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March 28, 2018

Cuckold Daughter Comes Of Age

The mature cuckold lifestyle couple watched their daughter in action with one of her BBC Bulls and the wife/mother explained to the husband/father what he was observing:

“Yes my dear cuckold husband… We have raised our daughter to understand and know that she was conceived and born to take many big black cocks deep inside her whore holes and extract their semen for her hungry cum slut needs... "

"Our daughter needs all his semen... And, to feed her submissive cuckold husband the jizz that her and I have gotten him addicted to by forcing him to swallow loads of semen every day... We are turning him into a Faggot."

"She is gonna fuck Malcolm right now so she can feed her cuckold a proper dinner of fresh, hot and slimy BBC semen…
Would you like to stay for dinner?"

"I can have his brother Michael come by… His Big Black Cock is over 10 inches long and very thick, plus he pumps cum out of his huge balls by the pint!” 


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