December 11, 2017

Message To Prospective Cuckoldress Hotwife Women

Dear Prospective Cuckoldress and Hotwife,

I wanted to share the following ideas about love and relationships with you, because this is what I believe in and the man that I am… The feelings I get seeing you experience sexual pleasure with others are created by a connection with you that some people are now calling “Compersion”.
This is what compersion means, and is all about...

Compersion is sometimes referred to as the opposite of jealousy. It is an empathic-resonating connection within one person for another that allows a man to experience the pleasure a woman receives by being connected to her.
->Experiencing and receiving pleasure from your partner’s pleasure.
->Experiencing joy and happiness from your partner’s joy and happiness.
->Not confined to sexual pleasures a partner experiences.

While jealousy is an unavoidable human emotion, compersion thwarts or converts the negative emotion into pleasure.

While still an unofficial word, it was coined to describe the feelings a person in a polyamorous relationship enjoys vicariously with another member. There are many sources defining it that are all pretty much the same. One interesting take is that compersion can be experienced from jealousy itself.

“Polymorous” being another relatively newly invented word to describe people who love and have romantic interest in more than one other person; “New” to me being much less than a few hundred years old.  “Poly”, meaning many or more than one and “Amor”, meaning love. The word describes people who have an open romantic relationship, who have or are open to having, more than one romantic interest. Compersion in these situations is certainly mandatory in order to successfully live this way.
There are many different relationship dynamics where people experience compersion with their lover. I prefer this word over others, but prefer to isolate its usage to sexual situations only.
It is mandatory for me that I have a solid connection with you, to be in love with you in order for me to experience Compersion at all. 

It is also mandatory for me, that my relationship with you means that all my own romantic interests be solely between you and I… I must not have romance with any other woman while you explore your pleasures with other men… Sharing your experiences, feelings, pleasures, hopes and wishes with me.
The Connection you and I establish, based in love, trust and compatibility, is the only way I can experience compersion with you. I will not put myself into a different position.
You must be so very special that I want no other and fully commit to you monogamously.

Your greatness and our love provides for me to have an intense empathic – resonating connection with you in all ways… When you experience the pleasure of a handsome and physically desirable man making love, or having sex with you, then I will feel your joy and experience your sweet orgasms.
Our connection provides for our relationship to include many possibilities, where I can experience extreme levels of compersion with you, because you must prefer NOT to be monogamous to me...
You must have a deeply felt desire to have sex with other men that you are attracted to.

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