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January 19, 2018

I Seek A Woman With A Huge Vagina

Great Hot Wife Material!

“That’s right Cucky Boi, my cunt is thoroughly stretched to the max using these gigantic didoes… and I want more! I really miss getting hot semen squirt up inside my hot wife pussy…"

"My pussy is demanding more semen for this cum hungry cunt. I need lots of BBC jizz, so please find a stud to fuck me and make sure he cums more than usual…"

"I need you to help make sure he fills my womb full of thick BBC baby batter.
I can’t cum unless my cunt is being stretched to the limit… I need bigger dick, NOW!”

I am seeking to meet a woman with an extraordinarily large Pussy... Preferably her cunt is CAVERNOUS and so big that most men cannot feel much when they fuck her. The bigger, more wide open, gaped and cavernous her cunt is, the better.

I am not like most men, I crave big, giant gaped cunts that look like small caves! I want to love, cherish and marry a woman with a gigantic cunt... Preferably, she will have a large clitoris as well. 

 Big Pussy Is The Best Pussy!

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