November 21, 2017

Hotwife Trains Her Cuckold To Have Anal Orgasms

These Cuckold Caption images portray the lifestyle I am seeking a woman to share with me as my Hotwife, with me becoming her Cuckold Hubby...

“You are doing great, pussy boi! Your ass has opened up to take bigger and bigger cocks all week… Your loose man-pussy reveals that you REALLY ARE a bottom bitch faggot cuckold!”

I adore this next scenario... 

“I am very impressed with how fast you are responding to my conditioning of your body… In one week you have become my prostate bitch. Now, the only way you can cum is with a cock, dildo or finger fucking your man pussy and stimulating your prostate… Think about the BBC that will replace my finger. Oh yeah, you shoot your biggest loads when you think about a BBC ass-fuck ”

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