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March 28, 2018

Cuckold Volunteers His Hotwife - NOT!

This Cuckold Cumslut Will Suck Cock to Please His Ghetto

Cuckoldress Hotwives say many things to their submissive forced-bi brothers, here are a few samples:

“OK my Cum-Slut Cuckold Hubby, its time for you to perform
your oral miracles on this cock…
Make him cum down your throat”

“Good Cuckie Fag Cum Receptacle Hubby…
Swallow all the Cum, Fucking Faggot!
Gonna Turn You On and Turn You Out to Faggot Bikers”

“I know You Want a Cock in Your Mouth.
If I bring home a guy, will you suck him off in front of me? 

I want to see you suck cock!”

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