December 5, 2016

STORY: My Wife Is Determined To Turn Me Into A Faggot!


My wife looked at me while she was on our bed, naked and rubbing her pussy as she told me this will be the last time I will every desire her cunt. She had decided to turn me into a faggot. She has many gay friends and she was going to give me to them for intense training to become the cock sucking, semen craving cum slut she had always wanted me to be.  She went on to explain that I would be mouth and ass fucked by a large number of white and big black cocks. She was also offering me to her lesbian friends just for fun.  She told me that it would make her so hot and horny to watch the tears stream down my face from the pain and humiliation of getting double teamed and spit roasted...

Soon enough, she told me about an event being set up by the ladies in her book club... That's when she turned me out. Here is what I wrote in my journal a few days after being turned out at my wife's book club:

JOURNAL ENTRY: It's been 3 days since the event, and my mind is still reeling. I can't believe my wife took me as far as she did in one single evening of excessive debauchery...

Sharon had told me a few weeks ago that the neighborhood book club she attends was having a special couples night. Apparently the wives had discovered that their husbands enjoyed the idea of group sex and partner swapping, and even shared some of the same kinks. The wives had decided it was time for the wives to have some fun with that. I was elated. Though we'd talked about it, we'd never swung before and I was excited to try it. Plus the wives in the group are really hot, and I'd already imagined each of them naked and under me.

Over the years Sharon had pried most of my kinks out of me. First to surface was my secret love of wearing panties and lingerie. She'd broken me down after she found some of my outfits, and I explained as best I could how they made me feel. At first she was horrified, but over time she came to accept it, and eventually to embrace it.

Later, she made me divulge my love of chastity play. Then came her strap-on cocks, and finally cum-eating. Each fantasy revealed was as embarrassing as the first. But over time she accepted them, and then she helped me to fulfill them. I could tell she liked it too, because our sex became hotter and more frequent. Sometimes she would cum in buckets, and we'd have to flip the mattress over before we could go to sleep.

She explained that the rules for couples night were extremely strict. The husbands were there only there for the entertainment of the wives. They would not get to choose who they fucked or what they did. She promised me that I'd enjoy myself tremendously. But when she pulled out a written waiver and confidentiality contract for me to sign, I understood that this was something the women had put some serious thought into...I had no idea how far things were going to go.

The build-up began ten days before the event. Sharon locked me in chastity, and forced me to shave off all of my body hair. She said there would be no ejaculations of any kind until the big night, and that I'd better do EXACTLY what she demanded.

All week long, she'd spend the evenings walking around the house dressed only in lingerie. She'd walk up to me, and cup my caged cock and balls in her hands, and ask me if I was keeping myself all nice and smooth for the big day. Then at bedtime she'd tie my hands to the bedposts and ride my face with her pussy while she asked how horny I was. She'd grab my balls and ask "Which other woman do you want to fuck? Is it Laura? Samantha? Jane?" She described each in detail, and what I probably wanted to do to them.

She did this until she came on my face. Then she'd kiss me, and go to sleep, leaving me lying awake, my cock throbbing inside my cage. By the night of the event I was so horny I was prepared to do anything to get my release.

On Saturday night, we pulled into the driveway and parked behind several cars driven there by other guests. Mike and Laura's house is beautiful, and she is just to die for. Blonde and fit, with playful green eyes and hair that falls to the middle of her shoulder blades. As we walked to the door, I now realized that the last time we were here for dinner, the wives had already been setting this up. I was embarrassed when Laura answered the door and then smiled and winked at me.

Inside were the other three couples... Some wine was opened, and the husbands all made small talk waiting for something to happen. No one knew what was coming, but all of us had apparently been in chastity leading up to tonight. It was funny to think that all four of us shared this same kink, or at least our wives did.

I looked from Laura, to Samantha (redhead, big tits), to Jane (short brunette, shoulder-length hair, sweet as can be) and wondered who was to be my partner for the night.

Laura clinked her glass to get everyone's attention. She then explained the rules. Each wife had a necklace of a different color. She'd put four beads, matching the colors of each necklace, into a small bowl. Each husband would draw a bead out at random. He would then be a sexual slave for that woman until midnight. There would be no back-talking and no resisting.

Whatever the woman wanted, he had to do, no questions asked. If ANYONE broke the rules or didn't follow through, the night would end immediately and it would never happen again. We all looked around at each other, and then nodded in agreement.
Mike drew first. He got the blue one – Samantha. Todd pulled out the amber bead – Laura. That left Jane and Sharon. Sharon was wearing a pink necklace. Jane's was black. Steve pulled out a black bead - Jane. I was stunned...10 days in chastity just to fuck my own wife in my neighbor's house?...But I kept quiet, hoping that I'd at least get to see some of the other wives naked, or maybe even get to watch the other couples fuck.

My hopes rose tremendously when Laura explained that the sex would begin at 9PM in the middle of the living room. That meant I'd at least get to see the show. It was now 8:15. Each of the wives walked over to their slave and led them away by their leash to a bedroom, to prepare them for what was to come.

In the bedroom, Sharon told me to strip naked. As I did so, she opened up my suitcase, which had apparently been in the house the whole time. I was terrified, because it's the suitcase that I use to store my lingerie, wig and jewelry...That could only mean she was planning to dress me up as a girl here in front of our friends. I couldn't believe she was going to turn me out like that.

She pulled out the pink corset, garters, and the white thigh-highs that are my favorites.
She helped me put them on, and then my wig and jewelry, the whole time telling me that she was going to make sure that she was going to enjoy herself tremendously at my expense. Finally she covered me in perfume and brushed out my hair.

She then removed her dress and I saw the pink thong and matching bra she was wearing underneath. She looked to die for in her stilettos and stockings. Finally, she pulled out a pink leather collar and a leash that I'd never seen before. She buckled it around my neck and then stood back, admiring her work. "Ready?" she asked. "I'm terrified" I said. "Good...That's my little pervert", and she kissed me...a deep, long, lingering kiss.

At 9PM sharp she led me back into the living room. All of the couples were there, with each man on his knees next to his Mistress. Each was attached by a leash of a different color to a collar around his neck. I was shocked when I noticed that all of the other men were naked as jailbirds. More than that, their UNLOCKED cocks were jutting out like swords. And there I was, dressed up as my wife's perverted sissy slut, with my cock still trapped in it's cage from ten days ago.

Then the main event began. Each wife said what they wanted to do with their slaves today. Samantha stood up first. She turned to the room and explained that her favorite thing was oral sex. She loved receiving it and giving it, and watching it. Mike smiled at that. He obviously shared her interests.

Laura stood up next. She said that her favorite thing was a good long fuck, followed by a big load of cum blasted onto her wrecked pussy. She explained how she was gifted at having multiple orgasms, and that the best one was always the one at the end. That's when she'd use the slippery cum-load to help her frig her own pussy to climax. I was looking forward to seeing that.

Jane stood up next. She said that her favorite thing was anal sex. She was a freak for it. This killed me, because I'd always thought of her as so sweet and innocent. On top of that, I had been just one bead away from having her sweet girl-next-door ass for myself tonight. But there was Steve on his knees, smiling like a jerk. He looked up directly at me and shook his head. He looked up and down at me in my outfit, with a long lingering stare at my cock still trapped in my chastity cage. I had to look away in embarrassment and frustration.
Finally Sharon stood up. She explained that her husband (me) was a pervert and a freak.
She said it thrilled her to embarrass him, and that when he was in chastity he was so submissive and kinky, at least until the cage comes off. She said she thrives on the power trip of it all, making him do things. Then she sat down...I looked at her in disbelief? She hadn't said anything about sex at all, though she was standing there dressed like a whore in front of all our friends. Apparently she was just going to expose me like this and make me watch from the sidelines as they laughed at me.

She looked down at me and winked. She pulled my leash to make me stand, and led me over near the bed that had been set up in the middle of the room for the occasion. "Kneel slave" she commanded. I did as I was told.

Then Laura and Todd came over to the bed. She slipped her robe from her shoulders, revealing her bare cunt, already glistening with anticipation. She laid back on the bed and told him to mount her. Todd smiled and did as he was told. Slowly at first, and then faster he pounded her. She yelled "harder" and he obliged. Sharon pushed my head forward, just a few feet from their sweaty bodies. She said "don't look away". I was happy to comply.

Periodically Laura would arch her back and scream. Obviously she was working through orgasm after orgasm. After about 20 minutes, Todd told her "I'm going to cum"...She told him to blast his load on her open pussy, and he did. I could hear him grunt. Then Laura then laid back with her legs spread open and began to masturbate, her hand slippery with cum. I could hear and smell everything as her hand circled her clit, rubbed back and forth, and dove deep into her cunt. She was wild and bucking when she finally came. Her scream was tremendous, and then she laid back spent and panting.

My cock was ready to burst in my cage from all that action right in front of me.
I was expecting the next couple to step forward. But instead, I heard Sharon behind me.
"Clean her up, slave...That's right. Eat up all that nasty cum."  She yanked me to my feet. Before I could do anything she pushed me down onto the bed and forced my head into Laura's slippery cunt. "Lick it all up, and don't miss any or you'll be walking home tonight dressed in that pink slutty outfit."

I started with her mound and then worked my way down. I was humiliated, but more turned on than I'd been in years. I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy, and then licked all the way down to her ass. By the time I was done, I realized that I'd just crossed over another line. A dirty, nasty line. Sharon jerked me to my feet and inspected Laura's cunt. "Good job, slave. Now back to your place."

Samantha then replaced Laura on the bed. Samantha told Mike that she wanted some long, deep, masterful cunt licking. She pulled his leash until his face was pressed up against her gash. He did as commanded, while I watched from just a few feet away. I could hear every sound as their session got hot, wet and sloppy. He grunted as her breathing became faster, and then irregular. Then right as she arched her back, moaning and panting, she stopped him. Somewhat confused, he asked if everything was OK. Samantha told him "Stand up".

Mike did as he was told. He stood there next to the bed with his cock rock hard and twitching. Samantha rearranged the pillows, and then sat back against them. She spread her legs and then licked her fingers. She stuck her right hand down into her slippery pussy. That's when she looked at me straight in the eyes and said "I said that I love watching oral sex too. Nothing is hotter than watching a gay little sissy suck his first cock"...I was speechless.

Samantha's wicked smile told me that my wife and she had schemed this. That's when Sharon walked over and grabbed Mike by the hips. She turned him his him by the hips so that his cock stuck out, right in my face. I could feel it there, rubbing against my cheek and lips. "Open that mouth, slave". When I hesitated, she got down next to me on her knees, looked directly into my eyes and grabbed my face. "Can't you see Samantha needs this? This is her night and her fantasy." I turned and saw that Samantha was now stroking her clit with one hand and she was driving a clear cock-shaped dildo into her cunt with the other. She nodded and said "Do this for me, you sissy faggot!"

With that, Sharon turned and kissed me. A long, sloppy kiss. Then she put her own mouth on Mike's cock and started sucking. "Like this" she said. She bobbed up and down a few times, and I could see her lips wet on his skin. She slowly removed her mouth, turned and kissed me again. I could taste his cock as her tong drove into my mouth.

"Open up, slave." This time I closed my eyes, listened and obeyed.
My mouth dropped open. I felt her hands guide my head and his cock together until the tip of it hit my tongue. Then all of a sudden it was inside me, and my mouth involuntarily closed around it. She said "Good little sissy... taste it and remember this moment. Open your eyes and look at how happy you're making Samantha..." Samantha's eyes were glued to the scene while she simultaneously stroked and fucked herself. I was apparently putting on just the kind of show she wanted to see.
"Now back to work...Suck it until he cums into your nasty little mouth."
Sharon was right there, her face next to mine as I tongued the head of his cock and bobbed my head up and down, sucking like I expected Sharon did when she sucked me off. I knew it felt great, because I could hear Mike start to moan. In no time at all he was sort of grunting and his legs were sort of twitching. Sometimes he would push his hips forward and drive his cock deep into my mouth and throat. Soon was fucking my face. I tried to pull away but Sharon still had her hands on the back of my head.

Samantha let out a grunt of her own as she came. I wanted to turn and watch, but right then I tasted salt... and I knew what was coming. With a few more grunts my mouth was flooded with hot, sticky cum. Mike immediately stopped his thrusting, and I could feel the last of his cum spurt up his shaft and into my mouth. We stayed like that for a moment, neither of us moving, until I heard Sharon say:
"Now swallow it all, you little sissy bitch...Show all our friends what a good little cock sucker you are. Such a greedy little cumslut".

I closed my eyes, paused, and then I swallowed. When it was all down, I used my fingers to scoop up the drops that had escaped my lips and run down onto my chin. I looked at Sharon and she said "That's my good little cock sucker... Now clean off his cock too." By this time I didn't need any encouragement. I licked and sucked every drop until he was as clean as new. Then I looked down at the ground, embarrassed at what I'd just done.

From the bed, Samantha said:
"Thank you Travis for sucking Mike's cock for me today. You've made me very happy. Do you know what is coming next?" I turned to Sharon, and then back to Samantha. Sharon said, "Now it's time for the last act. Get back to your spot and get ready to watch some serious ass fucking."

Jane came over to the bed and replaced Samantha. She was wearing no panties and no bra. Just heels, a garter belt and fish-net thigh-highs. She was fucking hot! She got onto the bed, and then arranged herself face down and ass up. She said to Steve "Come lick my ass, slave". With that, Steve came over to the bed and got into position. He was obviously enjoying himself as he first kissed, and then tongued her ass. Soon he was diving deep with enthusiasm. She was starting to moan into the sheets and arch her back. This went on for about ten minutes.
She reached over to the side table, and pulled a tube of lube out of the drawer. 
I watched as she proceeded to apply it to her ass and to his cock. She stroked it, and smiled wickedly before saying:
"Fuck my ass Steve, but don't cum yet... I have plans." 
She then resumed her face-down position, and he mounted her. I watched as he slowly pressed the tip of his huge cock against her hole. At first nothing happened, but then his cock started to slowly sink into her. First the head, and then the whole shaft, inch-by-inch. When he was buried into the hilt, he stopped and waited... "Fuck me" she said; "now".

He started pulling out, and then thrusting back into her. Long slow thrusts at first.
Then I could sense her pleasure deepen, and I could see her relax into the bed. He started speeding up, really pounding her. Faster, and faster. He closed his eyes and I heard him start to moan. With that, Jane looked up and said:
"Stop slave...You're not allowed to cum in my ass. Don't you dare!"

Disappointed, Steve stopped his thrusting, and then pulled out of her gaping ass. She stood and grabbed him by the face:
"No, I want something different tonight. This is a very special occasion. What I want is to watch as you fuck this pink sissy slut's ass! Get up here you little whore!"
I looked up, shocked, as I discovered that she was looking straight at me. She had his head turned straight toward mine as well. I closed my eyes and slowly said "fuck" under my breath.

Sharon came over to me:
"Open your eyes, slut. You're going to get fucked tonight, and you're going to like it. In fact you're going to get up here like a whore and beg to be fucked in the ass by that cock. Aren't you slave?"

I held my breath as our eyes met. That's when I could see Sharon and her wickedly kinky smile. She was really getting off on this, my total utter humiliation. She smiled at me and stared back... "Beg for it, slave. Beg to be fucked in the ass." Jane was loving it too. She walked over and put her arm around Sharon's hip..." This is going to be the best show ever" she said.

They kissed each other on the lips, with wet, open mouths. Then each came over, grabbed one of my hands and they led me, trembling, to the bed. Soon I was face down with my own ass in the air, and my useless cock dangling between my legs. There on my knees, exposed to all my friends I heard Sharon say;
"Beg for it, slut... Say please fuck my sissy ass... Cum in my sissy ass!" To my surprise...I did. Quietly at first, but Sharon demanded "Louder". Soon I was almost shouting, "Fuck my ass... Cum in my sissy ass."
I felt the bed shift, and then the cold sensation of lube applied by a strong, thick finger to my asshole. I trembled and closed my eyes as the finger circled my ass, and then pushed up against my hole. It slid slowly into my ass, and then started working back and forth, probing and stretching. Then more lube, and soon another finger. After about 3 minutes, I heard myself moan, and I heard myself involuntarily whisper "yes... fuck me... please... now!"

The sensation stopped, and I felt him pull his fingers out of my ass. Then after a few seconds I felt him grab my hips. Soon his cock head was pushed up against my hole. It was big, hot and slippery. Much larger than the fingers before it. It pushed against me for what seemed like eternity as my rosebud clenched against the intruder.

I heard myself moan again, and I could feel myself start to relax. First my head, then my back, and then finally my legs. Just then his slippery cock head popped into my hole and he slowly pushed in until I could feel his balls press up against my ass.
"Such a dirty little slut... dressed up like a whore, a huge cock in your ass... And you never even tried to stop it... You WANTED me to do this to you. You want to be turned out like a whore." It was Sharon, whispering right in my ear. "You love that I get off on doing this to you. Now you realize that this whole night is about you. You're the dirtiest fucking husband of all of these men..." I heard myself say "Yes... I'm your dirty little slut... I love what you do to me".

Steve started thrusting into me. Slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Soon each thrust was pushing my head into the sheets. I could hear Jane moaning next to me, as she was obviously rubbing her clit, watching the scene in front of her. She said to Steve "Pound him. Pound that sissy ass for me..." And soon she was screaming herself, rocked by her orgasm.

After a few more thrusts, Steve pulled my ass aggressively back against him, mashing my ass against his balls. Then I felt something hot squirt inside me. Pulse, after pulse, after pulse. It was obviously a LOT of cum.... 10 days worth. He stayed there for a moment, pushed in to the hilt. Then, as his cock started to soften, he began to pull out... It just sort of slid right out, and I could feel cum dripping down my balls and thighs. I just laid there, face down with my eyes closed, breathing deeply.

I could have slept there like that. My gaping asshole dripping with cum... But soon I heard Sharon crouch down next to me... Right in my ear she whispered:
"I just LOVE doing this to you. I own you, you nasty little slut... You are mine, and I love that you'll do whatever I say..."

I looked her in the eyes and said, "I love you. Thank you". Then I closed my eyes and I felt her kiss my forehead... Right before I drifted off into a deep and satisfied slumber.

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