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Forced Bisexuality as Cuckold Lifestyle Enhancement

I have long been fascinated by the interplay of "FemDom" and "Cuckold" Lifestyle along with the many variations on kink that they share, and which at times blur the categories to a degree that you might wonder what separates FemDom from Cuckold Lifestyle... The images and their captions shown on this page are my way of exploring the Forced Bisexuality genre in all its permutations.

Angela Forces Alex's Bisexuality to Emerge for Carl

Angela leaned over a little towards Alex as her ass was now sticking out for Carl. She said almost whispering, as she licked her lips, "You want to suck Carl. You want to be his little fuck-toy." Alex reddened from the shame because he was never so aroused and so humiliated at the same time.

This time Carl slapped Angela's sticking out ass cheek hard in a sexual way. Angela let out a small yelp from the slap. She slowly placed a hand over her mouth to appear more like a slut than before. She leaned forward enough to give Alex a clear view of her hanging valley. This was turning out to be better than she had imagined. She mocked, "Honey, I am sorry to disappoint you but Carl is neither a gay nor does he have enough time to let you suck him especially since I am here."

She pulled herself up and turned to Carl. She leapt into his arms and began kissing him passionately while her crotch was rubbing against his erect cock. "And save any excuses coming into your pathetic mind for later Alex, we are not in the mood to hear your idiotic ramble."

With this Carl slowly placed one of his hands behind her head placing yet another wet passionate kiss on her open lips as his other hand trailed all over her back, slowly reaching down to her ass giving it a tight squeeze. They broke their kiss and Angela turned her gorgeous body around to present her breathtaking ass for Carl while giving Alex a clear view of her shapely tits and her pussy, neither of which Alex can ever have in the future.

Carl didn't care whether Alex was there or not when he began to grope Angela's tits from behind. Slowly his hands worked all over her tits while squeezing them slowly at the same time before he started to play with her stiff long nipples. During this whole time Carl's cock was grinding over her ass cheeks even at some point of time he teased her asshole with it, moving up and down her deep ass-crack. Carl pushed her hard to drop her on her fours. He growled, "Assume doggy-style position you little horny mutt."

Then Alex realized the other thing which Angela said about Carl except his dick size was true, his commanding voice. To his utter disbelief he saw Angela dropping down to her fours wiggling her ass only to get smacked across. He even wandered if Angela's favorite sex position is doggy-style only because Carl loves it some much.

Carl stated placing him behind Angela as he mounted her pussy like an animal with high libido, "Alex, take a nice look. This is how real man fucks a woman. And it looks like that the idea of watching your wife getting fucked by another gives you a kick!" Alex didn't cover up his dick. He only blushed because he knew he couldn't hide the fact now that he has a cuckold fetish hidden beneath him so well that even he didn't know of its existence.

The sight was an eye-sore for Alex. Angela was lying just in front of his legs on the floor on all her fours like a bitch in heat as Carl was humping her like no tomorrow. Alex slowly reached for his dick only to earn a chastisement from Angela who suppressed her moaning just for the second to state, "No. Not yet Alex. We are going to tell you when you can cum from now on. Yes either me or Carl or both. And you have to cum only then. You don't get to cum whenever you feel like. So just lay back and enjoy the show for now because you should be happy for being allowed to watch us."

Alex retracted his hand like a shrunken turtle. Angela's body was moving to and fro with each of Carl's thrusts and her tits were jiggling around. Carl moaned out loud gradually picking up his pace. When Angela sensed he is about to cum she dismounted herself from the thick throbbing cock and turned around. She smiled, "I know you love me giving you head more than what you were doing." "In fact I also love blow-jobs. It's a shame that I wanted to give Alex one but he is just too small to suck properly" she gibed casting a quick glance at the blushing face of her husband while Carl only snickered.

Carl placed his strong hands behind Angela's head and started to fuck her mouth fast groaning obscenities like, "'oh yeah whore', 'suck me harder' , 'looks like someone is eager to have a taste of cum.' , 'oh bitch come on. Make your hubby jealous', 'Alex, you enjoying the view?'". In one words he was in full-swing. After a couple of minutes like this Card let out an audible grunt and held Angela's face such that only the tip of his dick was inside her mouth as he was pumping jet after jet of thick pearly white semen.

Carl wanted Alex to see the way his big cock was twitching as it squirted out his sperm to paint Angela's mouth inside. Only after he made sure he blew the entire load inside he grinned as he stroked Angela's hair slowly pulling out, "I hope you understand now Alex that why you are the cuckold and I am the bull? It is all because of your pathetic manhood. The semen coming out of your little balls are just not worthy enough to fill Angela's pussy. But you knew that already, didn't you?" Alex mumbled something in approval.

Angela got up on her feet and smiled looking at Alex. Cum was now dribbling out of the corner of her lips and slowly draining down along her chin. She started to walk towards Alex holding his hands and leaned over to place a kiss on his lips. Dumbfounded Alex took a little time to realize what was going to happen if he opened his lips but even when he did realize he was a little too feeble to protest. Angela locked her lips with Alex and both of them closed their eyes in natural flow. It was at that exact moment Angela tilted her head forward a little to pour down Carl's semen from her mouth to that of Alex's in that classic way of cum-transfer.

When their lips broke the lock Angela giggled pointing to his erection, "wow it looks like my husband really loves my bull. It is not just me then. Okay, I am sure that Carl would appreciate having his cock cleaned by a sissy boy. Won't you Carl?" To his surprise Alex saw Carl coming towards him with a beam on his face. 

Alex froze on his sofa when Carl brushed the tip of his big dick over his lips. "Open up sissy faggot. Your bull, sorry, your wife's lover needs to clean his cock. Aren't you grateful that you are even considered for the honor?" Before Alex could mutter any feeble refusal Angela grabbed her cuckold's head by his hair and pushed him forward. She managed to get a firm grip on Alex's head and chin so that she could force him to take a good skull fucking.

This forced Alex to open up his lips. He heard Carl grinning a little, "That is a good little faggot boy. Good job, sissy" he said while smearing his cock over the poor husband's tongue in order to 'clean it'. After what seemed like a minute Carl pulled himself out and stroked Alex's hair, "Hope you enjoyed the taste slut. Soon I will make both you and your wife to blow me every now and then."

Watching Alex flinched a little from the question and the delay, Carl decided to improvise a little. He took hold of his manhood and slapped Alex across his face to humiliate him even more. "We are waiting for an answer sissy. Did you or did you not like the taste of Carl's dick inside your mouth?" Angela barked pulling his ear as if he was a kindergarten student. Alex nodded a little.

Angela chuckled, "You might try your best to avoid talking at all. But don't you worry. Soon you will have to talk more or less. Or in other words, we will force you to talk."

Alex turned his head back a little as he saw both of them trolling inside his living room to have a little privacy another thing of which he was deprived being the cuckold. He heard Angela tittered, "Oh my dear little husband, go ahead and stroke your tiny model of manhood."

Carl closed the door with a short taunting laugh. As they shut the door blocking Alex's view, the shattered guy slowly reached in between his legs and masturbated till he blew his loads all over his chest, stomach and few squirts even landed over his face. The thought of being forced to suck Carl's large cock had triggered Alex's release of more semen than he had ever pumped out in the past.


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