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January 19, 2018

Be My Pimp

Be My Pimp - Make Me Your Bitch

Erotica | Fetlife
If ever I could hold your heart
I’d sing to it.
I’d sing a song so beautiful
That it would beat for me.
I’d tell it...
I’d tell it I would serve it
Till I die.
That I’d protect it
Like a bitch in heat.
That I would give for it’s
And that I’d never leave.
I’d lick and suck it while it pulses
Inside my mouth.
Then be it’s slop bucket
When it erupts.
I’d be it’s veins.
It’s ventricles.
It’s destination.
I’d be so much of that One
I’d be the ground
Beneath its feet.
It would trust me.
I’d be it’s
And it,
Would be my...
- pc ♥️

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