January 19, 2017

Submissive Couple Statement of Intent and Desire to Dom

Dear Master: This document is a statement of intent and desire...  

We are both consensual adults and seek to fulfill the desires we both have to experience our true sexuality. The following objectives can be used as a suggested guide and a contract.

We are a Kinky Lifestyle couple who are going to become sexual beings. We are both open minded and intelligent recognize we are intended to be toys for a very dominant man. We both are very anal oriented and both need our holes stuffed with dick. We will be trained and serve a master and whom ever the master pleases. 

We desire the following activities:

She, likes to be forced to serve, be raped and fucked in all holes and please multiple partners. She needs to be bound and fucked. She needs to be used publicly and as a party favor. She requires frequent penetration, by men, objects or animals. She is to be inseminated and bred, then milked and kept lactating. She becomes intensely aroused when tied down spread wide and probed. She is to be filmed and displayed. She is to be used to assist masters rape and training of others, especially her husband.
He is a bisexual switch that will be turned into a bi/gay slave for the master and others. His ass is to be made into a pussy. His mouth used to suck cocks cunts and eat ass. He is to wear panties, and be cuckolded, used to cleanup, assist, or be denied. He has intense orgasms when sodomized. He prefers semen filled holes when he is not being chastised and denied. He will assist in fluffing cleaning and rimming while his wife is bred. He will be gang-banged and filmed. He longs for hot loads dripping from his ass.

We consent to being drugged and bound. We consent to be used for group and public pleasure. He is to be taken to groups, bathhouses and scenes and trained to be gay. He will shave his ass and keep it clean. He will clean others’ asses and administer enemas or take an enema in front of others.

She keeps her holes ready for master and will be a cum bucket. She will feed her husband and her husband will become used to masters cum dripping from his wife.

He will wear condoms during the breeding, breaking in process. 
She should be taken and repeatedly fucked and sodomized by many men, gang-bangs, & trios, She will be taken by master and fucked anytime. 
Cuckold must seek permission to penetrate her cunt. He may use her ass when masters are done using it. During training he will only be allowed gay sex. 
She will assist in the bondage and training as well as humiliation and chastity. He will be filmed and outed as an ass licking cuckold sissy boy. and her as a dick taking whore.
We both will be pierced and tattooed by master for marking and control. We are born anal sex slave whores. and at this point in time require and desire this. Her labia lips and breasts will be pierced.

...This should cut to the chase.

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