Most readers of this Las Vegas based Cuckold's blog know that I adore women who are Size Queens and I have a special place in my heart for "Cum Sluts"... Women who are semen addicted Cum Lovers. 

Watching well hung bulls fucking my various cuckoldresses over the years, it is so very disappointing to watch a bull with a 12” long cock reach an orgasm and dribble out a small amount of cum. I’ve seen that happen too many times. Don’t get me wrong, I love a guy with a foot long fat cock slamming into my cuckoldress' ass and pussy... And, I like it when she forces me to submit and he ends up choking me while face fucking my submissive pussy boi mouth... And, it is all made well worth it when he pumps massive loads of creamy sperm into her pussy or my throat.

My cuckold awareness and enjoyment of the lifestyle started when I was a teenager, so did my ongoing fascination with Cum.
On the Swinger and Alternative Lifestyle Sites where I find guys to fuck my cuckoldress (and force my bisexuality) there are literally thousands of guys who make claims of cock size and cum ability, but fall short in both categories. So recently we decided to go in a different direction than normal and seek out a bunch of “regular” guys who had great validations online and most importantly, could prove they could dump multiple loads of the type of cum I like to see pumped into my girlfriend and cuckoldress... and into me.

We contacted 8 guys who claimed to be able to fuck and cum to our liking and arranged to Skype with each or have them meet us on one of our Webcam sites. During our chat they had to show us that they could ejaculate semen at least twice in 30 minutes.  We weren't interested in dribbles, we were seeking extraordinary LOADS of pearly white semen.
Let me touch on the subject of Cum Quality and what my cuckoldress and I like. We do NOT like thin, watery cum... We do NOT like small dribbles... We want semen that is thick, very Creamy and pearl white in color so we can play with it and feel it’s thickness.
Thick, creamy semen makes for much better creampies and sloppy second experiences as well. Basically, we want bulls that can produce great big streams of Sperm that we can see and feel.  In my experience, watery and runny semen is no fun and you can’t really see the sperm blended into it. While, the Pearly White Thick and Creamy semen we both seek looks fantastic as it oozes out of my cuckoldress' freshly fucked pussy, and it feels awesome when she makes me let him pump a load into my mouth.  Sometimes my cuckoldress coaches me to swish it around in my mouth, then spit it out in my hand, then suck it back into my cuckold cum slut mouth and swallow it while she watches intently.

We both want cum that tastes good as well...
So you bulls out there, please eat your asparagus, strawberries and celery. Our bulls soon learn that we both love to play with each load of semen and EAT that cum! Some girls will fake it and swallow as fast as they can to get it over with... But not me and my cuckoldress, we are both cum sluts who appreciate when cum tastes good.

If your Cum is thick and looks like creamy liquid pearls, we will both want to suck and swallow every stream of semen you pump out.
Sometimes I suck out a load of cum from my cuckoldress' ass or pussy and swallow it all down per her command. I always find a way to ensure that I get to taste what each of her bulls and lover’s sperm is like. There is no better taste experience for a cuckold like me than a full load of cum from my wife's more dominant lovers. I can see her pussy is soaking wet right now thinking about eating load after load of her lover's cum.

Am I explaining our Cum Fetish clear enough?

Back to our search... After chatting with several bulls, we narrowed the list down to 3 guys who were VERY impressive in the cum department. However, they each were somewhat short in the cock size department. They each had about 4 inches of cock. I am being very serious here... But, we wanted to do something different and she has fucked so many Monster Cocks that we decided why not give these proven Cum Masters a crack at my wife's fuck holes, and maybe mine as well.

We had them get their HIV and STD tests because we wanted to take full advantage of their superior semen producing capabilities.
We then arranged a meeting for my cuckoldress to take them on while I assisted. We met them together in a lounge in the lobby of our favorite Las Vegas Kinkster hotel (Hard Rock). Before we arrived, they had met each other and introduced themselves. They recognized my cuckoldress as she walked in and they were all quite attentive to her needs during our get acquainted session. After about 15 minutes of small talk my cuckoldress whispered in my ear that her pussy was soaked and oozing fuck lube... She had enough of the talking and wanted some dick, so back up to our suite we all went.
While in the elevator, she kissed Cum Master #1 and felt his package as the other 2 Cum Masters felt her up from behind as I lifted her skirt...
They squeezed and fondled her ass and breasts the whole way up in the elevator. Finally, we made our way down the hall and into the suite, which is when the clothes started to fly off. Very quickly, all three Cum Masters were completely naked with rock hard cocks sticking straight up. My cuckoldress squatted down as I folded and set aside her clothes, and they surrounded her and started taking turns face fucking her, grabbing her head and pumping their pricks into her beautiful face. This "Blow Bang" went on for about 10 minutes and I could tell they were all getting ready to bust their nuts as they each started taking shorter turns in her mouth. Then, as if it was planned ahead and synchronized, they each started to pump semen at the same time. The guy in my cuckoldress' mouth shot a huge stream to the back of her throat just as the other two caught me by surprise as they positioned themselves on each side of my face, and began to pump their semen into my now wide open mouth and all over my face... One of them grabbed my head and thrust his sperm spewing cock into my cuckold mouth as I closed my lips and sucked... They thrust their hips as they pumped cum and long thick ropy streams of their pearly white jizz shot out of their cocks over and over until their sperm was covering my face.

My cuckoldress was furiously rubbing her clit as she stared at me getting double skull-fucked... 
She moaned, lied back and pulled her Cum Master between her legs so he could fill her pussy with sperm. When the shower of semen subsided I realized that my cock had erupted without being touched and had ejaculated all over the floor... I had pumped so much cuckold semen that the carpet as soaked in my pearly white sperm as well.

Now the fun part...

Each guy took turns standing in front of both me and my cuckoldress while squeezing and stroking more of their sperm from their cocks. Plus, scooping up the mixed loads of white, creamy gobs of pearl white semen and feeding it into my cuckoldress' mouth for her to savor, taste and eat.

After they saw me feeding my cuckoldress their combined cum they started scooping up the stray sperm from her tits, bedding, carpet and elsewhere to then feed to her cuckold... me.
As much cum as my cuckoldress has fed me on a regular basis, I can honestly say I have never eaten so much thick and tasty cum as those Cum Masters and my cuckoldress made me suck and swallow that night.

She went to clean up and fix herself, put on a pair of black stockings and garters and returned to the room to find 3 rock hard cocks sticking straight up in the air again for her...
Plus, her cuckold ready willing and able to assist... Hot Damn! They pushed her onto the bed and each one climbed up and stuck his prick into her mouth while a second squeezed her boobs together and sucked and bit her long thick nipples. The third Cum Master buried his face in her soaking pussy and licked and sucked her clit as she squirmed. They rotated positions for awhile and then one stuck his hard dick into her pussy and started pounding away. Watching him fucking her with his 4” dick was making my bisexual cuckold pussy boi mindset kick in and I wanted to get fucked myself! I was so fucking cuckold crazy hot and my man-pussy was pulsating while my mouth was watering up for cock. Soon, they included me in their rotation and my ass was getting easily fucked by their little cocks while I couldn’t hold back and started to cum over and over again while they fucked both of us. They rotated in and out of my man-pussy so that I was able to have submissive pussy boi cuckold orgasms with all three Cum Masters fucking me.

When the third Cum Master was done fucking my cuckoldress, and after I had cum several times, he shot his load into my cuckoldress' well fucked pussy.
He immediately pulled out and went over to get a plate... She soon I squeezed his load out of her pussy onto the plate. The second and third guys immediately began fucking her and quickly repeated the process. After all three were done with her, she had a plate FULL of my favorite meal. Creamy gobs of white, thick, hot cum. They put the plate down on the bed and I slowly, ever so slowly, lapped up all the thick loads of semen... As my cuckoldress watched closely and verbally humiliated me into doing so, I ate a little, spit some back out, then would eat a little more. She made me take my time and seemed to enjoy calling me names, humiliating my manhood and forcing me to swallow every bit of their enormous quantities of hot semen.

After quite some time, the plate was clean and dry, with not a sperm cell to be found.
I thought they were done with us after this so I excused myself as they laughed at me, went into the bathroom to shower and clean up.  As I exited the bathroom, my cock was somehow hard and sticking out as I only put on a robe to come out. That was when I realized they weren’t done with us yet.

As I walked into the living room, I saw the same thing I had seen 2 hours earlier... Except that this time my cuckoldress was wearing her most dominant looking FemDom outfit and in her strictest voice began describing what I was going to do with the three 4” Rock Hard Cum Master Cocks, each backed up by cum filled balls and ready for some cuckold fucking action. Knowing that resistance was futile, I sighed and took off my robe as she bent me over the chair in the living room area, so that my ass was facing the room while she spread my cheeks and used a plastic lube syringe to stick the tip into my man-pussy while pushing on the handle to pump me full of silicone lube specially made with anus muscle relaxer... All while whispering in my ear that she was going to ensure my belly was filled with semen, pumped inside via my ass instead of my usual cock sucking faggot mouth... She spewed out a stream of insults and humiliated me by describing in detail how she was using our time with the three Cum Masters to strip every last bit of manhood from me and permanently transform me into the cock sucking, ass fucking pussy boi faggot cuckold husband she had always plan to make me become. She laughed as she slid an expandable dildo into my lubed up ass and went on to describe the BBC stud that would be arriving in two hours to brutally fuck my sperm filled ass after the Cum Masters had finished turning me into the faggot she always knew I was but had been too much of a pussy to reveal. She seemed to enjoy my anguished moans as she pumped up that inflatable dildo inside my rectum to open me up and prepare my man-pussy for the gang bang she had planned for me.

As she let the air out and the inflatable ass stretcher plopped out of my now gaped man-pussy, the first Cum Master stepped up and into position behind me... 
I knew what was coming. I love Cum for sure but in the past I had a difficult time getting ass fucked because of how tight my cuckold anus is (was). My cuckoldress reached around with both hands, grabbed each fleshy bun and spread my cheeks to make me feel like I was being raped, while exposing my opened up man-pussy for his cock. He put the head inside what was quickly becoming my cum hungry cuckold man-pussy, so as soon as I felt him penetrate me, I shoved my ass backwards to impale myself all the way onto his hard prick. My cuckoldress knows how strongly I react to verbal commands and involuntarily respond to dirty talk when she has put me into my sub-space mind-set, so she told me how long she has wanted to see me get my ass fucked like the faggot pussy boi she was determined to transform me into... Then, she began telling the Cum Masters exactly what she wanted them to do to me... Then, she leaned down to place her lips close to my ear, and began describing in detail what she was going to orchestrate, which was to see me ass-fucked as hard as possible while load after load of hot thick semen gushed into in my ass.

As she talked so incredibly nasty, the Cum Master fucking me grabbed my hips and slammed his 4” cock as hard as he could until he was covered in sweat.
Soon, he tagged out and Cum Master #2 stuck his prick in my now gaped butt hole, going balls deep in one thrust. He had a little bigger cock head than the other two and I soon realized how much I liked it when a guy is brutally fucking my ass, then pulls his swollen cock head out, then slams it all the way back inside my man-pussy. Soon, Cum Master # 3 stepped up and did his best to put me in my place and fuck any remaining semblance of masculinity out of me. This rotation of Cum Masters fucking me like the whore i had now become went on for at least 30 solid minutes. The often pulled their cocks out while my cuckoldress held open my gaping ass so they could stick their fingers and a wide array of ass stretching toys she had brought for this purpose into my increasingly dilated butt.

They soon ordered me away from the chair and onto the floor, where my cuckoldress propped me into position using sofa cushions, restraints she had brought and my stomach supported by bed pillows.
Each Cum Master rolled me over, put my feet on his shoulders and aggressively fucked my my man-pussy while I was on my back. This is when my cuckold penis started squirting over and over again as they were sticking their fingers deep inside my ass and rubbing my prostate gland. I can’t tell you how many times I ejaculated with nothing touching my penis.

After a short break we moved to the bed and my cuckoldress soon had me riding on top of one Cum Master, while in front of me another Cum Master straddled the headboard and stuffed his cock into my open mouth.
Then I heard my cuckoldress say something about time for my "DP" and I soon felt the 3rd Cum Master come up and slide his prick into my well fucked asshole, alongside the cock that I was already riding on top of.  She gleefully told me what a total fucked out cum receptacle I had become as she described how I was now being triple penetrated, made "air-tight" and she could tell by my rock hard cock bouncing around that I was loving what she was turning me into. She told me that I was getting 12 inches of Cum Master cock shoved in and out of my two different holes, 4” at a time!

They all started talking about how they all wanted to cum in me at the same time.
These guys were awesome and just as if on cue the guy in my mouth started shooting and the other two started grunting and emptying their balls into my man-pussy ass at the very same time. I kept the load of the guy in my mouth to taste and it was amazingly enough a full one. After swishing it in my mouth for a time I ate his gobs of sperm.

One of the Cum Masters fucking my ass pulled out and went for the plate again, while telling me to stay put and continue fucking the third Cum Master.
He soon returned and stuck the plate under my ass as the guy in my man-pussy began to slide out from under me. He ended up with his cock at my face and his prick was covered in a mix of his cum, my cum and the other Cum Master's semen from my ass. My cuckoldress told me in no mixed words that I was there to become the world's greatest cum receptacle and I better not pass this mix up so I started to slowly lick his balls, went down to lick his ass, stuck my finger in for a bit and then licked the length of his cock and cleaned up all the tasty semen we had created.

As I cleaned myself up in the bathroom again, I knew for sure that we were done. I kind of cracked the door open to see what awaited me and they were getting dressed.
So I came out and made like I was disappointed. Well, be careful what you wish for, because we were soon in another repeat of the first Cum Master session and a cuckoldress circle suck. Only thing is they were all fully clothed with their cocks sticking out of the zipper of their pants. They were talking dirty calling me a Cum Whore (OK if the shoe fits) while beating off and face fucking me. One guy got a champagne glass and then one after another they shot massive loads in the flute. It was mostly full of creamy, thick white gobs of semen. I could see and smell the sperm. What a fucking amazing dream cum true. After they all emptied their nuts, my cuckoldress held my head firmly as they took turns pouring the glass full of sticky white goo into my mouth. She spit into my mouth repeatedly and made me swallow every fucking last drop of their combined semen.

Finally, each Cum Master zipped up, gave their thanks to both me and my cuckoldress and all three walked out the door together. My cuckoldress was on the bed, with a pink, well fucked pussy and I was sporting a glowing warm, gaping asshole. She lovingly described how important it was for her to passionately kiss me while she could experience the taste left in my mouth from multiple loads of spunk from three “Cum Master” guys with 4” cocks.

Source and Disclaimer
The above described event is a submissive bisexual cuckold fantasy description of mine adapted from and based on a true story written by Alexis Golden. Her original story is a perfect example of the major difference between her and the usual fake porn chicks. Alexis is a REAL LIFE Cougar. She is a REAL LIFE MILF. She is also a REAL LIFE Swinger. She does porn part time for the fun of it. But she has much more fun meeting and fucking REGULAR people.

These "Cum Masters" with their 4” dicks wouldn’t qualify to be in a LA Porn movie, but they can stick their hard cocks in Alexis Golden's ass, pussy and mouth any fucking time they want and she will eat every last drop of thick, creamy cum they can produce!

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