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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

Let Me Explain Why Men Seek Women Who Embrace The Cuckold Lifestyle... Different men will want to consider a wide variety o...

February 8, 2015

Personal Assistant Of My Dreams

A special personal assistant...

She Predicts The Future On Our Second Date

Cuckold Feeding Time

Cuckold Feeding time as Hotwife makes sure to give her husband what he needs...

Hotwife Describes Her Date To Cuckold Husband

This Cuckold becomes enraptured by his Cuckoldress, as he listens to his wife's voice describing her fuck dates with various studs and lovers after she returns home...

Hotwife Shares Adventure Story With Her Cuckold

Hotwife Shares Adventure Story With Her Cuckold

She Returns From Her Date To Her Cuckold

Her Cuckold is so happy when she returns from her fuck dates to feed him and tell him all about how she got fucked...

She Knows What Her Cuckold Needs

A good Cuckoldress knows what her cuckold needs better than he knows himself...

BBC Double Penetration For Cuckoldress

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction received from double penetration by two Big Black Cocks... For both the Cuckold and the Cuckoldress Hotwife!
Honeymoons after a Cuckold Wedding are very appropriate for double penetration by two Big Black Cocks... Sets the stage for a successful marriage between the Cuckold and his Hotwife!

The joy of DP sex with two BBC lovers is something that the Cuckold Bride will soon learn to crave, need and seek out.

Guiding Cuckold Transformation

Turning your Cuckold Husband into the pussy-boi faggot cock sucking cum slut you want him to become... Training is essential!



















Transformation of Husband Into a Cuckold Pussy Boi

A Cuckold Pussy Boi is created...


She Returns From Date To Feed Her Cuckold

Such a considerate Cuckoldress... Always feeds her cuckold cum slut husband after each of her fuck dates!

Cuckold Receives Detailed Instructions From Mistress

Cuckoldress tells Cuckold exactly what to do...


Are You A Good Cuckold?

A good Cuckold keeps his Cuckoldress supplied with as many BBC lovers as she desires...