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January 14, 2015

Bedtime Story About BBC #Cuckold Domination

Cuckold and Mistress Get Owned by Dominant BBC Bull

Vegas and Ashley Get Dominated by Jim and His BBC

Adapted and Edited by @LasVegasCuckold on Fetlife.com

INTRO: Vegas is married to Ashley and he is her “Cuckold Husband” while she is both his Cuckoldress and FemDom Mistress… Ashley’s newest BBC bull is Jim, a well hung and dominant black man who has also been an employee of Vegas in the past.

And so it began...

Vegas was alarmed. "No! You were sucking his thing."
"Its not a thing Vegas, it's a huge black cock, much bigger than yours. Now show some respect!"
Ashley snaked an arm around her husband's neck. Vegas stares in horror as her messy, drooling lips approached his. He shook his head frantically. "No!" his brain screamed.
Then Ashley jammed her lips into his. She licked and sucked on his mouth. Then she invaded him with her tongue. Vegas felt so disgusted with himself as he sucked her tongue in and started sucking it like a little cock. He slurped away hungrily at her mouth.
"Ah that's it Vegas. Taste that big black cock out of your wife's mouth!"
Vegas kissed his wife greedily, devouring her lips and licking them clean.
"Ah that's it. Lick my face clean Vegas. Taste that black cock!"
Jim pulled Ashley back to his cock. "Vegas, stick your tongue out!"
Jim commanded and Vegas obeyed it. "Now Ashley, give my cock one lick and give Vegas's tongue a lick, back and forth, all right?"
Ashley did it, she licked Jim's thick head, sucking it into her wet lips. Then she pulled them off with a plop and smeared them into Vegas's mouth, going to and fro. Ashley started getting all feverish, loving it. Vegas started moaning and attacking Ashley's lips with zeal as soon as they came off Jim's black cock.
Jim smiled wickedly and took a step closer to Vegas. He took his head in his hands and made him look up. Then Jim thrust his cock deep into the white hubby's gaping mouth. Vegas started, his eyes popping wide open with shock as his mouth gagged on the huge black cock.
"Hell yeah! That's it right there, swallow all of it, you punk ass white sissy boy! Take that big dick in your mouth... Ima gonna turn you into a faggot cum slut!"
Vegas wanted to pull his head back but Jim grabbed his head firmly in both hands and held him in place while thrusting his huge black cock so deep the head was plunging deep into Vegas' throat.
"Stay right there bitch! And keep that black cock in your mouth!" Jim gazed at the sight of his black cock in the white man's mouth. "What a pretty little white cock sucking pussy boi you gonna be fo' me... You were BORN to be a black cock sucking cum bucket."
"He is! Fuck his face with that big black cock. Show him who the real man is...," Ashley smacked Vegas's ass cheek and said, "Shove it in his throat, make the cock sucker gag!"
"Yeah, take that you bitch ass white pussy boi cock sucking cum bucket... Ima gonna turn you out as my faggot whore to make me some money!"
Jim shoved it deep into his mouth and felt his swollen cock head going down into Vegas' throat as Vegas gurgled, gagged and spluttered.

"Come on Vegasie," Emmi snorted. You gotta relax your mouth and your throat. Let him slide in and out.. Give it up, and stop fighting it... Your mouth and throat are now a cunt for BBC... Atta good boy!"
Vegas whined, wheezed and spit that huge black cock out while sputtering, "No! I shouldn't be doing this... I am not a faggot!"
"Vegas, don't you fucking piss me off cracker! Maybe you weren't a faggot yesterday, but now I'm gonna make you into a total cum addicted faggot cock sucking and ass fucking pussy boi!"
"Yeah Vegasie. Don't bullshit us. We know you love his cock!!! No need to be shy. Fuck him nice and slow Jim... Fill that faggot's belly with your pearly white semen"
She grabbed Vegas by the hair and eased Jim's cock back into her husband's mouth. Jim started sliding it in and out in slow, deep but gentle strokes. Ashley pumped her husband's head up and down to meet Jim halfway.
"That's it Vegasie. You doing great. Now lick the underside." Vegas's tongue lapped away at Jim's meat. "Ah, that's good. He is good isn't he Jim?"
"Man, shit! I love fucking the fag's mouth... Suck my black Nigga dick, white boy!" Jim groaned as his hips thrust back and forth, stuffing more and more black meat into Vegas's gaping mouth. "Ashley, eat my fucking ass."

Ashley slid to kneel behind Jim. Grabbing his black ass cheeks, she pulled them apart, and dove into his crack. She started licking and sucking his ass hole greedily, hungrily!
Jim shuddered mightily, moaning deep in his chest. "Ah shit bitch! That's some good shit!" he grabbed Vegas's head in one huge black hand, whilst the other grabbed Ashley's and he pumped them both onto his genitals, loving the double stimulation.
"Yeah. Eat my black meat! Serve this Nigga! Eat some dark meat motherfuckers."
Vegas was now so into sucking dick. Slavishly, he was throwing his face against the throbbing, delicious black appendage, as it was shoved into his mouth repeatedly. Vegas dribbled all over the cock, wanking it and rolling the balls, as his wife drooled into Jim's ass crack, and penetrated his hole with her tongue.
"Fuck yeah! This is good. Uh!!!" Jim groaned deep in his chest. He took Vegas's face in his hands and forced his swollen cock into his mouth with long, deep thrusts. Vegas didn't like the way Jim was beginning to tense up and huff and gasp. He tried to pull back but Jim held him in place. He shoved his dick deep into his drooling mouth and then suddenly his cock exploded. Vegas felt hard, sharp jets of thick cumm shooting into his mouth. He found himself drowning in the salty, thick creamy liquid and started swallowing. Jim emptied his balls in the husbands mouth. He kept it in there and forced him to suck every drop down.

Then what happened?

Jim sat down on a couch, smoking a joint as he made Vegas lick his cock and balls clean... "That is your place boy, on your knees, sucking my superior black cock!" Jim told the newly created cock sucking cum slut, petting his head like he was a big, blond dog. He fucked Vegas's face until his dick was hard again.
Ashley was so excited. She pulled her dress over her head and dropped it over her husband's face. She fished her thong out of her crack and hooked it over an ass cheek. Then she climbed astride Jim, with her back to him and poised her cunt over his hard dick. She reached between her thighs and pulled her glistening wet pussy lips apart. Smiling at her husband she said,
"Come and kneel here!" she pointed between Jim's parted thighs. He knelt there, his face on level with their genitals. "I want you to point it in and I want you to hold it as I ride it.
Vegas scooped up Jim's cock but he hesitated. He didn't want this huge, veined, potent, throbbing black dick to fuck his wife's pussy. No. He should not be feeling this awesome excitement.
"No! darling!" he whispered.
"Shove that fucking black dick in my pussy, Vegasie!" Ashley snapped.
"No!" he croaked again, stroking Jim's cock subconsciously. "Darling, what about a condom?" he blurted, seeking to stall.
Ashley growled impatiently as she frigged her clit. "Oh shut the fuck up and point it in. Gimme that fucking black cock!"
Vegas shuddered with dread as he brought Jim's fat knob to Ashley's thick lipped opening. His wife was so wet her juices dripped onto Jim. She sank her hips down slowly onto the jutting cock. Vegas watched with wide, unbelieving eyes as the huge, fat black tip pressed against Ashley's pussy opening. She was beaming with excitement at finally getting Jim's dick in her hungry pussy.
She was so slick with moisture that the black cock slid in like a hot knife through butter. Ashley's thick pussy lips spread and stretched around the dark, fleshy tube so obscenely. She sank down on Jim's cock, till her shaved mons pressed against her husbands palm.
"Fuck! I love the way your big black cock fills me up Jim. You are so big Jim!"
Vegas wanted to remove his hand but she caught his hand. "No! Darling. I want you to hold that black cock whilst I ride it! I want you to feel him fuck me."
Ashley started rolling her hips as she rode slowly, smoothly, up and down. She was milking Jim with the wet, lubed walls of her cunt, leaving his dark, veined cock all shiny with her juices. Jim groaned deep in his chest.
"Oh yes, that's it bitch! Ride that black fucking Nigga cock right in front of your husband! Show him how much you love it!"
"Oh yes, fuck me lover! Oh Jim. Go digging in my guts, you fucking gardener!"
Vegas stared at his wife as her pace picked rapidly. Jim's dick was hardening and it felt so good in his palm. He squeezed and stroked it as Ashley bounced up and down like a shameless slut on the huge black tool. Vegas gazed mesmerized at the huge black meat sloshing in and out of her wet, dripping vagina, driving her mad with wanton lust. Ashley's lush tits whipped up and down in her half cups.
"Oh fuck! Isn't that beautiful Vegasie, that black fucking cock splitting your wife's poor little white pussy! Come and lick my clit dear. Make me cumm all over this big, black dick!"
She pulled his face into her mons. Vegas started slavishly, obediently licking her clit. Ashley jerked sharply.
"Oh shit! That's it Vegasie, suck my fucking clit! Lick it! Shit! I'm gonna cumm all over this black dick and squirt all over your face!"
Her lewd words unleashed a carnal lust in Vegas. He groaned and dove at her, wanking Jim's cock and licking and eating his wife's pussy greedily, Hi agile tongue darted all over her clit. Then he sucked on it and nibbled it, just the way she liked it.
"Oh fuck! Fuck yeah! Take your fucking hand off!" Ashley screamed as she jammed her cunt all the way down Jim's pole, swallowing it up completely.

She jerked sharply, grinding her hips brutally in Jim's. Her pussy exploded around his dick and she squirted in her husband's face, drenching him. Ashley rocked and humped wildly as a shattering orgasm seized her. Finally, when it subsided, Ashley exhaled and inhaled loudly. Jim told her to let her husband taste her pussy off his cock. She raised her hips off Jim's black dick, leaving it rearing in her husband's face.
"Go on boy, suck that black cock! Taste my pussy off his cock Vegasie!"
Vegas stared at the huge cock, all slick from his wife's pussy, which was gaping just inches above the cock. He felt such a carnal lust. Vegas licked it clean, lapping and slurping away wantonly. Then he vacuumed it in his mouth and started sucking it greedily, aggressively, throwing his head at it. Jim grunted and his hips bucked wildly as Vegas's carnal lust for his dick overwhelmed him and made his dick so hard.
"That's it you bitch! Suck the black cock that is fucking your wife! Show her how much you love it!"
Vegas threw himself carnally at Jim's cock, sucking the skin off him as he gorged himself fiercely on his dark meat. He loved the black organ. Ashley frigged her clit as exhilaration washed over her from seeing her husband sucking her black lover's superior cock so wantonly. Now, a white boy could never tell her shit!
Ashley slapped the back of her cock sucking white husband's head. "Don't be greedy, you punk bitch! Stick that cock back up in my pussy. Let this black man fuck your slut wife!"
Ashley rode Jim's dick several times as Vegas ate her, cumming again and again. She would pause to allow her husband to suck Jim, which he did gladly. As she fucked Jim's dick, Vegas went down and feasted on Jim#s dangling, cumm filled, big, black balls.
"Oh shit! This is what a Nigga need. Fucking hell!!! Eat my balls motherfucker, whilst I fuck your white wife!"
Ashley cried through gritted teeth, "Oh yes Jim. Fuck my pussy with that huge black cock! Fill up my horny little pussy! I'm your bitch! Your whore, your fucking slut! Use me as you please!!!!"
His hips slapped into her ass cheeks, producing resounding claps punctuated by the two lovers deep groans and filthy words.
"Look at her Vegas, look at your wife taking all that black cock. Isn't she spectacular?"
Vegas glared in awe at the spectacle of the huge, dark piece of hard meat impossibly sliding in and out of his wife's extremely stretched pussy. Ashley was rearing wildly, frenziedly lunging back at Jim as he lunged into her. Vegas felt tingly all over. He really loved it. It excited him so much to see his wife fucked senseless by the black man.
Ashley suddenly turned and glared at her husband, "Oh honey, I love the way he fucks me!!! With his big black cock. See it going in so deep inside of me... Aaaa...."
She fucked Jim's cock to her heart's and pussy's contentment. Then she pulled away from Jim's cock, making it plop loudly out of her gaping pussy. Jim's cock reared in Vegas's face.
"Go on Vegasie, suck that black cock that's fucking your wife. Suck it, bitch! I cant get enough of seeing you suck a nigger dick!"
"You heard your wife, bitch!"
Vegas opened his mouth and took in Jim's cock. Ashley stroked her cunt as she watched her husband eat dick again!
After Ashley had had several orgasm Jim's balls erupted in her pussy. He went crazy, exploding in her tight twat as Vegas sucked his balls with his hot, slobbering mouth. His cumm squeezed into her pussy like cream out of a tube. Ashley milked him dry with her pussy. When he had finished cumming, she raised her cunt off his cock. Thick, creamy goo oozed out of her gaping hole, flowing slowly down her thighs.
"Sit on his face and let him taste my fresh cumm."
"Clean me up Vegasie, my sweet pussy boi cum slut... Have some hot, fresh cumm for a change!"
Ashley settled her messy pussy over her petrified husband's face. She started fucking his face with her pussy. Vegas opened his mouth and Jim's cumm poured into his mouth. He slurped up and swallowed every creamy, salty drop of the potent black cumm. He chased every last drop, licking Ashley's thighs clean. Ashley and Jim then gazed at him in amusement as he went and cleaned Jim's cock with his mouth. Vegas sucked the flaccid cock into his mouth and blew it back to life. He felt so excited and so proud as his sucking mouth brought the blood rushing back into Jim's dick.
Ashley climbed off Jim and bent over on the couch. Vegas was told to lick her ass hole as Jim fed his dick into her mouth. He was grabbing her by the hair and stuffing her mouth full of his black cock. Vegas's face was buried between Ashley's ass cheeks and he was eating her hole with gusto, gorging himself like a greedy pig. His tongue slithered in and out of her hole, making Ashley have spasms in her hips. She cried so sweetly around Jim's dick as he fucked her face silly.
"Oh fuck, that's it Vegas. Eat your bitch's ass real good... Get her all loose for my Nigga cock!"
Jim told Vegas to lube his cock and his wife's ass hole. Vegas squirmed. With trembling fingers, Vegas poured oil down her ass crack and fingered her hole, pushing the oil in with his digits. Ashley reluctantly yanked her lips off Jim's dick.
"Go on and stuff that fat dick up my ass."
"My pleasure bitch!"
Jim stuffed his cock up in Vegas's mouth for good measure. He fucked the white man's face stuffing his dick deep down his throat. Then he shoved Vegas off his cock.
"Now, stuff that black dick up your wife's ass hole, faggot!"
Vegas slowly brought Jim's fat cock head to his wife's asshole. He pressed it against the tiny opening. Impatiently, Ashley lunged backwards against the cock. She was so loose from the regular ass fucking that his cock sank in all the way to the hilt. She moaned and purred as she wagged her ass like a happy dog, his dick seeming like an obscene tail.

She started grinding her ass against Jim's hips. He groaned and sank his fingers into her ass cheeks and pumped them back and forth on his cock.
"Oh yes. That feels so good. Oh darling! He is in my ass. He is fucking my ass!!!"
"Yeah! Take that you white bitch!"
Jim humped her asshole zealously and she threw it back at him wantonly. Vegas stared at the huge, dark pole that was running so obscenely in and out of Ashley's hole. Jim was hitting dents in her white ass with his black hips and she was loving it. He was holding her hips and pumping her ass back and forth shoving his cock into her like a foot into a loose gum boot, so smoothly, so easily and so beautifully.
Ashley was bawling with passion and rearing wildly, tossing her pink mane. Vegas started stroking his cock as he watched his wife getting seriously buggered! Suddenly, Jim yanked his cock out of Ashley with a loud plop. Vegas stared incredulously at his wife's gaping asshole.
"Go on, suck his cock and taste my asshole darling!"
"What!!!" Vegas stared at Jim's smeared cock, smelling her hole.
"Do it punk!" Jim snarled as he grabbed Vegas's head and stuffed his cock into his mouth. "Yeah, taste your wife's asshole off my Nigger cock! Punk ass cracker!"
Vegas was soon slavishly feasting on the black meat treat.
Ashley led both men to the master bedroom. She raised her thighs high, and pulled her knees to her chest, leaving her gaping hole winking in invitation. Jim climbed between her thighs and slammed his cock in her to the hilt. He hooked her feet on his shoulders and fucked her ass hole hard and good. His thick, hard meat pumped in and out of her tight hole. He drove it in mercilessly, fucking her like a wild beast. Their bodies slapped together producing loud, fleshy claps and Ashley moaned so succulent at every deep thrust.

"Oh yes, fuck my asshole! I'm your fucking slut!" Ashley cried.
Ashley started pumping back furiously, skewering her asshole on his cock. Jim fucked her even harder. The two lovers groaned and grunted like wild beasts as they fucked each other hard.
Ashley came violently, squirting all over Jim's belly. Jim slowed his pace down. His body was gleaming with sweat. Vegas, who was kneeling watching,was told to climb on the bed and lick Jim's ass.
"No!" he whined tiresomely. "I cant do that!"
"Fuck you, you love eating ass. Now you been eating all that white ass, its time to eat some black ass motherfucker! Eat my black ass while I fuck your wife's asshole or I'll bash ya!"
Vegas scurried between Jim's cheeks and started eating him as Jim fucked Ashley's asshole slowly, deliberately.
"Oh yes, you punk ass cracker, lick my black ass whilst I fuck your bitch!" he groaned as he French kissed Ashley and fucked her.
"Oh yes, fuck me! Jim darling... Yes..."
Vegas groaned, getting into it. He sank his digits into the flexing black ass cheeks.
"Oh shit! This what a Nigga need. Fucking that white asshole, and getting my ass licked by your punk husband!"
Ashley kissed him lovingly. Then she licked his chest ravenously.
"Mmm. I love your black flesh! Mmm!"
"Oh shit! You horny nasty white slut! I'm gonna cumm up in that ass!"
"Oh yes Jim! Shoot that big black cock in me. Pump my asshole full with your cumm!"
Jim pushed Vegas's face out of his ass and told him to stroke his balls. Then he was fucking Ashley hard and fast. His cock pistoned in and out of her hole, squelching loudly. His dark muscular body flexed impressing and tormenting Vegas. Jim suddenly lunged into her asshole, jamming his cock all the way in. He bawled at the ceiling, face screwed in a fierce grimace as he came hard, his head exploding in a million stars as his balls emptied into Ashley's asshole. Ashley screamed with pain and pleasure as Jim's cumming triggered her own orgasm.

Vegas was sent to get drinks. It was then that Ashley said something that made Jim realize that she was really the woman for him. She was puffing on a joint and stroking his chest when he told her he was going to fuck Vegas up the ass. She got so excited.
"Oh yes darling. I want you to fuck him up the ass!" She kissed Jim. "Please do it for me. You saw the way he loved sucking your cock, eating your balls and your ass."
"Wanna see your husband with this black dick up the ass?"
"Yes! Please do it Jim. Fuck his white ass!"
"Oh yes baby!" Jim said and kissed her.
When Vegas returned with the drinks he was made to lay on his back on the bed, with his ass on the edge and his feet on the floor. She straddled his face and sat on it, facing her feet. She lowered her goo leaking asshole on his mouth and he stared eating Jim's cream out of it. Jim meanwhile lubed his cock. He pulled up Vegas's legs and parted them. Vegas tried to twist and turn to see what was happening. But Jim simply pushed up his thighs and brought his lubed cock to Vegas's puckered hole. He lodged it in the opening. Vegas heaved desperately but Ashley kept sitting on his face. Then Jim shoved and his cock tore into Vegas's hole.
"No! No! Please!" Vegas cried desperately.
Jim shoved his meat in all the way.
"Oh no! He is in my ass! No!" Vegas whimpered pitifully.
"Go on Jim! Fuck my husband's white ass!"
Jim, shove that black cock up my husband's punk ass!
As Jim started slowly fucking his cock in and out of Vegas's ass, Ashley reached for her husband's lesser, pink cock and started stroking it. It hardened instantly. Vegas exhaled loudly. Then he started his whimpers started turning into moans. Then his cock grew even harder and he started licking eating Ashley's pussy.
Ashley glowed with lust and pride... She knew her husband could not turn back.