations include "Cuck", "Cuckie", "Cuck Husband", "Wimp", "Sissy" and more.

Cuckoldress ~A woman who cuckolds her husband. The husband, or boyfriend, is a cuckold.
"He married a cuckoldress who slept with all of his friends." Sometimes, the term cuckoldress can be synonymous to similar descriptions such as "Hot Wife", "Slut Wife", "Swinger" "MILF"

BBC ~ Big Black Cock.

Bull ~ A dominant male who is having sex with the cuckold's wife or girlfriend.  Bull's are sometimes used for breeding sessions, impregnating a cuckold's wife with superior sperm based on the Bull's better genetic traits.

Breeding Session ~ When a man and a woman are committed to the cuckold lifestyle, some couples will decide that the cuckold is not suitable to sire their children. A breeding session is when one or more bulls or other genetically desirable males are brought together to have sex with the wife during her most fertile time of the menstrual cycle to have sex with her without condoms or birth control.  The objective is to deliver so much semen into the cuckold wife's vagina and through her cervix that impregnation is virtually assured.  Using multiple bulls and male sperm donors can be a method of avoiding knowledge of the specific male's who's semen achieved the objective.   

Cream Pie ~ Pussy filled with cum.

Clean Up Duty ~ This is when the cuckold serves his wife or girlfriend by orally cleaning the semen from her vagina using his tongue and sucking action.  Clean up duty may require the cuckold to swallow the mixture of sperm and vaginal fluids that he sucks from her vagina, which may enhance the humiliation, or be used as a reward to those cuckolds who enjoy clean up duty and crave the sperm in their partner's vagina from her bull(s) and/or lover(s).

Commitment ~ The promises we make and then keep, even if we change our minds.

Domination or Dominance - When a man lets the girl know he is in charge. A.K.A. Who wears the pants. But don't get confused, dominance is not, "Go make me a sandwich bitch!" That's being a jerk. To be dominant is to lead the girl into another room. To steal her away from her friends, because you can. To tell her your plans for the night because YOU decided what to do. A dominant man is calm and collected, a gentleman, confident, but respectful as well. Woman are often attracted to dominant men because they are leaders. To be dominant is to be a MAN.
Girl 1:"I am like in love with Austin!"
Girl 2:"Why?"
Girl 1:"He is confident, always acts in charge, and asserts his authority. It's hot!"
Girl 2:"Oh, you mean his dominance."

Forced Bi ~ When a cuckoldress or "Fem Dom" coerces a cuckold male to engage in sexual activity with another man. Often, the use of Forced Bi serves to heighten the cuckold's humiliation which provides intense pleasure to the Fem Dom or cuckoldress. Forced Bi includes forcing the cuck to suck the Bull's cock or submit to anal sex.

Fluffer ~ Orally preparing a man’s cock for sexually pleasing the woman.

Interracial ~ relations between different races.

Love ~ The magic which happens between people sharing the cuckold lifestyle.

Marriage ~ Contractual commitment between  a cuckold, a cuckoldress and the State.

Respect ~ What we give to those in our life who we have learned to understand and know.

SPH ~ small penis humiliation.

Submission or Submissive - the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.
"they were forced into submission"