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April 15, 2015

Bisexuality and Cuckold Lifestyle

 Wife Introduces Cuckold Husband To Bisexuality

When I was married to my second wife, Barbara, (who we called Bobbye) she decided to give me a wonderful surprise one evening... Which continued throughout our marriage.  I had been traveling far too much for work and was getting road weary and maybe a little short tempered. My income was growing, we had plenty of disposable income and the bills were being paid by a company that i owned. Our marriage was strong but Bobbye and I were not spending much time with each other. I was either staying at a hotel in a distant city r she was tied up working at the company we owned. When I would get home from my road trips, I was exhausted and she was ready to go out when all I wanted to do was relax in my own home.

Bobbye had listened to many of my fantasies while we had sex... Both of us were quite verbal and our hot sex talk was quite the turn on for both of us. Bobbye had become fascinated with how hard I would get and how much i would cum when we talked about having another man join us for some MMF threesome fun. Well... She decided to do something and make it happen for real...

    It had been a typical work related road trip for me.  The flights were delayed, late and oversold and I had been unable to get the first class upgrade I usually made happen. To top it off I had left my best rain coat in the rental car in Washington DC. As much as I love the work I do and am paid well to do it, the constant battle of forgetting phone chargers, coats and other thinsg along the way really makes for a stressful trip home. I jumped in my car at the airport and the ride home that night was quick because rush hour was long past.

    When I got out of the car, Bobbye greeted me at the door wearing my favorite outfit, a black corset with push up lace bra, camisole, garter belt and smoke colored stockings. On top of that she was wearing a red dinner jacket and a black velvet choker.  Before I could even make a comment about how wonderful she looked, she planted a big kiss on me, and then led me into the kitchen where she had prepared dinner for me.   

    The meal was a knockout.  Bobbye is a wonderful cook, but because of her schedule, she almost never gets a chance to do it.  When she does get the time, however, she can make a meal worthy of kings.  With her sitting on my lap feeding me every bite, I doubted that there were many kings who felt as special as I did.  Not only that, but she finished the meal off by
feeding me strawberries that were dipped in either chocolate, honey, or her.  Classy and just a little bit sassy.  That is why I married her.  That and her 3D-24-34 hourglass figure.
   When I was done Bobbye asked me if I would please take a shower for her before we got into more intimate things. She also informed me that she needed some time to prepare a surprise for me.  I thought that what I had seen so far was a big enough surprise, but if she had more in store for me, I'd do whatever she wanted, which was of course, what she had in mind all along.  For me to do what she wanted.

    Before I left for the shower, Bobbye decided that I needed just a bit more teasing.  She slowly undressed me while kissing every inch of my body. When I was eventually allowed to head towards the shower, she made sure to smack my ass extra hard as I was leaving the room.

       While I showering,  I heard the bathroom door open and close and I was mildly disappointed to discover that my wife was not going to join me, and perhaps help me lather up a little.  Assuming that she was just trying to tease me some more, I hurried up, and, as I was drying myself off, I noticed a pile of something in the corner near the sink.  Apon closer
examination, it turned out to be a pair of leather thong underwear, a bow tie, and a note.  The note read:

        Tonight will be special because I will be in charge.  You will only do what I tell you to   
        do.  You will obey my every command.  You will be my slave, and I will be your master.
        If you agree to all of this, you will meet me in living room, wearing your new underwear
        and the tie that I have left you.  If you do not agree... well... I just know that you will."

    How could anyone resist and offer like that?  I gave myself a really close shave, including my private area, and before leaving the bathroom, I made sure that my tie was on straight and that I was prepared for whatever she may demand.  Bobbye isn't known for being the dominant type, but if she wanted this, I was going to be the best damn submissive man in
the world.

    She had on her the same outfit as before, but with a cat-o-nine-tails and a pair of high heels that completely transformed her image from sexy wife, to a no nonsense dominatrix.  Never having played the game before, but knowing the rules, I dropped to my knees with my head bowed and asked her how she would like me to please her.

    Bobbye sat down on the couch and had me crawl over and put my head in her lap.  not sexually, but like a dog would do to his master.  She stroked my hair, and thanked me for agreeing to be her slave for the evening.  Clarifying the rules further she told me that I could end the night at any time by saying the phrase "Game over".  However if I did that then I should expect to never play the game again, and that she would never return the favor by someday being my slave.

    I told her that I understood completely, and I honestly thought that I did.

    Testing me, she had me crawl up on her lap and arch my ass high up into the air where it  received 21 good smacks with her whip.  I know there were 21 cracks, because I had to count, out loud, each hit as it stung my ass. If I didn't say it loud enough, then that smack didn't count and she would do it again.  My ass was no doubt red, but, it didn't hurt as much as it made me realize that she was in charge, and that I would actually let her do anything she wanted.

    When she was done, she then instructed me to stand up, in front of her, and start pleasuring myself.  This was something I had never done before.  We had both masturbated in the same bed as each other, but I had never done it with her watching me like this.  It felt like I was doing it purely for her pleasure, which, I guess, was the point.

   Feeling my own freshly shaven cock has always been a turn on for me.  I don't know why, but it just feels so much better then when there is hair or stubble on the base of it..  Bobbye made things even `harder' when she started lightly whipping my nipples.  Just when it started feeling really good, she laid back on the couch and started to finger herself
underneath her outfit.  I wasn't able to actually see anything, but the thought of her finger going in and out of her beautiful blonde snatch just drove me crazy.

    She must have known that I was on the edge because she stopped me. Leading me to the bedroom by my hair, she ordered me to lay on the bed where she tied my hands to the headboard with 2 long silk scarves.  I could tell I was in a for a long night of teasing and pleasuring when she put the mask over my eyes, but when she put the headphones on my ears, and then played one of those "Sounds of the Oceans" tapes, I had no idea what she was going to happen.  Being without my vision, and hearing,  made me feel more
helpless then I ever could have imagined.

    I felt her lips gently kiss mine, and when I started to kiss back, she stopped.  I then felt her lick and gently bite my nipples, and when I moaned she would stop.  I felt her hand lightly rub my balls, and when I would spread my legs, she would, yet again, stop. Doing this over and over, never letting me know what part of my body would be teased next, and
stopping before I really began to enjoy it. Teasing me and frustrating me beyond all belief.

    The worst part was when she stopped everything all together.

    I was about to say something when I felt her mouth completely engulf my cock.  The whole thing!  She has never been able to deep throat me before, and then it hit me, or rather I should say, they hit me... her lips began kissing me, and I realized that someone else had my cock in their mouth.  Bobbye must have worked long and hard to set this evening up, and I sure didn't mind.
    The combination of lips on my cock, sucking me stronger then I had ever been sucked before, and 2 sets of hands rubbing all over my body was really driving me wild.  I was, again, close to orgasm, but I knew damn well that my wife was not about to let that happen.  Not that early.  Not that easily.   

    Bobbye climbed up on top of me, and placed her pussy on my face. Taking that to be an order, I began to lick and suck her already creamy pussy.  It was already dripping wet, and it took me almost no time to bring her to orgasm.  Normally she likes to take a break between orgasms, but that night she rode my face until I gave her a second orgasm and I could
literally feel her juices running down my face and onto my neck.

    Climbing off of me she must have knocked the headphones off of my ears a little bit,  because I could hear her say to the other person "OK. Now it's your turn."

    I opened my mouth wide expecting another pussy on my face when something round and hard popped in my mouth instead, I realized I had a big juicy cock in my mouth.

    I began sucking him for everything I was worth, but apparently that wasn't good enough.  He began to fuck my face, using my mouth like a pussy. I couldn't resist.  My hands were tied and to be honest I was kind of enjoying it.  I still tried to swirl my tongue around  and make it as pleasurable as I possibly could for him.  I wanted him to remember me as
the best head he ever had.
     While this was going on,  my wife was rubbing my cock slowly, while gently fingering my asshole.  No doubt enjoying the scene of her man being used as an oral fuck toy.

    His smell was wonderful and manly, and he had such a strong masculine scent that I knew I'd want him again when I wasn't tied up.  I'd give him my mouth, and my throat willingly.  I could feel his public hairs bush up against my cheeks and nose every time he thrust into my face, and his grunts and groans were becoming louder and louder, completely downing out the sounds coming from the headphones.

    My wife stopped playing with my balls and whispered in my ear, "Honey, are you enjoying yourself?"

    "Yes!" I grunted when he popped himself out of my mouth for a second.

    "Good.  Are you ready to cum?"

    "God yes!", I replied while trying to find his missing cock with my tongue.

    "Then you only have to do one more thing for me, OK?"

    "Yes, yes, anything you want.  Anything."

    With that, the man climbed off me and put my ankles up on his chest.  I wasn't expecting that!  I thought she was going to have me swallow his load, but I didn't expect him to actually fuck me.  I began to panic.  Trying to remember the phrase she told me, I remembered it just as I also remembered that if I used it, we wouldn't play this game again... Ever.

   I didn't have to think about it very long, not that I had that luxury, so  I began to relax knowing that if I was tense, his cock was going to hurt me a hell of a lot more then if I at least tried to enjoy it. Besides, I have enjoyed the occasional finger in my ass, and this guy was well lubed with my own spit.

    As the head of his cock began sliding in my asshole (I won't lie) it hurt.  He wasn't unusually large, but my ass just wasn't used to having a cock in it.  He must have sensed that he was hurting me because he began to back out a bit, and then slowly, and with small strokes, enter me, 1/16 of an inch at a time until he was all the way in me.  As I as getting used to this painful, and unusual feeling, my wife started to give me head.  That was when it started to feel really amazing.  It was like my dick was one hundred times more sensitive, and my asshole was on fire with pleasure. When she began pinching my nipples, that was it for me, I began to shoot my load into her mouth.

    My muscles tightening up must have pushed him over the edge too, because I could actually feel him shooting his cum in my ass.  I felt his cock jerking in me, and my asshole became sloppy and wet.  The jizz made his cock slip in and out of my ass so easily... I wonder now how much there was, because I could feel it dripping from my sore little asshole.

   Then my wife kissed me, and when I kissed her back, my mouth was full of my own cum.  Yet another surprise!  I opened wide and let her give back to me what I had given her: a mouthful of cum.

    They both left the room, and I could hear the front door open and close - when she came back and undid my blindfold I had only one question.

    "Who was that guy anyway?"

    She replied;
"You will find out when I let you watch the video I just recorded of you getting ass fucked."