September 26, 2016

STORY: A Couple of My Friends Discover the Cuckold Lifestyle


My wife Shayla and I have been married for over 15 years, we had not always been faithful to one another, but somehow managed to keep our marriage alive.  For the past couple years we’ve been having sex once or twice a week, which has not made me very happy or satisfied.  As it turns out, neither was my wife Shayla... despite what I had previously thought.

The adventure that I am about to describe started when she went with a friend to a lingerie party… The “Tupperware Party” type of thing where one of the women presents and sells vibrators, sex toys and adult play stuff as well as sexy lingerie.  Shayla heard many stories about how other women enjoyed sex, achieved multiple orgasms, enjoyed multiple lovers, were having affairs, cuckolding their husbands, etc.

Later that night while we were in bed, she was eagerly telling me all the juicy details of these 
stories, and about how the party went.  I could sense her excitement and as she described the 
women’s stories and her reaction to them, she was turning me on.  We had a great sex that night.   
The stories she had heard obviously had a profound effect upon her… She couldn’t stop talking 
about them and sex in general.  Soon, she was demanding sex every night and I was getting worn 
out.  Out of sheer desperation I suggested that she act out one of these stories and find the right 
guy to take on a well hung lover. She giggled and squealed like a little girl until she had the 
realization of how profound a thing this would be for us.  Remember that both of us had previously 
been caught having sexual adventures outside of our marriage during our early years together.

Shayla started asking me many questions...  How would I react to her having a lover?   
How would she find one?  Would it alter the way we felt about each other?  
Finally I suggested that she ask someone from the party.  She did and was given an adult 
contact magazine.  We created a profile, logged in and created a listing: 
       “Middle Aged Couple Seeks Well Hung Guy for 3some, preferably younger....”

We got a lot of replies but one of them my wife kept reading and looking at his profile’s pictures 
over and over again.  His profile had several photos of the guy… She was obsessed with looking 
at these photos and her pussy would get wet every time she did… He was a handsome 22 year old black guy named Mark.  It was very obvious to me that she was more than just interested in this 
guy, but was nervous about how I would react if she showed her level of arousal over him.  Eventually I said to her that we should write back to whichever email I picked out of all the 
responses we received, selected at random.  I already knew which email was the black guy’s as it showed up in her browser as the “Most Visited” web page.  So pretending just to pick any old one, 
I selected his email. You should have seen her face light up, like a little girl on Christmas morning… 
Her response made my dick get hard!

So after emailing Mark, she arranged that we would meet socially at first, in a public place, just to 
get better acquainted.  When we met Mark in person, he was very tall and broad shouldered with exceptional muscle definition and a pleasing package bulge in the crotch of his jeans. Although he was so young, Mark had an air of authority about him.  We sat in a booth and each of us had several drinks, while we all chatted like teenagers in high school.  Shayla sat in the middle, between Mark and I, and I couldn’t help but notice that as we talked, his hand caressed her thigh and little by little, crept higher and higher until his hand disappeared under her skirt.  I soon could see that Shayla was completely under his spell of seduction, she laughed at all his jokes, hung on his every word and more or less ignored me.  He eventually got his hand inside her panties and a finger in her pussy.  I could see that she was very turned on.  At one point, he pulled his hand out from under her skirt and offered his finger with her juices on it, to her lips.  She opened her mouth and eagerly sucked it clean.

Eventually Mark said that we should leave and go to his place, I said that this was just supposed to 
be a social meeting first but Shayla countered with ‘why should we waste time’.  So I agreed and we followed Mark to his place.  When we arrived, Mark asked me if I would make some coffee, so off I went to the kitchen.  It took longer than it usually would as I didn’t know where things where kept.  
I poked my head back into the living room to ask Mark if he wanted sugar when to my amazement 
I saw Shayla naked and kneeling in front of Mark and sucking his cock as he lay sprawled on the couch.  He saw me enter and pointed to an armchair for me to sit and watch.  I was in a daze, Shayla had never sucked my cock as enthusiastically as she was while slobbering all over his big black cock.

Mark got up and lay Shayla on the couch, he called me over and told me to lick her pussy.   
Actually, what he said was something like “Lick this white bitch’s slut cunt and get her wet enough 
to get fucked by a big black cock full of cum.”  I got down on my knees and started sucking on my wife’s pussy.  She reacted kind of violently, she was grabbing my hair, beating on my head and shoulders as she screamed while cumming like a she-devil.  I think that it helped her cum more intensely because she was watching Mark playing with his 8 inch cock… Watching him stroke that magnificent big black cock was fulfilling her fantasy and made her climax and cum that much easier.  Her incredibly sexy body began to shake with convulsions as her orgasm wracked through her entire nervous system.

Mark pulled me out of the way as he mounted my wife, I watched mesmerized as his big black dick entered her pussy.  A visible ripple of pleasure passed over her body as she moaned, “Yes!   Oh yes!  Deeper, deeper… please fuck me deeper!” This was soon followed by “Harder, faster!  Yes yesss yesssssssss!!!!!!!” as another orgasm ripped through her like an epileptic seizure.  Mark yelled at me to strip, which I did, then to kneel by the couch and put my head on Shayla’s tummy so that I could get a close up view of her cunt being stretched bigger and wider with each thrust.  Mark started to increase his fucking, faster and faster then he grabbed the back of my head as he pulled his dick out of Shayla’s now cavernous cunt and squirted semen all over my face. He quickly stuck his huge cock back into Shayla’s ruined pussy and pumped the rest of his semen into her now giant cunt.

While all this had been going on, my dick was hurting it was so hard.  I didn’t dare touch my cock, or it would have exploded with cum shooting everywhere… Soon, I was groaning and moaning that I needed to cum.  That’s when Mark said it was my turn and I was really eager to fuck Shayla, but nooooooooo, Mark told me to lay on the couch with my head and shoulders on the seat and my back upside down against the back of the couch with my legs up in the air.  When I was in that position, he instructed Shayla to squat over my face, and then sit on me.  Soon, I was drowning in his semen as it oozed out of Shayla’s cavernous fucked out cunt.  “Suck it!  Drink it all down!  Swallow it!” were the orders that Mark shouted out at me.  I slurped away at her cunt and swallowed this young black man’s semen.  He then told Shayla to start wanking my cock.  It only took a couple of seconds before I felt my semen about to shoot out of my dick.  I felt Shayla being pulled off me as Mark grabbed my dick and aimed my dick so that my semen shot into my own mouth.

Since that first night, we have both become Mark’s sex slaves.  He makes us do things to him and to each other for his amusement.  Like the time he made Shayla strap on a dildo and fuck my now pussy boi ass while Mark fucked my throat.  But, the most humiliating time was when he ordered me to bring Shayla to where he works during his lunch break. He’s a mechanic at a dealership and he fucked her on the break room table in front of about 6 other guys and then made me suck his dick clean and lick her pussy clean in front of everybody.  I am ashamed to admit that I was so ‘turned on’ by the humiliation that I came in my trousers while I was sucking his big black cock.

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