May 23, 2015

WARNING: Beware Brittany of Las Vegas

"Brittany Banks" solicits men on Tinder and other online dating apps... She gains the man's trust and then uses that trust to gain access to home and security systems. Brittany is wanted by Las Vegas Metro Police Department for Grand Larceny which occurred on May 23, 2015. Stay away from this young woman, as she will use an emotional connection to set up a robbery of your cash and valuables.

"Brittany Banks" may be an alias, and on the dating site she uses the handle or user name of "Twizz". She has been seen using the "Harbor Island" apartments and "Arizona Charlie's" hotel and casino facilities for her criminal activities. Brittany claims to be from the Los Angeles area and says she has two daughters who are currently aged 6 and 4. You will want to avoid any interaction with Brittany as she is sought for questioning by local detectives and has several of her victims seeking retribution and are tracking her whereabouts. 

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