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STORY: Why Men Seek Women who will Enjoy and Embrace the Cuckold Lifestyle

Let Me Explain Why Men Seek Women Who Embrace The Cuckold Lifestyle... Different men will want to consider a wide variety o...


Although optional, and I do want to marry a real woman, I am fascinated by transsexual men who look like attractive women but who also have fully functional cocks that my wife makes me suck and take in my ass on occasion.  My ideal wife will be fascinated by having lovers spend time with us who look like attractive, sexy women with great hair, makeup and appear to have breasts... She may actually enjoy surprising me by fooling me into thinking she brought another women into our sex life, but when the panties go down, out pops a big throbbing cock and a heavy set of semen filled testicles... Despite my shock, my wife guides my head to the shemale cock and orders me to suck her new girlfriends big swollen clit... As I gag, you kiss my cheeks and whisper into my ear "C'mon honey you can do it, she just has an exceptionally big clit, swallow it into your throat and if you do it right you'll get a nice sweet surprise..."

You are working your finger up my ass as you go on to say "Mmmmm baby, that's OK, get that huge clit all nice and sloppy with your saliva... It's OK to gag baby, just open your throat and accept your skull fucking.... Mmmm baby you look so good with that big clit, I think you wish it was a cock... do you baby? Cause this is just the beginning of your cock sucking career babe... Get ready, she's getting ready to shoot sperm... see how her balls are tightening up, and can you feel the head of her cock swelling... Mmmm swallow it all like a good cock sucking husband.. make me proud and I will get her to fuck your ass.... Oh, you like that, look at how hard your cock gets when I tell you that you are gonna get ass fucked... You ready babe? it is so much better than my strap-ons and dildos... You are going to cum so good with a real transexual cock up your ass... ready?"
IMAGE ABOVE: My wife might enjoy setting me up on dates with what I think is a woman, then enjoying my surprise as she pushes my head down to suck the tranny's cock, getting it hard and sloppy wet as she prepares my man-pussy for the fucking she wants to see me take while she rides my face to orgasm... I love my wife, she knows what i need!

IMAGE ABOVE: My wife enjoys getting her shemale friend's cock good and hard to she can fuck my ass... I love the way she forcibly holds me down and spreads my ass cheeks to take a good shemale fucking.

VIDEO ABOVE: My wife has such incredible great taste in selecting and meeting the right shemale ladies to bring home... It is always a treat when I come home from work and she has a lady friend with her, and after dinner I find out her new friend has a cock and wants me to suck it until she feeds me her shemale semen.

IMAGE ABOVE: I especially enjoy it when my wife sets me up with a black transexual... She likes to tease me by asking me if her black tranny shemale friend can move in with us.  She gently strokes my crotch and whispers "would you like that baby? You have sucked so much cock at my command, are you ready to start getting ass fucked by our shemale friend on a daily basis?" When she sees how hard my cock gets, she smiles that knowing smile, pulls my zipper down, fishes out my cuckold penis, starts to stroke it and goes on to say "I really have grown fond of her, and I know you have... Would you like to marry her and have two wives? One with a cock, and the other who makes you suck and fuck cock?" that's when my balls clench up, and my cock erupts shooting out thick ropes of cum that fly across the room, to which my wife smiles and whispers into my ear "You just answered my question honey, I'll start making the arrangements for our new family member..."

IMAGE ABOVE: My ideal bride would enjoy watching me get ass fucked by a beautiful transexual with a cock that fills her husbands ass with shemale semen.

VIDEO ABOVE: As you can see, I would be so proud to be married to a woman who such good taste in selecting transsexual lovers... You will enjoy riding my face to orgasm as you watch a hot babe with a cock fuck your husband's ass, until it too is oozing sperm just like your pussy!

VIDEO ABOVE: You love to work your pussy with your favorite vibrator as you watch your shemale best friend ass fuck your husband until my cock starts pumping semen without being touched because the shemale is working my prostate with her shemale cock... You shout encouragement to me, such as "reach back and spread those cheeks so she can get in deeper.." You then come over to whisper in my ear "admit it, you are ready for a 6'2" black stud with a 12" cock to fuck your man-pussy... Go ahead, tell mommy how much you want to be a black cum slut faggot husband... say it!" As your shemale friend starts pumping harder and faster you grab my head in your hands and look me in the eyes, saying "I want you to shoot all your sperm at the same time she fills your gut with shemale cum... do you hear me, I want you to cum when you feel her precious sperm shooting up inside your ass... Are you ready? want some help?" You then reach under me and grab my cock determined to make me ejaculate as I feel her swollen cock pump her sperm inside my ass.... I realize it is all part of my conditioning and that you have plans for me... I love my wife so much!

VIDEO ABOVE: Some of my future bride's shemale friends have surprising large cocks, which you enjoy pushing my head down onto, because they cum so good when they feel my throat wrap around their shemale penis as I gag and slobber huge amounts of saliva, which makes most shemales cum extra hard listening to me gagging as my wife orders me to swallow all their sperm... My wife is so good to me!

IMAGE FAP: My wife loves introducing me to her shemale friends after she has dressed them in sexy lingerie so I will accept their cock as the "Big Clit" that she calls it, and drop to me knees as she guides the transexual penis into my salivating mouth as I anticipate all the cum I know I will be coerced into swallowing.

IMAGE ABOVE: I love it when my wife introduces me to her black shemale friends... They really know how to force their cocks down my throat and my wife gets to wet when she sees and hears me gagging... Sometimes they pump so much sperm that I can't swallow fast enough and some of it comes out of my nose! My wife wipes my face and tells me how proud she is of me and how well I pleasure her shemale friends... As she whispers in my ear her words of love and affection, she works two fingers with a big dallop of anal lube into my ass... she is seducing me into letting her shemale frind fuck my ass while she makes me suck her pussy... She likes kissing her shemale friend while she has her tranny cock in my ass, and my wife's pussy is fucking my face... She tries to cum as her friend pumps the semen into my bowels... She cums really good when she knows her husband is being filled with sperm.

IMAGE ABOVE: My wife has one shemale friend who is exceptionally dominant and seems to take great pleasure in forcing herself onto me... My wife gets incredibly turned on when this shemale friend shown above basically rapes me against my will... She comes so hard while riding my face to help hold me down as her friend rapes my ass despite my struggles and screaming for her to stop... But, once she fills my ass with her huge sperm load, her cock actually feels good fucking my now stretched and gaped man pussy.  Sometimes my wife puts an inflatable butt plug in my right after this shemale fucks me because she wants to keep me gaped as long as possible.  She pumps that butt plug up until my ass is open enough for a 13" BBC and then she teases me about how badly i need to be fucked by a real man with a really big cock that will go all the way into my belly... I love my wife so much, especially when she pushes my limits and makes me do things i would never do on my own.

IMAGE ABOVE: My wife brings home the most fascinating people that she finds on the Internet... Sometimes she uses me as bait because there are so many shemales that really get off on skull fucking and ass fucking straight white guys.  It is very humiliating, but seeing how much my wife enjoys seeing me gag on a big cock or struggle to take one in my ass, makes it worthwhile... I love sucking cock and taking a good ass raping by black shemales when it gets my wife off so well.

IMAGE ABOVE: Every once in awhile, my wife likes to set me up with a new "Girlfriend" except she gets off seeing me used like a slut who can't say no by her shemale friends.  I have to admit, I am starting to enjoy the submission of letting myself get rapes and forcibly skull fucked by a beautiful woman with a nice cock.  These shemales really get into it sometimes, pinning my ass down to the bed, telling my wife to hold my head down as they ram fuck my ass like an angry rapist.  They always cums so hard... gripping me so hard it works as I feel their semen squirt into my abused anus... It is actually very soothing to feel the semen!  My wife gets so animated when I get one of her shemale friends to ejaculate, she says how proud she is because it is hard for shemales to achieve orgasm.  When they are thrusting in my ass, she coaches me to squeeze my sphincter and milk the shemales cock so i can get the sperm.  It is so sexy to hear her whispering in my ear how proud she is of me taking such a hard fuck, but that I help to help so it ends soon by squeezing the cock with my ass muscles so she cums sooner rather than later... Then when she sees the shemale throw her head back, jam into me all the way, and hold still as the semen pumps into my ass, my wife coos and strokes my hair telling me what a great cum slut i have become... she is so proud of me!

IMAGE ABOVE: It took me along time to accept the personal trainer that my wife contracted to make me into a more subservient cuckold husband... The first time she raped my ass, I was so humiliated, but now my cock shoots sperm when her cock head swells in my ass just before she fills my gut with an abnormally large volume of semen.  My wife plugs my ass with a butt plug after I get fucked so i don't leak my trainer's semen all over the place.  However, it does make me proud when my wife gets me home, makes me strip and removes the butt plug to examine my anus... she gets excited when she can tell my gaped ass opens up wider than before.  She says that she has special plans for me when she can see that I am ready for a "real ass fucking" as she describes it... My cock gets hard when she scares me like that!

 IMAGE ABOVE: My wife brings home some of the nicest shemale friends you can ever imagine... They really give me the best coaching and guidance on improving my cock sucking skills.  I like it when they discipline me to make sure I know to do it right.  Plus, their semen tastes so much better than regular men, it is sort of sweet like pineapple... As soon as I realize a woman my wife brings home actually has a cock, my mouth starts watering involuntarily because my wife really gives me a lot of positive reinforcement for being the best shemale cocksucker I can be!

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