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December 10, 2014

Fetishes Ranked by Popularity – What Brings Your Sexy Back?

What is a Fetish? What is a Kink? Let’s start by defining what a "fetish" or "Kink" is by behavior of those who have one or more...

If you have a fetish or what some people refer to as a Kink, you are obsessively fixated on either an object or a body part. There are many people whothink they don’t have a fetish, Most are in Denial, while a few may be correct. Other people are quite sure of their fetish, some accept their own kinky desires, while others think their Fetish or Kinky desires make them psychologically abnormal. 

For example, If you truly have a Fetish or Kink, you need that specific something for sexual gratification. You fantasize about that particular thing, whether you’re alone or with a partner. You need to think about that object or have it present in order to be satisfied. In most cases you cannot cum, or achieve orgasm without focusing your mind on the source of you particular Fetish or Kink. 

Another example would be if you’re attracted to women with red hear, that’s fine, however, if you are unable to get aroused or ejaculate unless you’re with a red headed woman then you probably have a fetish for red heads.

Types of Fetish and Kink

Fetishes and Kinks come in three different varieties. There are many varied and diverse fetishes, but all of them can be sorted into one of these three categories; 
          1. Media
          2. Form 
          3. Animate

Media - A fetish or kink which becomes an obsession based on the feel or hand of a material. This includes leather, latex and silk. 
Form - These fetishes include stiletto heels, knee-high boots and lingerie; this is where it’s the shape of the object that has great significance.
Animate - a kink focused on body parts such as Feet, hair, breasts and all that good stuff...  These are considered fetishes but because they are human objects they’re called animate fetishes.
People can turn anything into a fetish or kink. There are also varying degrees of fetish and kink – from mild (vanilla) to wild (extreme). The following is a list of eight fetishes and kinks compiled from online research.

These are the Fetishes and Kinks found to be the most popular out of those researched. There are plenty of others not included; some tamer and others which are far more extreme.

Fetish Number 1

So let’s start with body piercings. This one is very popular amongst the younger generations. Everything from bellybuttons tongues and nipples to eyebrows and ears, there are so many who love this and for the specific few, it’s even a prerequisite.
Some people just enjoy the sight of piercings, whereas others enjoy the feel, taste or texture of them. They vary from small, large, intricate and simple depending on what part of the body they are attached to and can be very tactile objects for some people.
It’s all about preference. Certain people hate piercings – they perceive them as something that mars something pure and natural, to others they are sexy and irresistible.

Fetish Number 2

Men love material. They like to touch and tug at clothes just as much as they like to watch a woman dressing and undressing. In particular, men enjoy watching a woman move around in anything tight, reflective or shiny. Even though they may settle down with a woman who is ‘vanilla’, most men are always fantasizing about the classic bad girl look.
For women it’s more about the feel of the material. Although, I don’t know any woman who isn’t affected by a delicious man in a leather jacket… It depends how far you want to delve into the world of BDSM but generally speaking latex and vinyl are associated with mistresses and dominants.

Fetish Number 3

Next up feet. You can’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming. Men love to lick, suck, kiss and bite women’s feet. Some men find it impossible to date a woman who has unattractive feet. I’ll be fair to the minority and say that for some men, feet are not in the least bit arousing. However, to the vast majority men find great sexual pleasure in playing with a womans feet.
In comparison, women are not too fussed about feet and find greater pleasure from stimulating men’s fingers and hands. Hand fetishism usually includes an attraction to a specific area such as fingers, palm or nails.

Fetish Number 4

This next fetish is linked very closely with Number 2. Domination and submission is an incredibly popular fetish amongst all ages and genders. It has to be said that most women dominate, whilst most mensubmitWhile women enjoy bossing their man around in bed, spanking them and shouting at them, men find it arousing and relaxing to submit to their woman – especially if they are in a position of power as part of their day-to-day routine or a high-powered career.
Of course, it’s not uncommon for a woman to submit to her man. Some women find it incredibly arousing to have no control in the bedroom – this is especially common with women who ‘run’ their household.
Domination and submission is a very varied practice. It can range from the odd spank here and there to whipping, caning and other debauchery. This is the most appealing part of BDSM because every person/couple can put his or her mark on it (no pun intended…honest!) and enjoy it in their own way.

Fetish Number 5

It surely won’t surprise you that hair has made its way into this list of popular fetishes. Amongst men, hair in particular shapes and colours is a big turn on whereas for women, facial hair is the main focus. Whether it is blond, brunette, red, long, short, curly, straight, braids, ponytails, you name it and a man out there will have a fetish for it.
Men enjoy a womans hair for 2 reasons in particular. Firstly, pigtails and ponytails emanate a youthfulness that certain men find erotic and secondly men enjoy something other than skin to hang on to. Most pheromones come from the top of your head, which means your hair is drenched in them, long hair grabs onto these pheromones and in turn, this attracts men – without them or you even realising!
It can be arousing and fun at the same time for both parties digging your fingers into each other’s hair, the scent and the texture is arousing to most men (and women). Hair is incredibly strong and resilient – especially if looked after well, so it can be tugged, pulled and tied to your heart’s content.
For women the appeal lies not just in hair but facial hair in particular. A man with a beard, moustache or even the slightest bit of stubble just radiates testosterone and masculinity that cannot be replicated in any other way. Women find it a joy to stroke, nuzzle and simply look at facial hair on a man.

Fetish Number 6

Voyeurism and exhibitionism are very popular fetishes, either when with a partner or flying solo. Technically, voyeurism is when the person/people being watched are unaware they have an audience. However, as a fetish voyeurism is typically consensual, which means all those involved have consented to being watched.
Examples of voyeuristic behaviours could include watching a partner undress or masturbate, watching an internet “live” cam or observing people at a nude beach. Exhibitionism is the other side of the story – those who love to put on a show and receive their thrills from the knowledge they are being watched.

Fetish Number 7

Believe it or not, water and its many variants are hugely popular with both men and women. Many find they enjoy sex more when they can hear, feel or taste running water from a range of different sources, including the rain or a shower.
However, it’s not always just about water. This fetish can stretch to steam and ice and all the wonderful things you can do with them. Others find there thrill from thunderstorms, listening to the powerful sounds and the sudden flashes of light, creates a sense of empowerment and gives a thrill like no other.
Aquaphilia or Hydrophilia is a fetish that involves being underwater or immersed in water (swimming or bathing), it is not all that common as a fetish but many couples have partaken in sexual activity whilst swimming or bathing.

Fetish Number 8

Aphrodisiacs are elements that evoke or stimulate sexual desire. There are drugs that claim to enhance your sex life and they are often mislabelled as aphrodisiacs. However, in order to be a true aphrodisiac they have to create desire – not improve ability and performance.
Aphrodisiacs can work in two ways; there are those that create sexual desire by working on the mind and there are those that create desire by affecting certain parts of the body. For example, something that increases the blood flow can have the effect of creating desire. Likewise, there are products that can make our bodies increase production of certain chemicals associated with sexual desire.
Everybody knows that chocolate has always been associated with love and romance. It contains the ‘feel good’ chemical serotonin which is produced by the brain and released when we are feeling happy or passionate.
There are a range of other foods both sweet and savoury that are believed to be aphrodisiacs, including garlic, chilli peppers, honey, oysters and liquorice.
As well as aphrodisiacs, food can also be used for food play or sitophilia, which is when those involved are aroused by erotic situations with food. Whether it’s adding something tasty to a person’s skin and then cleaning it off or feeding somebody erotic food as part of foreplay, sitophilia is popular the world over.
WAM (wet and messy) or sploshing is when a person/people become aroused when substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin or to the clothes they are wearing.
Well there you have my list of the most popular fetishes. Obviously there are hundreds if not thousands more and you can have fun finding them all!




October 28, 2014

Cuckold Humanity

The Humanity of the Cuckold Lifestyle

After studying human sexuality for many years it has become inarguable to me that a cuckold relationship (in which the wife engages in sexual activity with a variety of men while her husband remains faithful) is most compatible with basic human evolutionary make up. It is straying from this evolutionary grounded human bonding relationship that has produced such misunderstandings and conflict between the sexes.

At the very base of this principle is the understanding of a woman's psychological need for a variety of sex partner's. Psychologically, women are hardwired differently than men. A woman has a dual sex drive, a male only has one. The first for a female is centered on finding a mate for life to help support her and her offspring. This is why (and when) love is such an important part of a women's sexual desire. The second is a more personal desire in which helps her to obtain confidence with in herself as she grows older or after having children a woman has a need to feel beautiful, wanted and desired and the male in the relationship at this point usually tends to egnor those feelings she is having leaving her vonerable to others pray. This second desire begins to grow once a woman has found her life mate and grows stronger as time with him progresses. Eventually, this later and more powerful drive overpowers her sexual desire for her life mate. This is why a woman's sexual desire for her husband diminishes over time. At the same time her sexual desire for other men is increasing.

Often this desire for other men becomes so strong she cannot deny it. This does not make her immoral or mean that she no longer loves her husband. It is simply part of her genetic code. As a marriage continues this discrepancy in sexual needs increases dramatically, usually to the breaking point of a wife secretly finding a lover or lovers outside the marriage. Compounding this is that nature has not only given women a two prong and exponentially stronger sex drive than men, it has also given women the ability to experience a far greater quantity, intensity, and variety of sexual pleasure and orgasm than men. As a result, women can experience a wide range and intensity of sexual pleasure and diversity of orgasm. Besides the pleasure and orgasms derived from manual, oral and coital stimulation of a woman's clitoris, all three of which feel distinctly different, a woman can reach a completely different sensation of pleasure and a completely different orgasm from the stimulation of her g-spot by a well endowed man. Men, on the other hand, are far simpler sexually.

Stimulate their glans (the little patch of skin at the front of the penis just below it's head) and they ejaculate. Furthermore, men can get nearly the same level of satisfaction from masturbating as the do completing a sex act with a woman. For women, masturbation will give them only temporary relief. Women need to have sex with a partner to be fully satisfied, especially psychologically. The male also has a much simpler sex drive than a woman. He simply wants to mate with any female he finds desirable. The longer he is denied sex, the stronger his desire grows and which he finds a woman much more desirable. Since it is the woman who decides if he will be allowed to have sex with her or not, his desire for her sexually is also linked to the desire for her approval.

Husbands in clinical studies who's desire for their wives have lowered in time and who's interest have turned to other women have been completely turned around when their wives begin using arousal and denial techniques on them. These techniques instill uncertainty in the husband as to whether he will be allowed to complete a sex act with her or not. Time after time, in study after study, these husband's desires have been focused back to their wives exclusively, losing all interest in other women. The wives in these studies were even able to vary their husband's level of interest through increasing or decreasing their application of arousal and denial techniques. It was further found that when these same wives reverted back to traditional sexual practices with their husbands, their husbands began to loose interest again and began to again look at other women as possible sex partners. Interestingly, it was during the sexually repressive Victorian Era (http://elisesutton.homestead.com/articles12.html) that an unusual mix of cuckoldry and the sexual arousal and denial of males was employed. Many males were put in chastity so the female could monitor and control is orgasms, it was thought that if you control a males penis you control him (I think even in today's society we understand that).

Studies show in all cases the male becomes submissive leaving the female a wide range to allow her to do as she pleases, and also shows the male will totally focus on her and only her. A structured practice of female sexual satisfaction and male denial grew quickly. Women had a lot of leisure time and spread the word of the benefits of orgasmic therapy and spousal chastity through the popular women's societies prevalent at the time. Since men could not be trusted to have self-discipline, their wives were usually given the keys to their chastity devices. A kind of secret society developed in which these wives called themselves Key Holders. Key holding wives would deny their husbands sex while they enjoyed sex with other men. This is where cuckold training came into play (http://cuckyboy.com/cuckold/cuckold-training-tips.htm)

It is unfair that a woman is forced to repress the powerful sex drives that are so genetically imbedded in her psyche. Most married woman simply can't do it. It is uncountable today how many wives are having sex with other men behind their husband's back because our society cannot accept a woman's natural needs. This illustrating again how arousal and denial of sex can totally alter a man's behavior so the female does not have to go behind his back and can be open aout it and train her husband to understand female sexuallity. Our modern morals and the female/male roles imposed on us by society are not only aberrant behavior given our genetic make up, but psychologically unhealthy and morally unethical. It is unfair that a woman is forced to repress the powerful sex drives that are so genetically imbedded in her psyche. Most married woman simply can't do it. It is uncountable today how many wives are having sex with other men behind their husband's back because our society cannot accept a woman's natural needs. We have created a society in which women struggle with guilt and frustration over their natural sexual needs while men are obsessed with perverted sexual deviations from far too great an access to far to great a variety of sexual stimuli and freedom. our denial of our natural sexual programming leads to untold emotional and behavioral problems. It would startle the average person to learn how many divorces are caused by the inequity of a woman's unfulfilled sexual needs. In an effort to protect the man from humiliation it is rarely mentioned in polite society that the reason for a couple's divorce was because the wife was finding sexual satisfaction outside their marriage.

If we could be open and honest about a women's needs, and that it is not the fault of their husbands that they need to fulfill those needs outside their marriages, then maybe we could begin to embrace cuckoldry as a healthy societal norm and save far more marriages.. Gently introducing the idea and practice of cuckoldry to struggling couples, studies studies have shown female patients that once they start to engage in sex outside their marriage with the acceptance of their husbands and the security that their husbands will remain faithful, they become more centered, calm and confident making the relationship much more healthy. Using arousal and denial in a cuckold marriage a woman can bring her husband back to the days when they were first dating. Husbands become more focused on their wives and no longer suffer the frustrating feelings caused by a desire for unattainable women, making for a loving and playful marriage. It is regretful that the cuckold relationships of Victorian times could not have evolved into an open way of life accepted by modern society. It is my hope that one day it will... Elise Sutton examines the prevalent male desire to be dominated by a woman. She explores from a psychological perspective why men have submissive desires toward the female gender, where these desires originate from, and how this common male fantasy reflects what is transpiring within society, as women are becoming more liberated and independent. Elise reveals that Female Domination is a large tent with many forms, expressions and lifestyles contained therein.

Elise takes the reader into the personal and intimate lives of forty couples, who are not unlike your family members, the people you work with or the people you socialize with, yet who practice different variations of the Female Domination lifestyle. Some couples like Female Domination to be soft and sensual, some like it hard and rough, some like it wild and trend setting, some like it romantic, some like it untraditional, some like it primarily in the bedroom, and some like it both inside and outside the bedroom. Through the experiences of others, Elise depicts how the Female Domination lifestyle can build a bond of intimacy, defuse arguments, relieve stress, transport sex to a higher level than just the physical, empower women in society, and inject excitement into the mundane tasks of life such as household chores. Elise portrays how Female Domination can satisfy the inner male child, build up a woman's self-esteem, add spice to the bedroom, re-ignite romance, and cause a power exchange within the female/male relationship. Elise Sutton examines how society is evolving toward Female rule, one relationship at a time.

October 20, 2014

More Caption Image Creations Showcasing the Cuckold Lifestyle

Yes, it is time for more Captioned Images I create to showcase the Cuckold Lifestyle that I seek and perhaps even catch the attention of a woman who would like to be a cuckoldress who may then contact me directly... I hope.

October 7, 2014

AT:LasVegasCuckold was Previously AT:VegasCuckold and AT:PHXcuckold


When I moved from #Phoenix to #LasVegas, I changed my Twitter user name from @PHXcuckold to @VegasCuckold. 

I have not been able to figure out why, and Twitter Support was unable to find out why, but @VegasCuckold was suspended on 10/01/2014. I went through the Twitter suspended account appeal process, which actually worked!

Many thanks to those at twitter who restored my @VegasCuckold account...  

After writing and speaking to people at Twitter, they restored my @VegasCuckold account... 

In the meantime, I had created a new Twitter Profile @LasVegasCuckold. 

My 8,000+ Twitter followers for @VegasCuckold were also restored...😱 It is never too late to take action and make things happen. Be sure to follow the @LasVegasCuckold Twitter profile set up during my suspended time period. 

I changed @PHXcuckold into @VegasCuckold and created another new Twitter profile: @LasVegasCuckold - Same #Cuckold, Lots of Imagination, and my trademark posts of Great #Caption image creations!

October 6, 2014

#LasVegas #Cuckold Captions


Is what I seek... If you are a single woman who likes to fuck multiple men, but would appreciate having your primary man... A Cuckold Husband who encourages, supports, assists and facilitates you having as many lovers as you can handle... Well... Then we should meet and explore the possibility of having chemistry together.

I have captioned the images shown below to showcase my ex and former Cuckoldress. We were a couple for a year and as shown in the pics below, she was quite adept at living the cuckold lifestyle and enjoying the freedom provided.

October 3, 2014

New Cuckold Captions for Your Enjoyment

I created several new Cuckold Caption images and wanted to share them with my friends, fellow cuckolds, lovely cuckoldress ladies and especially any single women who might entertain the thought of connecting with a single cuckold wannabe male like me... Go ahead, contact me and let's talk about your dreams and desires!

September 22, 2014

Cuckold Marriage Lifestyle Description Example 17

In a cuckold marriage, the wife is completely transformed into a liberated woman who can experience as many men and as much sex as she desires. She can be confident in the knowledge that her husband is waiting faithfully for her at home and eagerly anticipating her arrival from her dates. She also knows that he no longer expects sexual pleasure from her even though he may desire it very much. He is still completely satisfied by her experiences and sexual growth as she learns more about how to please herself freely.
Another trait of the cuckold marriage is that the male partner agrees that he will not pursue any extramarital sex at all. This is strictly a freedom granted to the wife. This is why many people tend to associate female dominated marriages with the cuckold lifestyle and there is, indeed, crossover. However, in many instances the husband is simply more aroused by his wife's own experiences and transformation into the ideal "slut" than he is in his own pursuits.
Some cuckold marriages go even farther by adding the concept of pregnancy by the wife's lover to the experience. Some couples plan on the wife becoming pregnant by her lover from the very start. Others gradually grow to this level over time as both partners discover that the idea is very exciting to them and in many ways practical. This is the strongest and deepest expression of the cuckold marriage possible.
source:  Cuckold Marriage