October 26, 2016

STORY: My Second Wife Turned Me Into Her Faggot Pussy Boi

When my second wife and I were first dating, I had shared some of my submissive cuckold pussy boi fantasies with her. She did not seem put off or disgusted, asked several very appropriate questions while sounding like she was more than just accepting my kinks, but she did not pursue them either... Until our wedding day.

Almost immediately after our wedding she took control. On our honeymoon night I did not cum at all. I pleased her orally many, many times and she fell asleep, well satisfied, as I lay horny and frustrated until I finally fell asleep. She did allow me to cum the next morning, smiling sweetly, Letting me know that it had been just to start the marriage off properly and show me her pleasure was always paramount to mine.
Within six months she had me feminized and was enjoying opening up my man-pussy. I always suspected that her mother knew how she treated me, but didn’t know how much her mother was involved until our anniversary.
A month before our first anniversary she locked me in a cock cage. She teased me constantly, telling me she would let me cum on our anniversary. After work I took her out to a very nice dinner. She had bought me new pretty stockings, panties, garters and a lacy chemise. All of which she had me wear under my male clothes at dinner. When we got home she took me to the bed room, I was amazingly eager, after a month in chastity and uncountable hours of teasing. Laying me on the bed she left, I thought to get the key to my cage.

When she walked back into the room she was not holding the key. She had on her strap on harness (she had started fucking my ass very early on in our marriage) and hanging from her beautiful hips was the biggest dildo I had ever seen. It was long and it was very thick. Much larger than what she usually used on me. As I just stared at it, she smiled, telling me that it was a gift from her mother for our anniversary.
I just stared at her, shocked that her mother knew. Mind whirling as I tried to imagine all that her mother knew. My wife watched my reaction, knowing what I was thinking, and laughed a wicked little laugh. Telling me how thoughtful it was of my mother in law to get us such a nice gift, my wife told me she was going to fuck me with it until I came in my cage. After all, she smiled, I did promise you would cum on our anniversary.

Pushing my legs up to my chest and spreading them widely, she pushed and wiggled... She was slowly, but relentlessly working the head of her huge cock into my man pussy (ass). I squirmed and whimpered and even begged her to stop but she just kept patiently working until she first had the head inside my stretched hole, and much of the long shaft as she could fit.

Then she began to fuck me. She had only been playing before getting this huge dildo sent to her. I quickly learned what it meant to be truly FemDom FUCKED. Her long hard strokes made me whimper and whine like her little bitch. But they also made me feel strange, feel things I had never felt when she used her other dildos on me. This one was stretching me more, was rubbing more firmly on my prostate, was filling me more full than I could ever have imagined. As the pain subsided and my man pussy grew and dilated, I began to enjoy this new sensation...
Soon my cock was hard, but was pinched and painful due to no room in my cage. I could feel it throb every time the head of her cock pushed past my prostate. She could tell too, and was watching closely. As soon as she saw my cock begin to drip a little she smiled, leaned down and put her lips close to my ear and, as her hips kept thrusting her cock forcefully and deeply into my man cunt, she whispered softly into my ear;
“Cum my little cock slut. Cum in your cage without your own worthless cock ever being touched... Cum from having a big cock shoved up your sissy ass! After you cum, I am going to take pictures of your pathetic cock all sticky and soft in your cum filled cage for you to send to my mother with a nice note thanking her for your gift and telling her how much you enjoyed it.” 
Those last words were too humiliatingly erotic for me and pushed me over the edge. I did cum, filling the tight cage, cum dripping out of it onto my belly. Laughing, my wife immediately grabbed her phone, taking a photo, showing the huge dido in my ass, showing the stockings and garter belt I was wearing, showing my small, softening cock locked in the cage, wet and sticky with cum, cum filling the cage and dripping out. I could not imagine what my mother in law would think of me when she saw the picture and received my servile note thanking her. I didn't know what she might suggest next... What I did know was this was just the beginning.

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