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August 23, 2015

Why Cuckold Relationships Work So Well

cuckold relationship is possibly the most intricate relationship couples can experience, and not everybody can lead this type of lifestyle. 

In a cuckold relationship, a married woman can have sexual affairs outside her marriage and the husband is fully aware of these relations and will stay loyal to his wife. In some cases, the husband is unable to pleasure his wife or he gets stimulated by watching his wife have sex with other men. In this instance, the husband is known as a cuckold. A cuckold relationship can be pleasurable and lasting with the right approach. If the couple uses the wrong approach, there is a likelihood that the relationship or marriage between the two people could fail due to the weight of this type of relationship.

Cuckold Lifestyle based marriages and relationships are strengthened by the following three significants characteristics:

1. Having Fun 

Enjoying yourself is the basic requirement in any activity you undertake in life, be it a relationship or hobby. A cuckold relationship is quite complex so it is necessary for couples to have fun together in order for this type of relationship to work. The best way to do so is through a system of rewards and punishment. The system of rewards and punishments should be made up of sexual elements. The couple should reward each other for good behavior and loyalty and both the husband and wife should know what sexual elements arouse each other. It may be odd to punish your partner, but it is very vital in such a relationship and the punishment should be a way of regaining your partner's loyalty.

Cuckold Relationship2. Open to Experimentation

There are two things involved in a cuckold relationship; fantasying and actualizing it to life. A husband can admit that he fantasizes about being a cuckold and his wife may consider having sexual relations with other men to fulfill her husband's fantasies, but it's a totally different ball game for the two to bring their desires to real life. As such, both partners ought to be open to experimentation. 

Naturally, the wife is the major player in this type of relationship since she is usually the one who experiences most of the action. Therefore, she ought to be the one who is willing to be in such a relationship and to experiment. Husband and wife should agree on a safe word that will cease all action if either party becomes uncomfortable with the situation.

3. Loyalty 

Loyalty is without a doubt the most significant element in any relationship. The husband and wife should be in a loving relationship and loyal to each other. They should be able to communicate freely their feelings and desires. If these components are missing, the wife can mistake the husbands' cuckoldry as an excuse of getting out of a loveless marriage. The cuckoldry should just be a means of pleasing each other and having fun. Join a cuckold site now!

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