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April 13, 2018

Meet My Friend Who Turns Straight Men Into Cck Sucking Faggots

Coerced Gay, Gay Humiliation, Creating Faggots

You have always dated women, but that got boring. You love masturbating, but “normal porn” got just as boring. You found yourself being attracted to all my gay themed clips. An obsession formed and you can only get off to my coerced gay clips these days. What your unaware of is my power, my true calling as, The Faggot Maker. I am The Faggot Maker. 

I turn EVERY MAN into a FAG for me. I’ve reprogrammed you to be obsessed with me and suck dick. My clip contains elements of gay humiliation, coerced gay, coerced bi, gay jerk off instruction, gay masturbation instructions, manipulation, faggot, fag, mind control, mind fuck, mesmerize, reprogramming.

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Download – JOI_FMaker.mp4