December 23, 2017

What To Consider When Planning A Cuckold Wedding

FemDom Cum Slut Cuckold Hotwife

 Femdom Cuckold Marriage

I seek a woman to become my wife in a marriage based on Cuckold Lifestyle...
What follows below are my ideas for the wedding and what follows.

In a cuckold marriage, the wife, if previously quiet and polite is completely transformed into a liberated woman who can experience as many men and as much sex as she desires. She can be confident in the knowledge that her husband is waiting faithfully for her at home and eagerly anticipating her arrival from her dates.

She also knows that he no longer expects the typical male-driven types of sex.

She will give him sexual pleasure by fucking his ass with a vibrator and strap-on dildo. He will rarely have intercourse with her even though he may desire it very much. He is completely satisfied by her humiliating FemDom kinks, including plenty of cock that she will make him suck and take in his man-pussy. Her ongoing BBC bull fucking experiences lead to her sexual growth as she learns more about how to please herself and real men freely.
Another trait of the cuckold marriage is that the male partner agrees that he will not pursue any extramarital sex at all, unless directed by his wife... She may even choose to pimp her husband out for money and humiliation. This is the control and freedom granted to the wife.

This is why many people tend to associate female dominated marriages with the cuckold lifestyle and there is, indeed, crossover. However, in many instances the husband is simply more aroused by his wife's own experiences and transformation into the ideal "cum slut" hotwife than he is in his own sexual pursuits.

Some cuckold marriages go even farther by adding the concept of pregnancy by the wife's lovers to the experience. Some couples plan on the wife becoming pregnant by her lovers from the very start. Others gradually grow to this level over time as both partners discover that the idea is very exciting to them and in many ways practical. This is the strongest and deepest expression of the cuckold marriage possible.

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