May 14, 2015

Bull Gets Dominant on Sub Cuckold

Yeah that’s it faggot...
Suck it clean...
What your tasting on my dick is your girlfriend.  I have been fucking her for weeks now.  She says you have never been able to make her cum, so she needed a real man.  

Guess we know why you cant get her off, a sweet piece of ass like her, needs a man’s cock in her to satisfy the need.  I think you feel the same way.  You need a mans cock in you to be satisfied sexually?
Just so you know, your girlfriend is a slut, she puts out for several guys on the team.  I have stopped fucking her pussy altogether, and just ram my cock in her ass raw.  That way I don’t need to use a condom.  
You can imagine my cock in your girlfriends hole as I pound your tight ass.  You will know the same sensations of pleasure and pain, she feels, as I fuck you like the whore you are.  My thick cock sliding in and out of you, using you as a cum dump.
I have an idea, lets set you and your girlfriend up for a gangbang party, I’ll get all the guys who have been fucking her together and we can have a competition.  Well put you in one bedroom taking cock and her in another.  The guys can fuck both of you and judge who has the better hole.

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