January 7, 2018

Phone Call From Shakira

My phone was ringing, and I saw it was my beloved cuckoldress in Arkansas, Shakira, the one I never should have sent back the last time she visited me... so I answered it. Here is what she said:
“I have heard enough! You know I love you, so I bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas for next week… When I get there, all those shady gold digging bitches and whores you have hanging around are gonna be gone!" 

Shakira had obviously spoken to one or more of our mutual friends who disliked seeing me taken advantage of... She went on to say:
"I refuse to let them take advantage of you and besides, I know what you need… You need me, your Lady Shakira to slowly but surely transform you into the cum slut faggot that you’ve been hiding for far too long..."
In order to quash my doubts, Shakira told me: 
"By this time next year, we will be married and you will only be able to cum with a Big Black Cock (BBC) sliding in and out of your man-pussy… When you feel his cum squirting inside your ass, that’s when you will be able to cum yourself. Isn’t that what you want baby?"
When I was wavering, Shakira went for the close by saying to me:
"Don’t you want me to strip away that veneer of manhood you have surrounding you, so that the true faggot pussy boi can love me as I pimp you out to men who want to fuck your ass?”
At that point, I breathed a sigh of release and surrender and asked what time her flight would be arriving so I could be there to pick her up at the airport... She said:
“Good answer pussy boi… I know what you desire!”

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