October 7, 2014

AT:LasVegasCuckold was Previously AT:VegasCuckold and AT:PHXcuckold


When I moved from #Phoenix to #LasVegas, I changed my Twitter user name from @PHXcuckold to @VegasCuckold. 

I have not been able to figure out why, and Twitter Support was unable to find out why, but @VegasCuckold was suspended on 10/01/2014. I went through the Twitter suspended account appeal process, which actually worked!

Many thanks to those at twitter who restored my @VegasCuckold account...  

After writing and speaking to people at Twitter, they restored my @VegasCuckold account... 

In the meantime, I had created a new Twitter Profile @LasVegasCuckold. 

My 8,000+ Twitter followers for @VegasCuckold were also restored...😱 It is never too late to take action and make things happen. Be sure to follow the @LasVegasCuckold Twitter profile set up during my suspended time period. 

I changed @PHXcuckold into @VegasCuckold and created another new Twitter profile: @LasVegasCuckold - Same #Cuckold, Lots of Imagination, and my trademark posts of Great #Caption image creations!

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