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January 19, 2018

The Day I Met My Future Mother-In-Law

After I sucked all the semen from her gigantic gaped and cum filled pussy, she started working me over...

“That’s it Cucky Boi, open up your man-pussy for my big strap-on cock… Take it deep bitch boi!"
You’re gonna pump thick jets of semen from my strap-on stimulating your prostate… 

Your cum will be the lube I use to make you take an even bigger dildo.

You can’t cum unless your ass is full of cock… 

C’mon, give me your jizz, NOW!”

I Seek A Woman With A Huge Vagina

Great Hot Wife Material!

“That’s right Cucky Boi, my cunt is thoroughly stretched to the max using these gigantic didoes… and I want more! I really miss getting hot semen squirt up inside my hot wife pussy…"

"My pussy is demanding more semen for this cum hungry cunt. I need lots of BBC jizz, so please find a stud to fuck me and make sure he cums more than usual…"

"I need you to help make sure he fills my womb full of thick BBC baby batter.
I can’t cum unless my cunt is being stretched to the limit… I need bigger dick, NOW!”

I am seeking to meet a woman with an extraordinarily large Pussy... Preferably her cunt is CAVERNOUS and so big that most men cannot feel much when they fuck her. The bigger, more wide open, gaped and cavernous her cunt is, the better.

I am not like most men, I crave big, giant gaped cunts that look like small caves! I want to love, cherish and marry a woman with a gigantic cunt... Preferably, she will have a large clitoris as well. 

 Big Pussy Is The Best Pussy!

Be My Pimp

Be My Pimp - Make Me Your Bitch

Erotica | Fetlife
If ever I could hold your heart
I’d sing to it.
I’d sing a song so beautiful
That it would beat for me.
I’d tell it...
I’d tell it I would serve it
Till I die.
That I’d protect it
Like a bitch in heat.
That I would give for it’s
And that I’d never leave.
I’d lick and suck it while it pulses
Inside my mouth.
Then be it’s slop bucket
When it erupts.
I’d be it’s veins.
It’s ventricles.
It’s destination.
I’d be so much of that One
I’d be the ground
Beneath its feet.
It would trust me.
I’d be it’s
And it,
Would be my...
- pc ♥️

January 11, 2018

Honeymoon Revelation From His Beautiful Latina Hotwife


Cuckold was still in a daze after the wedding to his beautiful Latina bride…
Enjoying their honeymoon, she told her cuckold hubby to sit and listen as she would explain how their marriage will be… His FemDom wife said:
“You now belong to me and I plan to mold you to my whim. You will be trained to take BBC deep inside your faggot ass-pussy… "
"Now, take those shorts off and open your legs wide so I can finger fuck my faggot husband until you open up enough to take my 9” BBC dildo…"
"Tomorrow, I have a friend coming by to shove his cock meat deep into your ass-cunt! You will soon be begging to spread your ass cheeks for big black cocks, cum boi… "
"I will condition you to crave taking a hard BBC balls deep, so that you can cum! You will ONLY be able to cum when getting ass fucked… "
"You will become the cum slut BBC faggot I’ve always wanted for my husband, so I can whore you out!”
"You will learn to assist feeding my insatiable cunt with BBC by fluffing my Big Black Cock lovers so I can fuck more of them every day than without your help... STOP CRYING YOU FAGGOT!"

Cuckold Gets Strap-On Fucked Treatment


While showing off her new BBC mega-dildo, the cuckold's FemDom wife said:
“Get in here and take this BBC strap-on cock deep in your man-pussy… NOW!"

  • Spread your legs wide so I can fuck my faggot husband’s cunt with this huge BBC and pump you like the whore you are! 

  • It’s time for you to take my hard BBC strap-on balls deep like the faggot cum bucket submissive pussy boi I’ve turned you into… 

  • Show your mistress what a cum slut faggot I’ve turned you into!

What Is It That You Seek, My Cuckold Protege?

Sloan Is My Ideal Cuckoldress

  • My cuckold cock is seen to the right in the image above... 

  • When I described my ideal cuckoldress to the artist, this is what he gave me… 

  • I think he pretty much nailed the concept and she looks a lot like Sloan… 

The mistress I wish would have taken ownership of me. Of course, my ideal hotwife would focus on putting me in my submissive place by humiliating me, then turning me into a faggot cum receptacle… 


For example, when Mama Woo has “Turned Me Out” she made me suck cocks and she opened up my man-pussy so I could take a decent black cock fucking… My ideal owner will dominate me in a way that creates a rush of intoxication, an incredible high, with some of my orgasms leaving me dazed and confused until the endorphins released start to fade. 


Oh the angst that comes from knowing what I need and the unlikely prospects of ever finding her… 

  • Almost like the illustration to the left… 

  • A Mythological figure… 

  • A Goddess I am not worthy of!

My Hotwife Has Become Addicted To Big Black Cock (BBC)


I love my Big Black Cock addicted Cumslut Hotwife because She fucks cocks so big they stretched her cunt to where she can no longer feel my 7” white cuckold cock… She has decided to “Turn Me Out” by opening up my ass with larger strap-on dildos… Next, she’ll make me take real cocks in my ass while she sucks my dick and drains my semen. Lately, she forces me to ejaculate by fucking my ass with her vibrating 9” BBC dildo... When she gets home from dates, she makes me lick, suck and swallow the cum that her bulls pump into her huge gaped cunt!

FemDom Hotwife Returns To Cuckold After Fuck-Date


“Get in here and on your back in our cuckold marital bed… Open your mouth wide so I can feed my faggot pussy boi. Right there… Underneath my gaped and cum filled cunt… You’re gonna do your cuckold duty and swallow the cum my BBC bull pumped into me… Get all the creamy semen in my freshly fucked pussy… You know where it belongs… In your tummy! This time, try not to let so much cum run down the sides of your face… All this cum should go into your semen addicted tummy… Do I need to go get another load for you? OK, first I’m gonna get my strap-on to fuck the cum out of your swollen balls! SUCK HARDER FAGGOT!"

"…Swallow every drop of his semen.”

Hotwife Creates Faggot Transformation Inititiative

Faggot Transformation Initiative From Hotwife

"That’s a good little faggot cock sucker… Suck it good so you get youir special treat of hot semen from my faggot husband…”

“I am thoroughly enjoying the activities that are part of our Transformation Initiative… You and your buddies are going to become full fledged cock sucking faggots!”

Cuckold Transformation By Hotwife


His FemDom wife said: “Get in there and jam that BBC up your faggot ass-pussy… NOW! Open your legs wide so he can fuck my faggot with his huge BBC and shove his meat deep into your ass-cunt! Spread your ass cheeks cum boi… Take that hard BBC balls deep like the cum receptacle submissive fag I’ve turned you into… Show Mistress what a cum slut BBC junky faggot I’ve turned you into

Cuckold Changed Into Faggot By Hotwife


His FemDom wife said: “Get in here and jam this BBC down your faggot throat… NOW! Open your mouth wide so he can fuck my faggot husband’s skull with this huge BBC and pump his cum deep into your throat! We’ve been practicing on white cocks… Now, it’s time for you to take this hard BBC balls deep like the faggot cum receptacle submissive pussy boi I’ve turned you into… Show this stud what a cum slut BBC faggot I’ve turned you into!”

She Transforms Cuckold Into Her Strap-On Bitch Boi


His FemDom wife said: “Get in here and take this BBC strap-on cock deep in your man-pussy… NOW! Spread your legs wide so I can fuck my faggot husband’s cunt with this huge BBC and pump you like the whore you are! It’s time for you to take my hard BBC strap-on balls deep like the faggot cum bucket submissive pussy boi I’ve turned you into… Show your mistress what a cum slut faggot I’ve turned you into!”

January 7, 2018

Phone Call From Shakira

My phone was ringing, and I saw it was my beloved cuckoldress in Arkansas, Shakira, the one I never should have sent back the last time she visited me... so I answered it. Here is what she said:
“I have heard enough! You know I love you, so I bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas for next week… When I get there, all those shady gold digging bitches and whores you have hanging around are gonna be gone!" 

Shakira had obviously spoken to one or more of our mutual friends who disliked seeing me taken advantage of... She went on to say:
"I refuse to let them take advantage of you and besides, I know what you need… You need me, your Lady Shakira to slowly but surely transform you into the cum slut faggot that you’ve been hiding for far too long..."
In order to quash my doubts, Shakira told me: 
"By this time next year, we will be married and you will only be able to cum with a Big Black Cock (BBC) sliding in and out of your man-pussy… When you feel his cum squirting inside your ass, that’s when you will be able to cum yourself. Isn’t that what you want baby?"
When I was wavering, Shakira went for the close by saying to me:
"Don’t you want me to strip away that veneer of manhood you have surrounding you, so that the true faggot pussy boi can love me as I pimp you out to men who want to fuck your ass?”
At that point, I breathed a sigh of release and surrender and asked what time her flight would be arriving so I could be there to pick her up at the airport... She said:
“Good answer pussy boi… I know what you desire!”

Fisting The Cuckold's Wife

FemDom Fisting your wife said:  “There is nothing quite as satisfying as stretching out the cunt of a cuckold’s wife so that she will never be able to feel his cock… Soon, she will need to fuck horses or men with freakishly huge cocks just to get off! When I get done with this giant black cock cumslut whore, her cuckold husband is not going to recognize her pussy…"

FemDom Fister went on to say:  "I am going to destroy this cunt with my fist! Cucky boi, you should look at the bright side, now she can hold at least a quart of semen before tilting her pelvis to feed your cuckold faggot cum hungry cock sucking mouth!”

Cuckold Captions

These Cuckold Caption images I have gathered from various websites focused on the Cuckold Lifestyle. Normally, I only post captions I have created, but these seemed worthy of making an exception.