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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

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August 31, 2014

STORY: I am a Cuckold Creampie Lover

I am a Cuckold Creampie Lover

Cuckold creampie lovers.When it comes to types of cuckolds, I definitely fit into the category of cuckold creampie lovers. Just the idea of a woman being able to make me so weak and so turned on by her cum slut behavior that I become willing to go down on her after She has finished having sex with another man, a bull, is so erotic.
I often think about her looking over at me as her lover pulls out and knowing I am stroking my cock and it is throbbing for her to order me to come lick her freshly fucked, creampie oozing pussy. Needless to say those thoughts leave me extremely horny and looking for a cuckoldress to chat with about it but that’s not all. Another thing I like to do is get online and search for a potential cuckoldress that will show me how turned on She gets over it... If I get really lucky,  maybe I’ll find a woman who will even show me what her cuckold creampie lovers will be enjoying.  
"Do you wish it was you that had a man who loves you enough to suck the semen from your freshly fucked pussy?"

Attraction to Women who Accept Cuckold Creampie Lovers

For me my attraction to women who want to be with cuckold creampie lovers comes from a mixture of loving the freedom they have to get naughty with any man they want and the enjoyment I get from being sexually dominated by my long term partner... My cuckoldress. For my ideal cuckoldress and hotwife, it’s never the man or the bull that she is screwing that she wants to dominate, it’s always me, her boyfriend at the time or possibly her husband — someday.
I am seeking a woman who can really get as kinky and dominant as I can handle, or at times she can be an extreme humiliatrix, calling me names, telling me what a cum junkie I really am. She will vary the way she treats me, depending on what my horny cuckold mind craves the most... She will sense what I need, which is how she determines how she will handle me. Remember when it comes to the woman that will become my cuckold queen, she will deserve, and own a real devoted cuckold creampie lover that begs to clean her and for the bliss of sliding my cock into her cum filled pussy for the sloppy seconds I crave so much!
If you like the idea of being in a relationship with the type of cuckold I am, get in touch with me and tell me all about your cuckoldress fantasies and how much you want to own a cuckold who is a creampie licker-upper.

Feed your cuckold pussy boi on a daily basis and keep your marriage going strong!