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The following series of images are segmented into lifestyle sections to illustrate various parts of what I have come to regard as a successful and mutually satisfying relationship between a man and a woman. Made up from a few of my favorite images, most of the following photos depict the lifestyle I would like to enjoy with a woman who chooses to take ownership of me as her cuckold husband. Yes,  I am seeking a woman to become my wife and cuckoldress... To enjoy the benefits of being the woman I love, who despite her countless lovers with huge cocks, who I am exclusively faithful to, and whose insatiable appetite to conquest as much cock as possible I am delighted to wholeheartedly support, encourage and assist in making arrangements for... My Cuckoldress!

The next three photos show scenes where I imagine myself to be the Cuckold male shown who is enjoying assisting his wife in take her lover's big cock by "fluffing" him in various ways, such as licking his balls to stimulate a larger load of semen. My Cuckoldress usually cums when she feels one of her bulls ejaculating inside her pussy with enough force to blast through her cervix and into her womb. This is why I must help by orally servicing her lovers so they generate more semen and pump it harder into my wife with more intense squirts to enhance her enjoyment.
The next three images are of a VERY dominant Latina Cuckoldress (I adore Latina, Asian, Afro and Middle-Eastern Ladies).  In a scene depicted in these photos,  she makes me tongue-fuck her anus, and then submit to her feminine superiority by relaxing my anus enough for her to fuck me deep with her strap-on. Although I absolutely adore all women of color and ethnic backgrounds, there is something about a dominant Latina who is very sexually aggressive and who takes any man she wants, that grabs me and makes me want to submit to her wishes! These women can take me, and make me so completely surrender that my obsession becomes to service her and her lovers in any manner she deems her pleasure! And, if she desires to fuck me with her strap-on, until my prostate is so stimulated that the semen in my swollen balls starts to stream out of my cuckold penis, then I am in sub-cuckold heaven!

This next series of images showcase what I imagine happening when we are able to convince groups of bulls (studs) to meet you in an outdoor area for clothes-on gang bang sex.  This type of activity is quite popular in the UK where a woman's multi-partner sexual requirements have been well known for hundreds of years.  The Brits call it "Dogging" and it seems to happen in many parks and outdoor areas when the weather is right. UK men seem to accept quite a bit of responsibility for ensuring their wives get "Shagged" by dozens of men each month.  Arranging for many men to be in a particular park on certain evenings makes it easy for many couples to show up and have the needs of Cuckoldress wives met.
Photos shown in the following series are images I have gathered based upon my desires regarding when my future wife goes out on a date with one or more of her many lovers.  This is about 4 or 5 nights a week.  After she dresses in her most attractive and sexy attire, later in the evening when my beloved wife returns home to me after her dates with other men... She will demand that I orally service her as she enters our home with semen running down one or both of her thighs.

To see the woman I love so much walk into our home wearing a dress, with the tell-tale signs of her sexual conquests, such as smeared make-up and semen slowing running down the inside of her thighs, is the scenario that will cause me experience so much rapture and pure love based desire to submit to my wife's sexual power, that I will drop to my knees in our home's entryway.  I will orally service my beloved cum-slut bride as she clutches my head, lifts her dress or skirt, and releases her captured semen into my suckling mouth to feed me... As she describes the men who fucked her just a few moments earlier, and how they came to pump so much semen into her.

She will not take no for an answer, it is my duty and obligation to demonstrate my approval of her extramarital sex, my submission to her superior feminine power, as well as my obligation to lick her ravaged pussy clean, suck out all the semen from deep within her womb where it has been pumped in by the many large cocks of her lovers. I must gently stimulate her clitoris with my tongue for her final orgasm from among the many that have racked her body that evening.
In the following series of 4 images, my dominant Cuckoldress wife comes home after fucking several big bulls, and she clips a dog leash onto the collar she makes me wear as a sign of my submission, and then forces me to lick and suck all the cum out of her pussy
ABOVE: "OK you cum sucking faggot wimp cuck husband of mine, open up and start swallowing all the cum those 6 black cocks just pumped into me........... 
I can't hold it all inside of me much longer!
You really like relaxing after a 4 hour gang bang and letting me soothe your well used pussy with my gentle tongue, while all the sperm starts to flow out of you.  And, I like it when you keep reminding me to swallow all that cum oozing from your impressively gaped open vagina!
WIFE: "That's it you cum-sucking cuckold wimp, you got the right spot, but start sucking harder! Those 6 big bulls pumped so much sperm waaaaay deep inside me that they got it past my cervix... suck you limp dicked bastard cock sucker, SUCK!"
HUSBAND: "Oh honey....... You are supposed to have me suck your pussy clean in between each of your bulls sliding those huge penises into you, BEFORE all that semen starts to get all frothed up from all the fucking!"
I love it when you call me from work and say the code words that make me immediately go to your office because you just took a big load of semen while fucking a client, or one of your suppliers, or one of the big shots in your company. And, it is so exciting when you tell me the story about how you seduced them and where they fucked you, while I am sucking sperm out of your wonderful pussy.  I love you honey!
It is the duty of a proper Cuckold Mistress (Cuckoldress) to bring home plenty of sperm that has been pumped deep inside her stretched and gaped pussy to feed her cuck husband!
WIFE: "Thank you for being my special birth control, dear.... Your wife fucked all those big black studs that came over tonight, and that makes me so thirsty that I cannot drink enough water......" 
HUSBAND:  "MMmmffff.... I'll get you more water as soon as the semen stops pouring out of your pussy......"
WIFE:  Mmmmm keep suckling like a baby on a mother's nipple.... your lips and tongue feel so good on my stretched out pussy..... Did you see how my pussy stayed wide open after they took out those huge cocks? That's what the boys call getting "Gaped"!  That's such a good cuck hubby you are becoming..... That's tight, get all that sperm out of me and swallow it.... Maybe it will help your tiny penis grow enough that you could actually feel something when you put it into my stretched out cum-slut pussy..... MMMmmmm you seem to like it when your wife's pussy keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Do you like seeing your bride get fucked by so many black men with huge cocks?" 
HUSBAND: "Yes my dear, the more gaped wide open thos big cocks make your pussy, the more easily I can get all the sperm out and get my tongue deeper inside of you."
SHOWN ABOVE: As she gets ready to start squatting down onto my face after returning from her date with Kimo and his 12" long, thick black cock and the enormous loads of semen his big black balls produce, she says to me; "Honey, open up really wide because as soon as I start to squat down onto your cum-sucking mouth, there will be a lot of sperm that is going to slide out all at once..... And I do not want you to miss a drop of it! .....I am going to feed that hungry, cum-sucking mouth of yours a cuckold cum dinner that will make you feel like you sucked of 10 big black cocks and swallowed all their cum... Cuz you ARE my bitch! So get ready, here comes my stretched out pussy and the 3 loads that Kimo pumped into me!