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February 5, 2018

Hotwife Decides To Turn Cuckold Into A Faggot


“I love the way you perform your cuckold duties when I get home from my many fuck-dates with well-hung BBC Bulls… 

You are such a Good Cuckold Pussy Boi… Licking, sucking out all the BBC Semen and swallowing all that jizz those thugs pumped into my stretched out cum-slut nympho cunt... 

You are such a good cleanup boi and cum dumpster, would you like to swallow BBC cum pumped into you direct from the source? 

Oh my, that idea seems to get you very excited... We better start looking for the right BBC stud to turn you out and help me transform you into a cuckold faggot! 

I will start scheduling interviews tomorrow, and I want you to help select the BBC stud that is going to take your faggot virginity... We will need the right supplies to go with this new experience... Special lubes, dildos, butt plugs, rubber gloves, etc.”

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