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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

Let Me Explain Why Men Seek Women Who Embrace The Cuckold Lifestyle... Different men will want to consider a wide variety o...

November 21, 2017

Hotwives Turning Their Cuckold Husbands Into Money Making Whores

Ladies, Would You Enjoy Turning Your Cuckold Into Your Very Own Faggot Whore to Control and Pimp Out?

“Watch closely my dear cuckold… Soon, you will be getting fucked by this Big Black Cock while we shoot gay porno videos… Of course, all the money your cock sucking and man-pussy fucking generates will go to me… In a little while, Jay will be hard again and this time he is going to take your anal virginity. You will be bare-back sodomized and pumped full of pearly white semen by this Big Black Cock today… Get used to it pussy boi, because you will be forced to make gay porno flicks and whored out daily from now on... I am now your pimp goddess!”
“Good cuckold cum slut! That’s it… Lick, suck and swallow… Don’t miss any! In a little while, Jay will be hard again and this time he is going to take your anal virginity. Yup, you are gonna be sodomized by a Big Black Cock today… Get used to it pussy boi, because you will be whored out daily from now on.”
"Good cuckold BBC cock slut! That’s it… Open wide and relax your throat… Deep throat and take the whole thing! My BBC lover will be here soon and after he skull fucks you he is going to fuck your man-pussy. You will be sodomized by a Big Black Cock today… Get used to it pussy boi, because you will be whored out to BBC daily from now on.”

“Ashley and I are starting your man-pussy stretching, my dear sweet cuckold husband… Soon you will be getting fucked by many different BBC studs as I pimp you out to them in exchange for their services setting up my other whores with cash paying customers… Your bonus for getting ass fucked? Soon, you will NEED a cock in your ass to cum!”

Hotwife Trains Her Cuckold To Have Anal Orgasms

These Cuckold Caption images portray the lifestyle I am seeking a woman to share with me as my Hotwife, with me becoming her Cuckold Hubby...

“You are doing great, pussy boi! Your ass has opened up to take bigger and bigger cocks all week… Your loose man-pussy reveals that you REALLY ARE a bottom bitch faggot cuckold!”

I adore this next scenario... 

“I am very impressed with how fast you are responding to my conditioning of your body… In one week you have become my prostate bitch. Now, the only way you can cum is with a cock, dildo or finger fucking your man pussy and stimulating your prostate… Think about the BBC that will replace my finger. Oh yeah, you shoot your biggest loads when you think about a BBC ass-fuck ”

November 20, 2017

Impromptu Visit to Glory Hole Adult Video Arcade Yields Cuckold Experience

My First Bisexual MMF Threesome Experience
It was in the early 90’s and I was living in Erie, Pennsylvania where I was convinced to move so I could run a family business that my father had an interest in… For the most part, Erie was a shit hole of a small rust belt city which had seen far better days in its past. 
But, after my first wife left me and went back to California, I had met an incredible young woman who became a sales rep for me first, and then my very own kinkster hotwife.

Since we had been married, Bobbi had fucked plenty of other men and then told me all the cock-hardening details about it after returning home to me. Her stories were breathed into my ears while I enjoyed fucking her sloppy-seconds cum filled cunt. 
But, as often as we talked about it, I had yet to experience her cum slut activities on a first hand basis by participating with her and one or more of her lovers… That was soon to change!
My wife Bobbi and I were out celebrating our third anniversary. She was 25 at the time and I was 37. We had no set plans and decided to begin with a nice dinner at the Bel Aire Hotel’s Restaurant where we both knew the Executive Chef. We finished our dinner and polished off our second bottle of Pinot Noir. 
As we were walking out of the hotel’s main lobby into the parking lot we realized that neither of us should actually be driving on the winding country roads out to our house in Fairview. Instead, we decided to take a walk down the sparsely trafficked road at that hour and sober up a bit before heading home in the car.

As we turned to the right and walked about a hundred feet, I noticed that across the road from us was a store I had seen several times while driving by that had a glittering neon sign inside the window that read “Adult Videos” and another sign in the second window that read “Video Arcade”.
I pointed to the adult arcade/bookstore and I kidded her about going inside. She had never been in one and was curious to see what it was like. Who was I to stop her? So we crossed the road and noticed quite a few cars parked in the back behind the store. 
The store was rather crowded with about a dozen men and two other couples. Everyone looked fairly normal.     
Most of the single men were looking at magazines and rental movies. Sensing my wife’s nervousness, we joined the other couples in the rather tame section containing lotion, novelties and cards. 
Before long we boldly moved to the section containing the vibrators and dildos where she marveled at the variety of designs and sizes. 
It was incredibly erotic watching Bobbi in front of so many strangers examining the large rubber dildos. By the look in her eyes, heavy breathing and deep concentration, I could only imagine what was going on in her mind. 
I'm sure she was thinking what it might be like to have the different sizes and thicknesses inside her hungry pussy, fucking her.
My wife was an attractive and sexy woman, and I had been told by several friends trying to warn me before we married that Bobbi had quite the reputation of being a party girl and a slut for big cocks before we married. At the time, this info made me want her for my wife even more so!
I was quite the experienced kinkster by then, but I always had the feeling that Bobbi had experienced even wider adventures and I looked forward to what we would discover as a swinging couple…
She had even told me that a few of the guys she had slept with before we met were each hung much larger than me and she couldn't imagine going without a big cock for very long… Hence, our “Cuckold and Hotwife” relationship and unconventional marriage. 
The one condition we had agreed upon as a limitation or constraint, was that whomever she fucked must have a much larger cock than mine!

As she started to drool while fondling the biggest dildos the store had on display, I broke her concentration by nudging her towards the video arcade. Hand in hand, we selected a small dark unoccupied both toward the back. 
I locked the door and pulled her into a passionate embrace.
In the darkness, we could hear sounds coming from the booths next and near by. Most were the sounds from the videos playing of people moaning during sex, but we also heard various muffled grunts, groans and other noises from the people in the booths.
I broke off our embrace to put a few dollars in our booth’s video machine. When it started up, it was showing a video of a woman being serviced by several well-hung black men. 
It was clear from both of our obvious states of arousal that this was going to end up with us having sex in the booth until we were both somewhat satisfied, and by then, certainly sober enough to drive home!
I stood behind her letting my hands roam under her blouse, rubbing her firm breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers while she watched the woman in the video on her hands and knees sucking one big black cock while another was thrusting in and out of her now gaping cunt. 
Bobbi unbuttoned and removed her blouse in order to give me better access. She reached behind her back and fondled my hard 7” cock through my bulging dockers. 
She proceeded to unbuttoned and unzip my slacks and pulled my hard cock free from its khaki prison.
Her hands began squeezing and stroking my hard naked cock. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants. With her still in front of me I pulled her skirt up above her waist and pushed her panties down to her knees. 
She took the hint and stepped out of them and removed her skirt leaving her completely exposed from the waist down.
As I watched her do this, I noticed a glory hole that had been nicely cut and smoothed between our booth and the one next door. I also noticed in the darkness, someone was looking through the hole watching us. 

If the guy did not have his face up against the hole, we would have easily seen into the other booth.

The sudden realization that someone was watching us, as my wife was stroking my dick and my fingers were plunging in and out of her pussy, sent a jolt of excitement through me. Bobbi had no idea what was happening. 
I ran my hands through her soft mound and spread her lips wide with both hands to show our voyeur neighbor how beautiful her cunt was. 
As I picked up the pace of finger banging my cum slut wife, she became ever more soaked and ready for action. I continued to finger fuck her with two fingers from one hand and played with her engorged clit with the other. 
Bobbi's body looked magnificent, on display in the video's dim light as she leaned back against my chest. 
I looked at the glory hole several times and could make out that we were still being watched. I then had her sit on the bench seat, right beside the glory hole. She reached out, grabbed my cock and pulled me directly in front of her. 
She began licking the head of my cock with her talented tongue. The voyeur was getting a fantastic show. I decided to tell her that someone was watching us and pointed to the hole. She looked, gasped, smiled and tried to fix her clothes. I quickly grabbed her hands and told her that it was ok. 
She looked at me for several seconds and then asked me if I was sure. 
I replied by guiding her head back to my throbbing cock. She smiled at me and enthusiastically began sucking me, which I am sure was partially due to her own excitement and to put on a good show for our voyeur and new fan. 
She looked so damn sexy with her lips around my cock and her eyes alternating between looking up into mine and looking at the glory hole.
To both of our surprise, our voyeur slowly began inserting his own cock through the hole. Bobbi moaned around my cock as she watched the stranger's cock coming into our booth. I know that she moaned because it was apparent that this was no ordinary cock. 

It was huge and it was a beautiful ebony color.

It easily rivaled the largest dildos we had looked at just minutes ago… The cock was still mostly soft and was already easily 8 inches long and thicker than my normal sized tool. I was now reeling at the kinky sexual possibilities that were now before us. 
Bobbi stopped sucking and looked up at me as if she were waiting for me to tell her what to do. I asked her if she wanted to try to make it hard. 
I guess that she had the same idea because she quickly grabbed it with both hands and started rubbing up and down its massive dark length. She never took her eyes off of it as she exclaimed, "It's big and it feels good."
I had always imagined that I would some day see Bobbi playing with another man's cock, and it was certainly something I was immensely enjoying as I began playing with my own cock. 
Bobbi had managed to bring the faceless, bodyless cock to full attention, as it expanded in both length and thickness. It now pointed up into our booth to what I would have to guess was at least 10", and very thick.
I'd never touched another man before, but I had to admit that this was absolutely the most awesome specimen of manhood that I have ever seen. I reached down and placed my hand next to hers on the huge muscle. It was almost hot to the touch, hard and soft at the same time.
Then, I knelt down so that we were both eye level with this impressive shaft and I began rubbing the shaft against Bobbi's face. Back and forth across her cheeks, her forehead and finally her lips. 
As I was doing this, Bobbi's hands went between her legs as she played with her clit. I don't think she consciously realized that she was doing this.
At that moment, I wanted to see her suck this big cock or at least suck as much as she could possibly get into her mouth. I asked her if she wanted to take it in her mouth and she looked into my eyes and nodded yes.

Still holding the BBC monster cock, I held it just behind the smooth head and I began rubbing the tip right across her lips. I told her to open up and as she did, I fed just the head inside her mouth. 
Her tongue licked all over the head up to my fingers. I than fed her a few more inches which allowed her to really start using her whole mouth. 
Soon she had as much of this large cock as she could fit in her mouth. I began pumping the cock in rhythm with her sucking. 
With my other hand, I resumed playing with her dripping pussy. Eventually she switched to sucking the cock with a twisting action. I have enjoyed this technique many, many times. 
She pleasured the shaft for at least 15 minutes while I teased her clit and continued to slide two fingers in and out of her sopping wet cunt. 

I knew that her poor mouth must have been getting tired. I wanted to fuck her badly yet couldn't tear myself away from watching her giving this erotic blowjob to a complete and perfect stranger. 
It was extremely erotic to see Bobbi's pale white checks bulging with the big black shaft. I began to wonder if she would be willing to let this massive black rod into her sweet juicy pussy while I watched and helped or if we could accomplish that in the confines of the small booth. 
What Bobbi did next both surprised and shocked me. 
She took the cock from her mouth and kissed me passionately on my mouth. As her tongue snaked into my mouth, she began rubbing the cock against both of our faces. It was covered with her saliva and his precum. 
It felt so hot and wet on my face as she pulled it down closer to our kiss. 

We soon began kissing each other all around the shaft, lips rubbing back and forth, and our tongues teasing each other's by darting in and out while flicking away on the BBC monster cock.
As I crouched underneath, I was completely lost in the eroticism of the moment. The world was receding and there was nothing real to me right then and there except for Bobbi, our mouths and this beautiful long, very hard, and very dark penis. 
I would probably have never done this on my own to another man, but this was not a man, this was an anomaly… A huge cock and nothing more, for Bobbi and I to share in our own private wet dream.
As I followed the path of her tongue, she led me from the cock's base all the way to its head. Her tongue pulled away slightly, leaving me to stop with the tip of the head perched in between my open lips. I paused and looked into her eyes. 
Bobbi smiled and asked me if I wanted to finish what she had started. I didn't need to answer, as she knew as much as I did, how badly I wanted and actually needed to do this. 
She gently pushed my head forward as I began sucking my first cock. I held the shaft with both hands and tried to suck as best as I could. My only experience was that of having the same done to me countless times. I closed my eyes as I concentrated, and I felt Bobbi's familiar mouth now engulfing my own rock hard cock. 
I matched her rhythm, strokes and tongue movements in order to give this stranger's cock the same pleasure that I was receiving. 
I could feel his shaft in my mouth throbbing in unison with my own. My reality further receded away. Now I was only aware of my throbbing prick and my mouth. The rhythms, the sucking, the tongues, the pleasure was all the same. 
It was as if I were sucking my own cock. I could not last much longer nor did I want this to end...
Bobbi could tell I was close as she increased her intensity. I did the same… I was cumming… I could feel the pulsing, shooting intensity of jet after jet of cum into her mouth… The cum tasted sweet and salty and it easily filled her mouth… My mouth. 
It took me a few seconds to realize that it wasn't just me that was cumming. He blasted against the roof of my mouth, filling it. I swallowed three times, still had a mouthful and the cock was still cumming.
I pulled back as another thick pearly white jet of semen splashed warmly against my cheek. Bobbi was now beside me and quickly guided it into her mouth as the next shot covered her tongue. She engulfed the ebony prize as it gave up its last few shots. Now totally spent, the ebony pole soon began to soften as she let it slip from her mouth.  
She turned to me and we passionately kissed. Our tongues pushed cum into each other's mouth as we played and savored the taste. I held her in a loving embrace as we licked the remaining cum from each other's lips, chins and cheeks.
I looked at the wall where the glory hole was… The magnificent big black cock was gone. I could see into the next booth and it was now empty.

As we were recovering from the sexual high, someone else entered the next booth and began watching us. Another stranger was getting to see Bobbi's naked body. Her breasts were spectacular and I know the voyeur had a good view of her wet unfucked and very hungry pussy.

I meant to remedy that soon enough.
Bobbi smiled at me and we dressed in front of our new voyeur. Once dressed, we exited the booth and headed out of the store but not before purchasing a souvenir.

We could not get home fast enough, but as soon as we did, I brought her to five orgasms with her new 10" BBC toy... I had a feeling that our sexual adventures had just begun.

November 18, 2017

Hotwife Shares Moment of Intimacy with Cuckold During MMF Experience

This Hotwife Shares a Moment of Intimacy with Her Cuckold Husband During their MMF Threesome Experience with a Well Hung BBC Lover

I treasure these moments of deep intimacy when my wife is kissing me right before experiencing a massive orgasm from being fucked by her BBC equipped bull…

Being a cuckold married to a hotwife who fucks lovers with Big Black Cocks provides me with erotic pleasures that men in traditional marriages will never know.

I am proud of my wife and her ability to seduce men that other women dream of... Kissing her while she orally prepares her BBC bull with a much larger cock than mine allows me to be part of a sensuous MMF experience enjoyed by me, my wife, and her lover.

November 17, 2017

Cuckold 69 Position is a Winner!

The Cuckold 69 Position is Popular and Enjoyed
by Most FemDom, Cuckold and Bull Kinksters!

We call this the “Cuckold 69” position and it’s one of my favorites… I can lick my hotwife’s clit as I watch her lover’s cock pounding her stretched out cunt.
Then, when her bull busts his nut, I get to see close up as his sperm tube pulsates while he pumps jet after jet of pearly white semen inside my wife’s gaping fuck hole… As he pulls his cock out of her, I clamp my lips onto her pussy lips and suck as the warm semen flows from her stretched out cunt into my mouth.

This is an excellent way of feeding my addiction to sucking out and swallowing the cum that men pump into my hotwife’s gaping cunt!

Cuckold To Faggot Transformation Process


 Your Mistress gives you orders you must obey:

“That’s it Cucky Boi, relax your sphincter and let your mistress penetrate your ass Soon enough, you will be getting fucked by real BBC studs!  You ass will be filled with all the cum my bulls can provide so that I know you are well on your way into your transformation from straight guy to faggot cum slut. My bulls will fuck me, and so will many of the guys they bring over here!"

"But, you will NO LONGER be allowed to fuck your mistress You will become a cock sucking faggot that I control. You will give men I choose blow jobs, swallow lots of cum, suck their cocks hard so they can pump those Big Cocks deep into your ass."

"That’s right you fucking wannabe faggot, my bulls are gonna be fucking your man-pussy and you will soon be taking BBC gang bangs! So you better learn to keep your ass lubed, stretched and ready to get fucked by well hung black men who I know that have always wanted to fuck a faggot white boi like you

November 6, 2017

Cuckoldress Hotwife FemDom Beauty

Shown below are a few of the most beautiful women whose images I have captioned and written stories about...


Crime and Drugs

Portugal’s Example: What Happened After It Decriminalized All Drugs, From Weed to Heroin

As diplomats gather at the United Nations in New York to consider the future of global drug policy, one Portuguese official, João Goulão, commanded attention that far outstripped his country's influence in practically any other area. That's because 16 years ago, Portugal took a leap and decriminalized the possession of all drugs — everything from marijuana to heroin.

By most measures, the move has paid off.

Today, Portuguese authorities don't arrest anyone found holding what's considered less than a 10-day supply of an illicit drug — a gram of heroin, ecstasy, or amphetamine, two grams of cocaine, or 25 grams of cannabis. Instead, drug offenders receive a citation and are ordered to appear before so- called "dissuasion panels" made up of legal, social, and psychological experts. Most cases are simply suspended. Individuals who repeatedly come before the panels may be prescribed treatment, ranging from motivational counseling to opiate substitution therapy.
"We had a lot of criticism at first," recalled Goulão, a physician specializing in addiction treatment whose work led Portugal to reform its drug laws in 2000, and who is today its national drug coordinator. After decriminalizing, the first inquiries Portugal received from the International Narcotics Control Board — the quasi-judicial UN oversight body established by the UN drug convention system — were sharp and scolding.
"Now things have changed completely," he went on. "We are pointed to as an example of best practices inside the spirit of the conventions." Indeed, Werner Sipp, the new head of the board, said as much at the UN's Commission on Narcotic Drugs in Vienna earlier this year.

'It was the combination of the law and these services that made it a success. It's very difficult to find people in Portugal who disagree
with this model.'

Though often narrowly assessed in reference to its decriminalization law, Portugal's experience over the last decade and a half speaks as much to its free public health system, extensive treatment programs, and the hard to quantify trickle down effects of the legislation. In a society where drugs are less stigmatized, problem users are more likely to seek out care. Police, even if they suspect someone of using drugs, are less likely to bother them. Though at least 25 countries have introduced some form of decriminalization, Portugal's holistic model and its use of dissuasion panels sets it apart.
The rate of new HIV infections in Portugal has fallen precipitously since 2001, the year its law took effect, declining from 1,016 cases to only 56 in 2012. Overdose deaths decreased from 80 the year that decriminalization was enacted to only 16 in 2012. In the US, by comparison, more than 14,000 people died in 2014 from prescription opioid overdoses alone.

Portugal's current drug-induced death rate, three per million residents, is more than five times lower than the European Union's average of 17.3, according to EU figures.

When Portugal decided to decriminalize in 2000, many skeptics assumed that the number of users would skyrocket. That did not happen. With some exceptions, including a marginal increase among adolescents, drug use has fallen over the past 15 years and now ebbs and flows within overall trends in Europe.

Portuguese officials estimate that by the late 1990s roughly one percent of Portugal's population, around 100,000 people, were heroin users.
Today, "we estimate that we have 50,000, most of them under substitution treatment," said Goulão before adding that he's recently seen a small uptick in use of the drug, predominantly among former addicts that got clean. This reflects Portugal's tenuous economic condition, he contends.

"People use drugs for one of two reasons — either to potentiate pleasures or relieve unpleasure — and the types of drugs and the type of people who use drugs carries a lot according to the conditions of life in the country," he remarked.

Parallel harm reduction measures, such as needle exchanges and opioid substitution therapy using drugs like methadone and buprenorphine, he said, serve as a cushion to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and a rise in overdoses even if the number of users injecting heroin happens to increase for a period of time. 

"I think harm reduction is not giving up on people," said Goulão. "I think it is respecting their timings and assuming that even if someone is still using drugs, that person deserves the investment of the state in order to have a better and longer life." 

Such statements, once considered radical, are becoming more appealing to drug officials in other countries. Decriminalization and harm reduction lends greater attention to the human rights of users while allowing law enforcement resources to be spent elsewhere. And though it's a major shift, Portuguese decriminalization is not a revolution in terms of international law.
Drugs are still illegal in Portugal, drug dealers and traffickers are still sent to jail, and the country has carefully kept itself within the confines of the UN's drug convention system that inform national drug laws. For decades the three treaties were seen as prescribing jail time for users, but experts have long contended — and governments now increasingly recognize — that they give countries wide latitude in how to treat and police users.
When Portugal decriminalized, UN member states were just years removed from a 1998 special session of the General Assembly that convened under the fanciful pretext of eliminating drug use worldwide. On Tuesday, member states adopted a new outcome document that is meant to reposition drug policy. It stops short of what many advocates would have liked, excluding the actual words "harm reduction" while failing to address the death penalty for drug offenders, which member states noted repeatedly on Tuesday. The document reflects both an evolution in drug policy in many parts of the world over the last two decades, but is also a testament to the continued influence of conservative countries that still favor interdiction.
Goulão himself is skeptical of some aspects of marijuana reform in places like the United States, which he says can conflate medical use with recreational markets. "Sometimes I feel the promoters of this discussion are mixing things together using a lack of intellectual seriousness," he said.
Though heroin use is often highlighted to show the efficacy of Portugal's model, today most users that come before panels are in fact caught with either hashish or cannabis, said Nuno Capaz, a sociologist who serves on Lisbon's dissuasion panel. Between 80 to 85 percent of all people who report to the panels are first-time offenders and deemed to be recreational users, meaning their cases are suspended.
For those who have been repeatedly caught or are identified as addicts, the panels can order sanctions or treatment. Recreational users may face fines or be ordered to provide community service. If an addict refuses treatment, they are required to check in regularly with their "family doctor" — the medical professional in the person's locality that provides checkups and other services to them under Portugal's free national healthcare program. Such a close, pre-existing relationship between medical professionals and Portuguese residents is another feature of the model, and one that could be hard to replicate in a country like the US.  
"If the person doesn't show up at the doctor, we ask the police to personally hand them a notification so they know they are supposed to be in a specific place," said Capaz. "The important part is to maintain the connection to the treatment system."

The role of police coordinating with health officials to ensure treatment demonstrates the altered relationship between them and drug users over the past decade and a half, and one that contrasts dramatically with how police orient themselves in countries like the US.
"This small change actually makes a huge change in terms of police officers' work," said Capaz, referring to decriminalization. "Of course every police officer knows where people hang out to smoke joints. If they wanted to they would just go there and pick up the same guy over and over. That doesn't happen." 

Working in parallel to government efforts, non-profit groups play a role in providing clean needles and even distributing crack pipes as a way to entice drug users into the network of state service providers.
Ricardo Fuertes, project coordinator at GAT, an outreach organization founded by people living with HIV, works at one of the group's drop-in centers, nestled in a residential building in Lisbon. The location, he says, is a sign of the decrease in stigma towards drug use.
"It's very obvious that it's a place for people who use drugs. It's very open, but we don't have complaints," said Fuertes, referring to the drop-in center. "The general population even comes to get tests done. I think it shows this isn't a ghetto service."

But care and outreach providers and the people they help have felt the pinch of Portugal's economic troubles. In 2011, the country was bailed out by the European Union and the IMF, and later passed austerity measures that imposed considerable cuts on public services.
Goulão said that drug treatment programs have been relatively insulated, but funds for job programs that could help employers pay the wages of drug users were decreased. Fuertes went a bit further, saying that some providers have had to lower costs. He explained that government funding may be allocated only for a year at a time, making long-term planning difficult.
"It's not easy for many people, and of course people who use drugs are not the exception," he said. "We see many of our clients facing very difficult situations."

Portuguese health workers refer to Greece as a cautionary tale. Wracked by a budgetary crisis and the austerity conditions of repeated bailouts, Greece experienced an explosion of HIV transmission rates after budget cuts left health programs drastically underfunded.
According to EU figures, only Greece and Latvia experienced larger cuts than Portugal to its public health services between the period of 2005 to 2007 and 2009 to 2012.
And yet Portugal experienced no discernable rise in HIV transmission — the cushion effect in action.
"Usually the focus is on the decriminalization itself, but it worked because there were other services, and the coverage increased for needle replacement, detox, therapeutic communities, and employment options for people who use drugs," said Fuertes. "It was the combination of the law and these services that made it a success. It's very difficult to find people in Portugal who disagree with this model."

In the run-up to the UN General Assembly's special session, Goulão cautioned that countries had to consider their own domestic environments first in learning from Portugal's experience.
"We don't assume that this is the silver bullet, but in my view it has been very important because it introduced coherence into the whole system," he said. "If our responses are based in the idea that we talking about addiction, that we are talking about chronic disease, talking about a health issue — to have it out of the penal system is a clear improvement. It was really important for our society because it allowed us to drop the stigma."
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November 1, 2017