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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

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October 26, 2016

STORY: My Second Wife Turned Me Into Her Faggot Pussy Boi

When my second wife and I were first dating, I had shared some of my submissive cuckold pussy boi fantasies with her. She did not seem put off or disgusted, asked several very appropriate questions while sounding like she was more than just accepting my kinks, but she did not pursue them either... Until our wedding day.

Almost immediately after our wedding she took control. On our honeymoon night I did not cum at all. I pleased her orally many, many times and she fell asleep, well satisfied, as I lay horny and frustrated until I finally fell asleep. She did allow me to cum the next morning, smiling sweetly, Letting me know that it had been just to start the marriage off properly and show me her pleasure was always paramount to mine.
Within six months she had me feminized and was enjoying opening up my man-pussy. I always suspected that her mother knew how she treated me, but didn’t know how much her mother was involved until our anniversary.
A month before our first anniversary she locked me in a cock cage. She teased me constantly, telling me she would let me cum on our anniversary. After work I took her out to a very nice dinner. She had bought me new pretty stockings, panties, garters and a lacy chemise. All of which she had me wear under my male clothes at dinner. When we got home she took me to the bed room, I was amazingly eager, after a month in chastity and uncountable hours of teasing. Laying me on the bed she left, I thought to get the key to my cage.

When she walked back into the room she was not holding the key. She had on her strap on harness (she had started fucking my ass very early on in our marriage) and hanging from her beautiful hips was the biggest dildo I had ever seen. It was long and it was very thick. Much larger than what she usually used on me. As I just stared at it, she smiled, telling me that it was a gift from her mother for our anniversary.
I just stared at her, shocked that her mother knew. Mind whirling as I tried to imagine all that her mother knew. My wife watched my reaction, knowing what I was thinking, and laughed a wicked little laugh. Telling me how thoughtful it was of my mother in law to get us such a nice gift, my wife told me she was going to fuck me with it until I came in my cage. After all, she smiled, I did promise you would cum on our anniversary.

Pushing my legs up to my chest and spreading them widely, she pushed and wiggled... She was slowly, but relentlessly working the head of her huge cock into my man pussy (ass). I squirmed and whimpered and even begged her to stop but she just kept patiently working until she first had the head inside my stretched hole, and much of the long shaft as she could fit.

Then she began to fuck me. She had only been playing before getting this huge dildo sent to her. I quickly learned what it meant to be truly FemDom FUCKED. Her long hard strokes made me whimper and whine like her little bitch. But they also made me feel strange, feel things I had never felt when she used her other dildos on me. This one was stretching me more, was rubbing more firmly on my prostate, was filling me more full than I could ever have imagined. As the pain subsided and my man pussy grew and dilated, I began to enjoy this new sensation...
Soon my cock was hard, but was pinched and painful due to no room in my cage. I could feel it throb every time the head of her cock pushed past my prostate. She could tell too, and was watching closely. As soon as she saw my cock begin to drip a little she smiled, leaned down and put her lips close to my ear and, as her hips kept thrusting her cock forcefully and deeply into my man cunt, she whispered softly into my ear;
“Cum my little cock slut. Cum in your cage without your own worthless cock ever being touched... Cum from having a big cock shoved up your sissy ass! After you cum, I am going to take pictures of your pathetic cock all sticky and soft in your cum filled cage for you to send to my mother with a nice note thanking her for your gift and telling her how much you enjoyed it.” 
Those last words were too humiliatingly erotic for me and pushed me over the edge. I did cum, filling the tight cage, cum dripping out of it onto my belly. Laughing, my wife immediately grabbed her phone, taking a photo, showing the huge dido in my ass, showing the stockings and garter belt I was wearing, showing my small, softening cock locked in the cage, wet and sticky with cum, cum filling the cage and dripping out. I could not imagine what my mother in law would think of me when she saw the picture and received my servile note thanking her. I didn't know what she might suggest next... What I did know was this was just the beginning.

Samantha Walked Into My Apartment

She knew I was craving fresh semen...

AfterTwenty Years of Marriage

I still enjoy being her cuckold...

When I First Met My Wife

She had been gang banged by a bunch of my fraternity brothers...

Training Your Cuckold Pussy-Boi

Is a never ending process of pushing him past his current limits and exploring his emasculation!

October 6, 2016

STORY: My Porn Career Started in Europe

Living My Dream of Being in Porn and Becoming Star of the FemDom Forced-Bi Cuckold Genre'

Fantasy Becomes Vacation Plan

While browsing the web for various sex clubs and kinky places to go during my upcoming trip to Germany, I stumbled upon a site that offered visitors who desire to participate in porno movies the opportunity to play a role in several.  Requirements seemed very strict, including that you must be available for ten continuous days of filming, pay a fee of €1,995.00 Euros and submit to STD screening medical test.  

If you are found to be disease free (results in 48 hours), you can then perform as an actor in professionally produced and directed porn filming sessions.  The online forms also requested that men do not ejaculate for six days prior to your arrival, so that you will have a porn-worthy volume of semen while giving your best "Money Shot" performance for the videos.

Participants are allowed to be in up to 6 movies during the course your ten days in Germany... But, the clincher was that you get to choose from any of the genres scheduled and the type of sex you most desire to see yourself shown doing in a porno movie.  For me, this was like a dream come true! I whipped out the American Express Platinum card (best Euro/dollar exchange) and completed the online forms. Waiting was brutal, but I did not cum for a week before my flight departed. My balls were hard, full and turning blue and I was overly eager to get to Germany!  

I woke up several hours early on the day I was headed to the airport for my German "Porn Star Career Launch" vacation.   
When I arrived in Germany, I took a taxi to my hotel and got checked in... 
It was incredibly difficult to resist jacking off while thinking of how close I was to living out my fantasy.

When I arrived at the German Porn Production Studio the next day at 10:00 AM, what I saw was almost better than what I fantasized about... The ladies were gorgeous, and seemed to be of all ages from late teens to mature women in their fifties.  There must have been 40 of them on display in a large room with a glass observation wall. Each of them were wearing various lingerie, teddies, skimpy bikinis, while a few were simply naked and proud of what they had to show off with. 

Each lady had a number on their clothing or hanging from a chain around their neck.  The idea was that you simply picked the women you wanted to have sex with while making porn movies, and if your medical tests came back OK, your co-stars were already selected and ready to get started. When I think about the whole situation now, it seemed to good to be true, which it was! I would soon find out that as usual, the perception of "too good to be true" is reality.

After peeing in cups, held by a burly technician to foil any cheaters, having many vials of blood drawn, as well as a urethral swab (avoid that one), which took up more time that I thought it would, I caught a taxi back to the hotel. During the next 48 hours I did the usual tourist stuff and enjoyed the area's rich history in land marks while sight seeing. When I returned to my hotel on the second day after the tests, there was a written message at the front desk to call the porn production company.  
When I called, the women I spoke with told me that my tests were all good and I had been accepted into the program to appear in up to six porn movies over the next ten days... I was excited and overjoyed at what I believed would happen. Yes, my fantasies would now become real and I would slide my cock into cum filled pussies and suck cum from freshly fucked porn stars! I would get to have my way with several attractive women and star in six high quality German porn movies. 
The following morning I arrived at the studio with an erection that wouldn't go away, and ten days of semen build-up in my swollen balls ready to explode from my cock.  It took over an hour to review agreements (written in German) and sign the necessary paper work, which included several contracts with various warnings in German (Achtung!) and what I was told were descriptions of the types of sex I desired to participate in. I was required to raise my right hand and swear before a notary that the contract truthfully described what I was seeking and had agreed to and was legally binding.

The beautiful woman I had spoken with over the phone was walking me through the entire process and once all the paper work was signed and notarized. I was required to have my body shaved, followed by a table shower, then a luxurious and hot soaking bath to wash away any grime on my skin and an enema to ensure I was squeaky clean inside and out. After getting detailed, it was off to a lounge and then a waiting period which seemed like over an hour. 

Finally, I was led into the studio and told by an interpreter what to expect, and that I must simply listen to her instructions and do exactly what I was told to do.  It seemed so incredible; the first scene was me, another dude and four beautiful women. We fucked liked teenagers in heat. Several times, I had to stop in order to prevent myself from cumming.  It was a feeling like divine rapture when I finally got to pullout and shoot my load of semen into her mouth. 

I ejaculated like it was a lifetime build-up of semen! 
Once I finished pumping my load and the scene was over, I was congratulated by the director and film crew for performing well and doing fine work for them.  I was then told by my beautiful handler to read the screenplay and script for the next day… She wanted to make sure I would know what to expect when I returned in the morning.

My Second Day: Entering The Twilight Zone!

The screenplay and script called for me to begin the second scene on my back with my arms restrained in cuffs, then attached to a thick S&M looking leather belt around my waist.  The screenplay described me being in a scene with my movie wife, while she teased my hardening cock before releasing my arms and wrists.  I enjoyed this scene from the beginning, because the woman who played my wife was incredibly sexy and looked like she was barely 18 years old.  She did a great job working my rock hard cock and had me on edge with the semen in my swollen balls beginning to bubble up. 

At that moment, five well hung naked guys moving quickly, entered the studio set and began to gang bang fuck my wife. This was NOT what the screenplay called for! I yelled for my handler, and told the director to "cut"... They needed to explain this scenario since it was not in the screenplay and script I had been given to read.  My handler yelled "stop" and then in a strict and unyielding voice, she explained that she had a contract that was signed, notarized and executed stating that I was a willing participant in porn videos and therefore could not be considered a rape or assault victim according to German law. 

Somehow, when she said the word "rape", it just hung there like a neon sign in my mind.  My response was to say that she could keep the money I paid, but my participation part of this deal was over.  That's when she began laughing, along with the crew members in the room, and then she said to me, “You stupid Americans, you sign papers written in a language you don’t understand and believe you will not be taken advantage of.  You are bound and restrained, surrounded by dominant men with large cocks and it appears that you want to live out your demented desires by being taken with force”.

"What the fuck…" as my panic started to build, I asked myself how did my European vacation become such a nightmare? That's when she told me in a voice as sultry and seductive as I have ever heard;
“You are going to be our studio's top male cum slut for the next five days... You are going to lick up all the semen that these whores receive from dozens of well hung studs with huge loads and you will do anything else we decide we want you to do... Regardless of how extreme, perverted and demented it may seam... Ha, ha, ha... You are so fucked my sweet American pussy boi!”  

Then she instructed me to behave like a good faggot bitch boi and follow their lead, or I would be beaten and tortured with a cattle prod until I submit. I had a hard time believing this whole scenario was my reality. Then, this dude grabs my arms and pulls me to the end of the bed so my head drops over the edge and says something in German that I don’t understand and when I just looked at him, he slapped my face and put his fingers in my mouth and opened it.  Then he lunges his hips forward while he is feeding me his half hard cock and WOW… There I am with a cock in my mouth.  My immediate reaction was to gag, but then I heard my handler yelling at me, saying “you better keep your teeth away from these cocks. You bite any one of them and they will beat your face to an unrecognizable bloody pulp”. 


There I was, living the dream (sic), getting skull fucked against my will, while restrained and in dire straits from threats of getting a horrible beating. I decided to give him a mouth he would not soon forget. I wanted to end this scene as quickly as possible. As I began to suck him like a cock fiend, he began getting real hard, then began fucking my mouth and throat real deep. I was coughing and felt like I was going to drown in my own saliva. That's when my throat rapist stopped and I felt my ankles being pulled toward the other end of the bed.  Now my head was on top of the bed and that fine young girl was getting in position to straddle my face. I was told to watch my wife get fucked.

That cock I just sucked for two minutes was being used to split her tight cunt wide open and began pounding her hard and deep. She seemed to love it and began sucking my cock.  I was thankful for getting something to take my mind off this hellish rape experience. I was then instructed to slowly and smoothly get my face closer to the action, then begin licking her pussy and clit while she was getting brutally fucked by a giant cock. I did what I was told, but could hardly stand the taste and smell of his crotch over my face.  He reeked of musk and sex.   

After what seemed like an eternity, he pumped his big load of cum into her now stretched, gaped and sloppy cunt.  On his last plunge deep into her formerly tight pussy, he held firm, gripping her hips and I was told to put my mouth around his nuts and get them soaked in my saliva. It was an incredibly degrading feeling, and the guy fucking my "wife" seemed to enjoy it, his grunts sure made it sound like he was. 

Next thing I know, the bitch is telling me to get ready for the close-up.  Close-up?  
What the fuck does that mean I thought!  
When he pulls out nice and slow, his cock will slid across your lips, causing his cum to load up on your face.  Once he is out he will move quickly so the camera can catch you drinking the cum as it leaks out her pussy.  
Next thing I know it is happening.  His cock is slowly pulling out.  
I fail to do anything.  

He stops and says something I don’t understand, next the bitch says something I don’t understand, “FUCK!”.  The bitch that was sucking my cock just squeezed my balls moderately hard. 

I did as I was told and thought to my self “how the fuck do women get used to the taste of cum”.  God it was awful.  He must be a horse because I have never cum that much and it seemed like it would never stop flowing.  Once I finished swallowing all of it, she lightly dragged her snatch across my face over and over again.  Then another dude stepped over me and said something before pressing down on my forehead and I got the drift, fucker wanted my mouth to get him hard.   

So that is how it was for the next hour.   
Five dudes using my mouth to make them hard, and then lick them both while they fucked over my head and finishing with my having to clean them both.  Once the movie was finished, I asked to be let out of the cuffs.  

She laughed and said; 
“Your fucking nuts, you might as well get used to them for the next few days.  We want to make sure we get our money’s worth”.  
Fuck, I paid you people... What do you mean your money’s worth.   
She did not answer and that is how it was for the next five days.   
I made a lot more than six movies.   
I lost count but I think it was like 7 movies a day.

I know that a total of 9 women and 23 guys used me for their fucking pleasure those next few days. The third day of filming I was told that I was going to be a feminized sissy.  She dressed me in nylons, makeup, a wig, and bra.  Then told me that I had better put on a convincing performance of how much I enjoyed being a submissive cum slut today.  If I didn’t convince her that I was really into this with a passion she would have the guy’s gang fuck me so I could get into character.  
That was the last thing I needed...  
I could not imagine my ass getting fucked by these guys.   
I did everything I could to convince her how much I liked it and after the fourth guy busted a nut in the ladies cunt, I lost it.  His cum was by far the thickest and nastiest tasting load I could imagine. I spit it out.   
Oh shit... I thought, I am fucked now.

“You fucking bitch, you ruined my movie.  I am going to make you regret this” 
Next thing I know she is yelling instructions in German and wham! 
I am turned over and bent over three pillows on the bed.   
The dude whose cum I just spit out slapped some grease on my asshole and shoved his cock into me.  Oh Fuck... No... No... No...

I did my best to go with it but my ass just did not seem to want to relax. I was getting sore when he pulled out and another dude slapped on some grease and began slowly entering my ass and then building momentum.   
At least he was gentle.  

After about two minutes of fucking my ass another guy knelt down in front of me and fed me his cock.  I sucked him like a good little whore.  Everyone including me was getting into it.  The guy in back pumped my ass full of cum and then pulled out.  I could feel the heat of the camera light on my ass as he was recording the cum leaking out.

The guy with his big cock in my mouth said something I did not understand and then pulled out, grabbed my hair to pull my head up with one hand, and with his other hand furiously jacking off until he groaned and shot streams of pearly white cum on my face.  At that moment, the events had me feeling like such a dirty cumslut whore. My FemDom bitch handler said;

“Look into the camera and show me how good it was for you”.

I did my best to perform like a genuine porn star for her movie... After about 30 seconds one of the girls came over and began licking the cum off my face, which was welcome relief; plus it felt so sensuous to have her wet tongue gliding across the skin on my face and neck.

I quickly found myself flipped over and on my back again, while resuming the role of pussy boi cum slut and cuckold cleanup hubby. After swallowing so much semen, I started to crave the texture and flavors… Each actor’s was different and I began to think of him or her by the texture and flavor of their semen or pussy cum. I started to lust for semen from big black cocks.


They really did a good job of treating me like a true long-time cuckold pussy boi that day; I laid there beginning to get into my role of forced bisexual submission… Realizing how much I liked it and how satisfied the humiliation combined with my submission made me feel. That’s when I first awoke to my true sexuality that had been hidden for a lifetime deep inside me… That’s when I first realized that I was bisexual.

Sooner than I would have preferred, I was on a flight bound for New York’s Kennedy International, connecting to a flight back to my adopted hometown of Las Vegas… I smiled to myself as I imagined the stories I had about my European Vacation to share with my kinkster friends in Vegas.